Episode 355: The Only 3 Ways To Get A Deal With TJ Cotton

WI 355 | Get A Deal


Today’s guest chose the last option and we’ll hear how amazingly things turned out for him.

TJ Cotton is a phenomenal rhino from Charlotte, North Carolina. While many new wholesalers don’t find deals until they are a few months in, TJ found his very first deal in just a month! What’s even more amazing is he earned $25,000 from said deal!

If you’re a new wholesaler who’s still trying to find your way around, today’s episode can be a wonderful source of information and wisdom for you. TJ not only shared the steps he took to find a lucrative deal, he also shared the preparations he did before he jumped into wholesaling full time.

Awesome wholesaling gold nuggets in today’s episode, so don’t miss it!


The Only 3 Ways To Get A Deal With TJ Cotton

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