Posted on: April 21, 2020

If you’ve followed and acted on the instructions for days 1 – 4, then you’re ready for days 5 – 7! Hosted by no other than Mr. TTP himself, this series is your ultimate guide to exploding your business in the next 90 days!

Be proactive and watch the anxiety, stress, and depression just melt away. Believe that even in these trying times, you and your business can still thrive given that you take action on a consistent basis!

Lastly, don’t just take note of the instructions given. Act on them and you’ll be taking your business on a massive growth trajectory before you know it!


Key Takeaways

  1. Follow up with leads with a video text message
  2. Talk to at least 1 real estate agent every single day


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Episode Transcription

Brent Daniels:
Woo Wee! Everybody, it is Brent Daniels, Mr. TTP, and we are breaking down days five through seven of the 90-Day Action Plan. Now listen, guys, this is in order. So make sure you do days one through four before you start implementing the tips in this podcast, the actual instructions in this podcast. I’m going to start off with two really, really hot things that I need you to do starting days five, six, and seven.
Number one, any lead that you have, any lead that you’re following up with, anybody that you have a conversation with, I want you to follow up and make a video text message and send it to those distressed property owners. I want them to see your face. I want them to understand that you are a real person and that you’re going to give them a real offer. Listen, write it down on your pad. Every single lead that you have, send them a text message and, with your face, a video just saying hello, talk to them a little bit about it. It has to be 15 to 30 seconds. It’s absolutely critical. That’s number one.
Number two is, I want you to start talking to real estate agents. I want you to talk to at least one every single day and tell them that you’re the biggest cash buyer in the market. You’re buying properties right now, and you want them to send you anything that needs a lot of love. You need them to send any of these properties that need renovation or rehab or whatever, need to be scraped and built up again. But you need to start building your referral network with real estate agents because it’s going to pay off, not only in the short term, because they are scrambling to sell properties right now, but it’s going to pay off in the longterm because you’re going to build some really, really excellent relationships with these real estate professionals.
So number one, make sure that you’re sending a text message to every lead that you have, a video text message with every lead that you have. And two, I want you to start reaching out to real estate agents. Just find them on Zillow. It doesn’t matter. Call them in specific zip codes, specific areas that you’re going after. Because you talk to your cash buyers, you know what they’re looking for. So reach out to the agents that work in that market and find those deals before they hit the market.
Now, this is critical. By now, you should have a list. You should have your dialer. You should have the addresses skip traced. If not, go to, get those phone numbers because now we’ve really got to turn up the heat. One to three hours every single day, we have to be consistent making these calls. Guys, just break this down into just five, six, seven, these days. Just these three days. Make sure that you stay focused and make sure that you’re making your calls one to three hours every single day. This is going to build that momentum.
You want to talk about reducing your anxiety, reducing stress, reducing any kind of depression that you’re have being cooped up in your house? Be in action, be proactive right now. It is going to melt all that away, I promise you. So start making those calls. Be consistent. You need to add two more cash buyers. Go back to the video before if you need a little refresher on that. But two more cash buyers. You need to get them, and they need to be active, and they need to be ready, and you need to know what they are looking for.
The last thing I want you guys to do every single day, just like days one through four at the top of your page, every single day I want you to write, “This will work if I do. This will work if I do,” because it’s the absolute truth, guys. Take it as instruction. This is your manual for exploding your business over the next 90 days. So take it seriously. Take action. It’s not a lot of things, I am telling you. You’ve already time blocked. You’ve already know what buyers want. You already know which list to go after. Now, it’s building up those conversations, quality conversations with distressed property owners. You guys got this. I love you. Until next time, see you.

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