Posted on: June 25, 2020
WI 457 | Part Time Real Estate


There’s this misconception that real estate/wholesaling is only for extroverts. However, today’s guest is living proof it’s definitely not true!

Cristian Samayoa is a part-time wholesaler from Germantown, Maryland. While he does not consider himself an extrovert, Cristian is currently crushing the wholesaling game, earning as much as $15,000 on his third deal!

Hardworking, smart, and very disciplined, Cristian candidly shared the routine, processes, and mindset that has helped him find deals and make good money even if he’s only wholesaling part-time.

Cristian and his wholesaling journey has been nothing short of inspirational so you owe it to yourself not to miss this episode!

How an Introverted 27-Year-Old Does Real Estate Deals PART-TIME!

Episode Transcription

My guest on the show comes all the way from Germantown, Maryland. This show is specifically designed for all of those introverts out there that are reading and thinking, “I don’t know if I can get into this business. I’m not a people person. I get into a shell. I get nervous. I don’t like talking to a lot of strangers.” Neither does Cristian Samayoa.

He’s going to talk to you here because not only is he a recovering introvert but he is a part-time wholesaler and converting into a full-time wholesaler. He’s going to tell you his incredible story. I’m excited to have you on here. I’m excited that you posted a check of a deal that you did because I know that that’s so far away from what your natural instincts are. First of all, welcome to the show.

Thanks for having me. This was a big goal of mine to get on here eventually. This is how I found out about the program, that’s when I signed up. Thanks for the script and for the amazing content you put out.

None of that stuff matters unless you take action, which you have been doing. Let’s talk about this. You are a full-time electrician. What does your schedule look like?

It’s pretty crazy. I wake up around 3:00 or 3:30 in the morning. I get on the road. I work about 30 minutes away, Washington DC. I’m about 30 minutes away from the nation’s capital. I’ve been doing this for many years as a full-time electrician. I get out early, depending on the job sites. I get out at 1:00 PM or 2:00 PM. That leaves enough time for me to maybe take a quick nap and then get on the phones.

Electricians typically make pretty good money. Why even look for something to replace that career, job and industry? What’s going on in your head that’s like, “I don’t want to do this for the rest of my life,” or maybe you do? Break it down.

I was asking myself, “What’s next?” Before I was an electrician, I was a car mechanic and I was making even less. I’m always just thinking to myself, “What’s next for me?” I got into real estate because I’ve turned wrenches my whole life. I don’t have a degree. I’m not able to get an office job so I got to create one. That’s what I’ve done.

How did you find wholesaling? Did you have a friend in the business? Did you have somebody that you were like, “What is that guy doing? He’s the same age. He’s making so much money.” How did you find real estate investing/wholesaling?

I started off as a landlord. I was saving my money working as an electrician. I was putting cash away. I’d get a lump sum, put it as a down payment, get a property and I did that a couple of times. All the ones that I bought were off-market. The guy that I bought them from is a real estate entrepreneur. He holds rentals. He flips and wholesales. My schedule is busy. I’m already banged up. I don’t feel like doing any flips.

Your biggest enemy is not the people on the other end. It’s you.

When I found out about wholesaling, I’m like, “You are still flipping but you are not turning any wrenches. I can do this from home.” As an electrician, your natural instinct is to go do some side work if you want some extra cash. Your body can only take so much. I’m still young. I don’t have any bodyaches or anything. I’m looking long-term. I’m looking at these older guys and I’m like, “I don’t want to be banged up like that.”

You were buying your rental properties from a wholesaler. Were you seeing what he was making? Were you just like, “How did he find this deal?” What thread did you pull?

My friend was an agent. He would get some of his properties from the MLS. My friend who’s an agent was like, “I didn’t barely put anything into this one apparently,” because of paints and carpet, he sold it to you. I’m like, “That’s cool. I respect it.” He would give me good deals. They were still discounted and I’m absolutely happy with them. The cashflow is great. If I can do it all over again, I would still buy them from him and everything. It’s all cool.

That’s how I found out about it. The same guy who sold me the property started teaching me about wholesale. That’s how I got the ball rolling. There was a lot of trial and error. I did every single marketing method you can think of. I was putting out bandit signs. I was doing PPC, Facebook marketing, everything. It was funny. I even tried cold calling but I didn’t even have a script or anything. I was winging it.

I came across this show and you were on it. You are talking about cold calling. I’m listening to everyone getting these deals. I’m like, “I should be able to do this. They have 2 arms and 2 legs like me. I can do this too.” That’s when I gave you the call. I didn’t even hesitate. You’re like, “Yes.” That same day, I became a TTP member and have been loving it.

