Episode 349: $10k Passive Income from 4 Rental Properties

Would you like to have a lucrative wholesaling business and earn a huge passive income on the side? Jason Lewis has been able to effectively do both and in today’s episode, he candidly shared how he made it all happen!

Jason has been in the real estate industry for 7 years now and he has been able to successfully wholesale and flip properties as well as keep a few rentals. One of Brent Daniels’ and Todd Toback’s rockstar students, Jason has been consistently closing deals (as many as 63 in a year!) for many years now.

In this episode, you’ll not only hear a review of 2 of the most lucrative deals Jason has done, you’ll also learn how he managed to own rental properties and how he cherry-picks them. So many beneficial wholesaling and real estate gold nuggets in today’s episode, so don’t miss it!

Key Takeaways

  • The marketing channels he uses
  • An example of a great deal he did and how he found it
  • How he finds people who’ll drive for dollars and where he posts his ads
  • How he compensates those who drive for dollars on his behalf
  • How he meets with sellers
  • Where he gets the money to buy the properties
  • What he likes about buying a home and marketing it after
  • What he’ll recommend to those who have a small cash buyers list
  • An example of a deal where he decided to keep the property
  • What the beautiful part of wholesaling is for him
  • The secret to becoming wealthy in real estate
  • The benefits of holding
  • What PPC means
  • What his preferred business model is if he’ll operate in a smaller market
  • Why he decided to keep the property
  • Why it pays to always assume motivation
  • Why it’s advisable to work with a local bank
  • What refi means
  • His advice to people who are starting out
  • Books he recommends
  • What the wealthiest people have in common


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