Episode 386: Lead Management – The Good, the Bad, and the CRAZY!

WI 386 | Lead Management


In the wholesaling world, mismanagement of leads is considered a mortal sin. Why? For starters, without proper lead management, you’ll be throwing money out of the window! Undoubtedly, lead management is an integral part of the success of any organisation. And today’s special guest will show us why.

Cierra Ford is the chief operating officer (COO) of Arnold Elite Realty and the one responsible for building all the systems they have in place for lead management. She is also one of the coaches of REI Radio.

In this episode, Cierra not only covered the essentials of lead management, she also shared practical ways to strengthen the lead management process. So if you’d like to make money from every lead you have, today’s episode is something you just can’t miss!

Lead Management – The Good, The Bad, And The CRAZY! With Cierra Ford

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