Episode 309: Cold Calling Your Way to Success

WI 309 | Cold Calling


Many wholesalers typically find their first deal within 90 days from the time they first started. Today’s guest however defied the norm and found a deal in just 31 days!

Pete Christianson is an exceptional rhino who loves to help others through wholesaling. While the doting dad of 2 has been working for corporate America for over a decade, he still felt he wanted to do something else. Fortunately, he found wholesaling though his pastor and he has not looked back.

Even with a significant sales experience, Pete still felt nervous prior to making his first few calls. However, he didn’t let his nervousness get in his way. He still took massive imperfect actions, followed instructions strictly, and 31 days after, he’s $5,000 richer!

Regardless if you’re still trying to find your first deal or about to close your nth one, you’d definitely love today’s episode. It’s filled with amazing insights and practical gold nuggets so don’t miss it!


Cold Calling Your Way to Success With Pete Christianson

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