Episode 36: Is Wholesaling Real Estate Easy?

Is Wholesaling Real Estate Easy?

Many people say Wholesaling Real Estate is easy, but is it as easy as they say it is? In this episode, Cody speaks with Alandz Geffrard from West Palm Beach, Florida. He joined the tribe only a few months ago and just closed a deal that took him less than two hours, start to finish!

He talks about the many lessons learned on this deal and shares the “one thing” that ultimately made him realize, “Wholesaling is easy but it requires hard work.”

Don’t miss this episode where you will learn about the art of cold-calling, unique strategies for building your buyer’s list, and Alandz’ “Secret Weapon” that keeps him strong in this business (it’s probably not what you think).


  • How Alandz got into Wholesaling and why he chose to work with a mentor
  • The marketing strategies that led to this deal
  • Easy (or not so much) negotiation with a motivated seller
  • Easily finding the down payment
  • Building your cash buyers list for dummies
  • Spending money on marketing
  • The importance of being “consistent” in everything you do
  • Exactly how long it took to close this deal
  • and so much more…

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