Episode 286: How to Win the Game of Wholesaling With Kevin Roberts

WI 286 | Wholesaling Newbie


Are you one of the many who thinks they have to be an expert in wholesaling and have to do it full-time to succeed? If truth be told, even if you only know the basics of wholesaling and you’re only doing it part-time, you can still make a killing. Not convinced? The story of today’s guest is solid proof!

Kevin Roberts is a rockstar wholesaler from Houston, Texas. Just like most wholesaling newbies, he had to find his way around when he first started. However, he was willing to make massive imperfect actions and was always putting in consistent effort.

Past forward a year later, he has already closed a total of 4 deals in 2019 alone. What’s even more amazing is he has earned a whopping $86, 000 from all the deals he has done so far!

If you’re a wholesaling newbie who’s about to give up, do yourself a favor and listen to today’s episode. It just might inspire you and make you believe that just like Kevin, you can succeed in the wholesaling world if you take massive imperfect actions and stay consistent.


How To Win The Game Of Wholesaling With Kevin Roberts

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