Posted on: April 28, 2020

If you’ve been following this invaluable series and have put into action the action items provided, then you’ve laid out a solid foundation for your wholesaling business. Now that we’ve entered the 11th to 14th day, we’ll take things up a notch! You ready?

In this episode, Mr. TTP himself, Brent Daniels, dished out another set of items you can take action on so you can build the momentum and come out a winner after just 90 days! These are the same steps his team are following to stay winning despite today’s current economic situation.

So have your pen and paper handy and make sure you write down all of the action items for days 11 to 14. Remember, these simple steps will add up and bring you amazing results in the end so never take any step for granted!

Key Takeaways

  1. Write the week’s them every day “Gratitude destroys fears and anxiety”
  2. Check your mindset
  3. Close at least one deal each week
  4. Shorten the timeline each deal
  5. Go through your list 3 times


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Episode Transcription

Brent Daniels:
Hey everybody, it is Brent Daniels, Mr. TTP, and we are now at days 11 through 14. We’re on the second half of the second week of this 90 day action plan. I can’t believe it. This is flying by. These first 10 days, you should be feeling that momentum building up. You should be having good quality conversations with distressed property owners and you should know the criteria of what your cash buyers are looking to purchase.
This is all critical. Make sure that you don’t skip around. Take it day one up until the most recent podcast, okay? That is the foundation, so that you can be successful going through this time and so that at the end of this pandemic, we are in a position, where we are winning, we are dominating our market and we are big players buying and selling properties every single week.
So remember at the top of your yellow pad, right. Of your note pad here, I want you to write again, gratitude, destroys, fear and anxiety. That is the theme of the week. Write it every single day. Gratitude destroys fear and anxiety.
Now let’s go to tactics, okay? Right now you should be, and this is going to be a lot of the same things for the next 90 days, but there’s going to be little tweaks here and there, so make sure you pay attention. But are you getting your one to three hours of calls in every single day? Remember, time block it. Have those conversations with your family, get their buy-in. The best way to get your family support is to actually do the work.
They see you in action, they see you happy, they see you enthusiastic, they see you emotion and passion, they are going to feel it as well and there are going to support you. So make sure that you are communicating with your family, especially if you are on a shelter in place situation, which I’m pretty sure all of us are, okay?
Next, what I want you to do. This is the biggest part of this podcast, days 11 through 14, okay? From now on you need to close a deal a week, okay? You have all the tools. I’ve given you the tools, I’ve given you the resources, I’m giving you the plan to close a deal every single week. This has to be your minimum standard. One deal every single week. You’ve got this.
So what that means is, you’ve got to get back into your lead follow-up and this is another action item here, and make sure that you’re paying close attention to shortening the timeline of every single lead, okay? Let me be real clear with you. Time kills all deals. Time kills, all deals. Shorten that timeline. See what their true motivations are. Solve their problems faster. I don’t care what you need to do.
I don’t care if they need help with tenants, if they need help with cleaning it up, if they need help with paperwork, or getting other people to sign off, you do whatever you can to grease those wheels, so that you can shorten the timeline. That’s going to give you the deals now, and it’s going to give you the opportunity to really make bigger amounts on each one of these opportunities, because I am telling you, you lock it up now and sell it at the prices that are higher now, it could be different in 30 days. It could be different in your market. The pricing could be different in every market.
Now remember, we want to be 10 or 15% under what we were a month ago, in your max allowed offer. Your MAO, right? Your max allowed offer has to be 10 or 15% below what it usually is, okay?
And then last thing here guys is I only want you to go through the list three times, okay? Go through the list three times and then it’s done because after that, your contact rate’s going to go down. I’m telling you right now is our time. Our contact rate is double what it was a month ago. Our leads are double what it is right now and the actual deals we’re doing, in our business here in Phoenix, is double. So get going, get going, get going, get going. Only go through it three times.
Remember this calculation. 50 addresses per hour. That’s about what you can call, if you’re using the dialers. 50 addresses per hour. So make sure that you calculate enough, how many addresses you need in your list to call, okay? If you need more lists to call, powered by propstream, TTP We’ll put a little link here. Get in there. It has unbelievable lists of distressed property owners right now. Okay? You got to get in there and then obviously you’ve got to be doing your Virtual Driving for Dollars. Build that list. Call those sellers, okay?
Vacant properties and keep a close eye on rental properties or tired landlords. They are going to want to sell now more than ever, okay? So get after those lists as well. That is it guys. That is the first two weeks action plan. Listen. For all of the resources, all the tools you need,, check it out. Get in there. Use the free resources. At some point, level all the way up. Join the TTP family, join the TTT program. It’s all in there. Go check it out. I love you guys until next time. Go get it. Talk to people.

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