When did you join TTP?

This was in late 2018.

It was tough to get that consistency because you have a physically tough job. Was it tough turning your electrician job off, taking your nap, waking up and then making calls? How do you get into that rhythm? Talk to me about it.

I’d get out of work. I’d start driving at that point. I live closer now. Back then, I was literally driving one hour and a half back home from DC. In that hour and a half, my energy was down. Sometimes it was hard to get the energy back up and be able to get back on the phones. I wasn’t that consistent. Now I’ve got a lot better with it and I’ll grab a coffee. I’ll get up and start making calls. Especially after my 1st one, 2nd and so on, I was like, “This does make money. I got to get on the phones.” It was pretty hard to stay consistent. We all struggle with it. Even I still struggle with it sometimes but I definitely am way more consistent now. That’s the biggest change from me back then to me being able to get deals now. It is being much more consistent.

WI 457 | Part Time Real Estate

Part-Time Real Estate: As an electrician, your natural instinct is to do some side work and make some extra cash.


Was it a little bit of caffeine? Was there something that you had a bad day at work, stressful or you just were fed up? It’s interesting how we find the energy to do things. It comes out of somewhere and a lot of times, it comes out of frustration or of, “If I don’t do this now, I can’t build the momentum.” Is that how it felt? Can you tell me?

I was like, “I am my biggest enemy right now. It’s not the people on the other end. It’s literally me.” Every day that I sleep through my hours where I should be cold calling, missing opportunities, I’m delaying me getting to my end goal even further every single day. I kept telling myself that. I started seeing people around me. They have started wholesaling after me or same time as me, start getting deals. I’m like, “Crap.” We’re all friends. We all squad up and I’m like, “I don’t want to be left behind. I got to get on this.” That was another big push that helped me a lot.

Break down your schedule for me because there are a lot of people that are considering starting to get into this business. They have a full-time job but they’re like you. They have that pilot light inside of them that says, “I want to do something bigger. I want to work for myself. I want to be a true entrepreneur, real estate investor.” Talk to me about your schedule because I want people to know that as an introvert electrician with a crazy schedule is still finds the time, energy and passion to do this business. Break down a typical schedule for you.

I have my alarm set up at 3:45 AM. That’s when I get up. I get on the road at around 4:00, 4:05, 4:10. I punch the clock at 5:00 AM. I get off of work at 1:00 PM. I’m back home around 1:45 or 2:00, get home, shower, get dressed, eat. I’ll definitely always listen to audiobooks or YouTube videos. Your podcast and videos are always up there.

I feed my brain. That starts to hype me up. It gets me going. I get a good meal. If I have the energy for it, I’ll go for a run. I’ll do some exercise and now I’m pumped up. I’ve listened to everything. I ate a good light meal. I exercised. Now it’s time to get on the phone. Sometimes I have to fight myself too but once I get on, I log in and the first person answers then I don’t want to get off the phone. It’s definitely getting in there. It reminds me, I used to box and it was the same thing, walking to the ring, pretty tough. It was like, “Okay,” then you get hit one time, you’re like, “I’ve done this many times. It’s fine.”

That is absolutely flawless. I’m 100% stealing it, not as a boxer but as an analogy. It’s the absolute truth. We build up so much in our heads. It’s that long walk to the ring, building up on our head, “I don’t want to do this.” You get in there and you’re like, “I’m built for this. I got this. I was trained for this. I’ve got the right skills and mindset.” That’s phenomenal.

It was the same thing for wrestling too. In the tournament, you’d see your name on the brackets, you’re like, “Crap.” The whistle blows though and you’re like, “I practice every day. This is almost like practice. It’s fine. It’s the same thing. I’m here. It’s familiar ground.”

When you’re missing opportunities, you’re just delaying getting to your end goal even further every single day.

That is the truth. That’s what I find time and time again when I talk to people that are starting out and starting to make. They’ve never made a call to a stranger ever before then they get on into it and they have a few conversations. They’re like, “This is no big deal. Why was I scared of this?” I hate when I get calls from people.

Being on the other end of it, getting into the rhythm is a lot of fun. Not only that, the fact that you can turn one of those conversations into $5,000, $10,000, $50,000, $100,000. We’ve had students do one call and make $400,000. It’s that opportunity. It’s incredible but you have to get past that first fear part and don’t let your energy be sucked out by worrying so much about what you are about to do. You hit it right on the head. That’s incredible. You get into the rhythm. How long is a typical calling session for you?

