Episode 401: How to Completely Dominate Your Market

WI 401 | Online Marketing


To completely dominate your market, a lot of key factors are involved. Choosing the right marketing channel, however, ranks high on many people’s lists. Today’s guest recently tried radio marketing and shared what his experience with this effective and exciting marketing channel has been like.

Brian Stewart has been in the wholesaling business for 6 years now. While he already has a thriving business, he wanted to take it a notch higher, so he decided to give radio marketing a try. Just 2 months in and he has already closed 3 deals!

In this episode, Brian shared what his whole experience with radio marketing has been like, what he likes about it, the hurdles he encountered, and his advice to those who would like to give this phenomenal marketing channel a try. You’ll learn many radio marketing basics in this episode, so don’t miss it!

How To Completely Dominate Your Market With Brian Stewart

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