Episode 376: Why Choosing the Wrong Title Company Can Be Destructive to Your Business

WI 376 | Title Company

The importance of working with the right title company cannot be overstated. Why? For starters, they can make or break a deal. In other words, they can determine whether you get paid or not.
With countless options available at your disposal, how do you choose the best title company to work with? That’s just one of the key questions today’s guest will provide an expert answer to!
In this episode, Wholesaling Inc’s newest coach Chris Arnold talked to Taylor Martinez, his director of closing. Taylor has helped Chris, and his company close hundreds of deals and is considered an expert when it comes to titles.
Taylor shared so many gold nuggets in this episode—from the things she looks for in terms of staff down to her philosophy when it comes to working with title companies, she covered it all.
Knowing how important finding the right title company is, there’s no denying this is one of those episodes you just can’t miss!

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Why Choosing The Wrong Title Company Can Be Destructive To Your Business With Taylor Martinez

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