I definitely never make it less than an hour. I always shoot for three. If I were to break it down on average, it would come out to about an hour and a half.

In that hour and a half, where do you make your calls? Is it your living room or bedroom? Are you standing, sitting or moving? Talk to me about it.

I’m always standing. I have bought a little stand-up desk like an attachment on Amazon. Anyone can do it. It is not that expensive. I put my headphones in and start calling. I find that I get a lot more energy that way. If I sit down, I’m probably going to fall asleep because I’m tired. I’m tired. Standing up just brings up a lot more energy.

It sounds like standing for an hour and a half’s a long time but once you’re in the rhythm, you’re talking, and moving around, you’re not just standing there with your knees locked like a crazy person. You’re moving around and feeling the energy. It sounds way better. You can walk around. You get your headphones in and get into the zone especially when you get into those conversations.

It’s different when people are like, “I never want to sell.” You’re moving on. You get into one of those, “Yes. I do want to sell,” conversations. You’re starting to pre-qualify and understand what their problem is. They’re starting to unload their whole family history, their whole life and everything. You’re just in the rhythm, walking around. I’m telling you that time flies by.

My girlfriend said I’m going too far with it but I literally would do any little thing that’ll help me improve. I got a little standup desk pad. It’s a balanced board. I’m like, “Any little thing and advantage I can get, I’m taking it.”

Let’s break down a deal. Let’s get this bell ringing. Go ahead. You tell me about it.

One of my bread and butter lists so far has been the probate list. A lot of people, “It’s a lot of legwork to get.” Personally, I get the information from the courthouses myself. That way, I’m one of the first people to get it. I trained a VA how to do it. Now she’s scraping everything, finding the owners, heirs, representatives and everything.

Does she go to maybe the county recorder’s website?

WI 457 | Part Time Real Estate

Part-Time Real Estate: It’s hard to stay consistent, and everyone struggles with it. But to get deals, you have to be more consistent.


Yeah. I copy and paste that out of there for her. I’m not an IT person but because she’s out of the country, it’s something with it. I can’t explain. I have to get it myself. I put it into a Google Sheets and that is shared with her. From there, she’ll get the rest of the information. It’s a pretty long process to get one record across because you find a property that’s attached then you find the representatives then I skip trace them and that’s just one record. We’ll get those done. This deal came from probate. What I do with probates, I put my Mojo on a single line and I’ll leave voicemails with them.

What he’s referring to there, if you’re not familiar, is a dialing system or dialing platform. You put in all your phone numbers and addresses, you press go and it’ll dial for you. You are not hand dialing the whole time with it being totally obnoxious. You can choose a single-line dialer. You use it there and you turn it on to the single-line dialer.

That’s what I do with probate and for any of my driving for dollars list. I’ll put it on a single-line dialer and I’ll leave a voicemail. These lists aren’t that big. I scraped almost the entire state in the hot counties and I’ll probably get 50 records a week. There are not that many records. I definitely have time to put on a single-line dialer and do voicemails for each one. That’s what happened with this deal. The seller called me back that same day. She had a lot of questions because she’s been getting a lot of text messages and she says she’s got some postcards but I’m the only person that called her.

There’s not a tremendous lot of competition. In some of the bigger markets, people hire these huge call centers to go after but some of the smaller markets, there’s nobody. It’s literally wide open.

A good tip also if you’re doing probate, if the seller or the representative is out of state, which is what I had here. She was all the way in Florida and the house is here in Maryland. She didn’t want anything to do with it. She wanted a fair offer for it. What I did was I sent her on PropStream. I pulled up all of the cash transactions that have been in the last twelve months with comparable properties in the 1- or 1/2-mile radius and I showed her some numbers.

On the phone, it was like a soft close where we had a ballpark-like number figure. She liked it. She flew from Florida up to Maryland because she had to clean out the house. We met up. We talked numbers. I went a little bit lower and then we met in the middle. I got a good discount and offered her the great terms that she was looking for. I turned around. I locked it up for $70,000. Two days later, I had it assigned already at $88,000.

How much do you make on that?

It was an $18,000 deal. I netted $15,000 on it.

I know people in this business that have made literally millions of dollars and then built their whole career off of going after probates because the fact is 75% of them sell within the first 90 days of new ownership because a lot of times, people don’t live in the area, don’t want to keep it up or don’t have the financial resources to fix these up. It is an unbelievable list to get. Sometimes it’s a little bit tricky to get the list but if you go through that extra effort. Cristian, what is your Instagram handle?

