Episode 41: How Simple Follow Up Turned into an $11,900 Wholesaling Deal!

How Simple Follow Up Turned into an $11,900 Wholesaling Deal!

Do you consider yourself a persistent person?

If you knew that by just following up with sellers, say a couple of times a month, would get them under contract, would you do it?

The obvious answer is yes, but why do so few people actually do it?

There is probably a FORTUNE sitting inside your database RIGHT NOW!! As they say, the fortune is in the follow up!

Well, with just FOUR phone calls in a month and a half, Brenda Greenhill proved that there is power in being persistent, building rapport, and most importantly, followups!

On today’s Podcast, she shares how she was able to close this deal despite having no real estate experience whatsoever!

By her being persistent and taking MASSIVE action, she was able to do her first deal quickly and already has another one in the pipeline!

Want to know her story? Then you better hit that play button!


  • Closing her first deal in less than 60 days
  • Sending direct mail to the absentee owners list
  • The one signal that the seller was ready to sell
  • Her strategies for building rapport with sellers
  • What she says when she’s calling sellers
  • How she got her next home under contract in less than a month
  • Her #1 tip for those just starting out
  • and so much more…

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