Episode 323: The Hidden Secret to Finding the Best Employees

The power of the TTP (Talk to People) program and cold calling is no longer up for debate. However, if cold calling is something you don’t have the time to do or something you are not comfortable doing, hiring a cold calling superstar is the next best thing.

But how do you find cold calling rockstars among countless potential applicants? That’s what our awesome guest will tackle in detail in today’s podcast!

Samatha Black is the director of HR and client relations at Call Motivated Sellers, a company that provides outsourced cold calling agents so you can leverage your time and focus on the bigger picture—negotiating with motivated sellers.

Prior to her role in the company, Samatha held diverse positions in the entertainment and education sectors. She also hosted her own radio show on the popular English-speaking channel Radio Dos and was once the owner of a very successful English language coaching business in Costa Rica.

If you’re looking for rockstar cold callers but don’t know where to look or what qualities to look for, today’s episode is for you. Samantha generously and candidly shared amazing tips and tricks so you can find exceptional cold callers whatever your budget may be!

Key Takeaways

  • Why a strong work ethic is crucial
  • Red flags to look out for when interviewing potential applicants
  • Why choose someone with a great personality over someone with extensive experience
  • Why mirroring and matching the seller’s style is important
  • Soft and hard skills you should look for in a caller
  • The yin and yang of an effective superstar caller
  • What to do when interviewing a potential cold caller
  • What sets superstar callers apart from mediocre ones
  • Why you need to motivate and be hands on with your agents
  • How people can reach out to Samantha


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