It’s @ColdCallingCristian. I made one for wholesaling.

Do every little thing that’ll help you improve; any little advantage you can get, take it.

Reach out to Cristian. If you are one of those tech guys that can help him clean up that process and make it easier for his VA to pull those because I know that there are some smart people reading, help him out with that because there’s a way to clean that up. I’m not a tech guy. You’re not a tech guy but I love squatting up with incredible people. If you have a passion for this business, if you’d like to reach out to Cristian and squad up with literally one of the absolute best, kindest, smartest, most proactive guys in the country, you got to meet up with this guy, squad up with him and connect.

Help him out with that process because that’ll keep things going faster and get more deals. It’s absolutely phenomenal, $18,000 in one call. You called and you left the voicemail which is containing specific lists. She called you back and you started that relationship. You went the extra mile. You sent her comps. You backed up your offer with some information so that she felt comfortable and confident moving forward with you.

The reason why I did that too is she’s an engineer. I knew she was an analytical person. I’m going to just show her proof in numbers. It worked great. She said I was the most transparent person. I gave her the most information upfront and all the terms that she wanted. That was perfect. She didn’t even want an offer from anyone else.

Part of the TTP training is understanding the different personality types. Analyticals have a tough time making decisions without facts and figures. This is a tip for anybody reading, when you have somebody on the phone that says that they’re an engineer, you can tell that they’re asking questions or they’re very low on emotion, their tone of voice isn’t going up and down a lot, it’s flat, you can assume that this is probably an analytical person. You need to give them facts and figures to be able to make a decision. The fact that you recognized that, Cristian is absolutely incredible because when you understand the different personality types, you know how to communicate because there’s probably a lot of people that were trying to push through the offer. She needed more information and you gave it to her. That is pro. That is incredible.

I got it off from the TTP program. You mentioned also on there to hand dial and leave voicemail messages. That’s exactly what I did.

Speak to anybody out there. Let’s say you’re starting brand new. You have a tiny little budget for this. How would you go about getting your first deal?

If you’re brand new, first of all, I’ll do what I’m doing because that costs barely anything. The list is free. You got to put some work, skip tracing in Batch Skip Tracing is $0.18 per record. It’s not that many records but those records are hot. I’ll do a probate deal. I’ll get a probate contract every other month. It’s free information that’s out there. I would do that. I would also be almost like a disposition person. If someone has deals, they’re hot, go the extra mile, scrub LLCs in that area and then bring a buyer to them. That’s something else that I would do too if I was starting out again.

When he’s saying scrub, he means to find the owner of the LLC, find their address, get their information, skip trace it like anything else and reach out to those people and see if they want to buy more. is at $0.14 an address now. They reduced. Guys, if you have any questions or if you want to tell him, “Great job. Keep going,” definitely reach out to Cristian on Instagram. How soon are you to complete your goal of getting into wholesaling full-time? Is there an amount in your account that you feel you need to have before you make that transition?

WI 457 | Part Time Real Estate

Part-Time Real Estate: Do a probate deal and get a probate contract every other month because that’s free information that’s out there.


The world is going crazy. It looks like things are starting to come back to normal. I’m going to keep doing what I’m doing. Every deal I get, I get closer to that goal.

Saving it.

Put it away and set some aside for taxes. I’m not that far, a couple more deals. Every deal I get, I get more comfortable.

You’re going to be there in the next 90 days. You were off and running. You’ve got your routine and process. You’ve got all of it down. You know that you can do it. I’m excited. Thank you for being on here. You inspire a lot of people that are nervous about being an introvert or about getting into this business because they’re from a different world, industry or life. You’re showing and proving that all that stuff going on in your mind as you’re walking to the ring, all goes away as soon as you step up, start moving and start getting in action. It’s absolutely inspiring. I love it.

Thanks for having me.

The couple of resources that he talked about. He pulled comps through PropStream. You can get access to that through If you’re interested in joining the most proactive group in real estate investing, it is the TTP Family. It is the TTP Program. Go to Check it out. If it feels good in your gut, sign up for a call. It’ll either be with me or my right-hand guy. We look forward to that. Cristian, you’re the man. I’m excited about that text that you’re going to send me when you quit your job finally forever. That’s absolutely incredible. Thank you for being on here.

Thanks for the content and the course. That’s amazing.

Everybody out there, I encourage you as always to talk to people. Until next time. I love you. See you.


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