Episode 283: Making Boatloads of Cash by Driving for Dollars

WI 283 | Million-Dollar Deals


Do you have an idea what the fastest and cheapest way to find deals is when you have a limited marketing budget? If you are clueless, consider that your cue not to miss today’s awesome episode!

Zack Boothe is a rockstar rhino who has earned more than a million dollars in revenue just driving for dollars. What’s even more amazing? He made it all happen in just 26 months!

Sure, earning over a million dollars in just 26 months seems a bit preposterous. But not when you’re in the wholesaling world! After all, it’s not known as one of the most lucrative businesses there is for nothing.

If you are ready to earn a rockin 7-figure income, consider listening to today’s episode a huge step in the right direction!


Making Boatloads Of Cash By Driving For Dollars With Zack Boothe

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