Posted on: June 20, 2019

Do you have an idea what the fastest and cheapest way to find deals is when you have a limited marketing budget? If you are clueless, consider that your cue not to miss today’s awesome episode!

Zack Boothe is a rockstar rhino who has earned more than a million dollars in revenue just driving for dollars. What’s even more amazing? He made it all happen in just 26 months!

Sure, earning over a million dollars in just 26 months seems a bit preposterous. But not when you’re in the wholesaling world! After all, it’s not known as one of the most lucrative businesses there is for nothing.

If you are ready to earn a rockin 7-figure income, consider listening to today’s episode a huge step in the right direction!

Key Takeaways

  • Why step-by-step instruction is way better than education
  • How he earned over a millions dollars a year driving for dollars
  • What the cheapest way to do marketing is
  • What the DealMachine is and how wholesalers can benefit from using the app
  • Why it helps to talk to active flippers in your area
  • How he reaches out to prospective sellers
  • What his drivers look for when driving for dollars
  • The cheapest way to do driving for dollars
  • What his program is all about
  • The biggest driving for dollars deal he was able to do
  • How people can get in touch with him


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Episode Transcription

Brent Daniels: Welcome everybody to the Wholesaling Inc Podcast. It is your host, Brent Daniels and this podcast episode is going to really, really, really hit hard on everybody that is just starting out in this business and it hits hard with me like right square in the heart because this is exactly how I started in the wholesaling business and first of all, I want to thank everybody for listening to this podcast. You guys have been unbelievably loyal listeners, but beyond that, more exciting than that. You’re actually using this podcast as an instruction manual to go out and actually do deals yourself and that’s what is the whole point of all of these podcasts that Tom, Cody, and I do. It is also that you have the blueprint, the instruction manual to go out and take action. Now, speaking of taking action, when I started out in this business, I had no money.
I had no resources. The only thing that I knew to do was I knew to drive down neighborhoods, drive down streets, and look for run down properties, literally drive for dollars, right? This is how I did my first 50 deals. Well here sitting next to me, if you’re watching this on the YouTube channel is a guy that has made over $1 million from his driving for dollars campaign. This isn’t a made up number. This isn’t, this isn’t a crazy land. This is what actually happens when you take massive action. So without further ado, I want to introduce Zack Boothe to everybody here. Please say hello.

Zack Boothe: Hello everybody. Thanks for tuning in.

Brent Daniels: All right, Zach, you’re going to have to talk a lot louder than that. Okay. So first of all, you are from a Salt Lake, Utah, right?

Zack Boothe: Yep.

Brent Daniels: And-

Zack Boothe: Born in Salt Lake.

Brent Daniels: Born in salt Lake. And you’ve only been in this industry for 24 months.

Zack Boothe: A little more, maybe like 26-

Brent Daniels: 26 so just over two years guys. Like, listen to this. Over two years he started taking massive action. About a year ago. You start really implementing and then even before that you’re piecing together what you thought was the most proactive strategy that you could bring.

Zack Boothe: I was making mistakes before that. That learning curve, you know? It requires some learning for sure.

Brent Daniels: Sure. So what did you do before you found wholesaling?

Zack Boothe: So before wholesaling, I mean I had done some real estate transactions. I had actually joined another coaching program. Right. Because I got introduced to this and actually had success because of Wholesaling Inc but I had experience with other coaching programs. I dabbled, I’d done a couple deals, a couple of rentals, but I mean nothing that really affected much of my life. Right? I mean I saw a couple of deals that came through and I was like, wow, if I could like really do this, this could be game changer. Like this could be huge. But it just wasn’t happening. I’ve been an entrepreneur since I was 17, started my first business and I 17, it was window cleaning. Nothing extravagant. But, I grew up quite large. We did, one year, we did just shy of a half a million dollars in sales. So-

Brent Daniels: Window cleaning.

Zack Boothe: We washed a lot of windows. But yeah, that’s what I did. And then I did that all the way up until I got into this.

Brent Daniels: Awesome, so you got into this, you found Wholesaling Inc you went through the Wholesaling Inc program just like I did. I went to the Wholesaling Inc program in February of 2016 you’re about a year after that, right?

Zack Boothe: I went through, when did I go through? It’s 2000 so 2017 yeah.

Brent Daniels: Yeah.

Zack Boothe: So you went through the when?

Brent Daniels: 2016.

Zack Boothe: Really?

Brent Daniels: Yeah, yeah, I did. I mean it was one of those situations. I had a business. I was doing exactly what you’re going to talk about today on this video and we’re going to deep dive guys so stay on this. Watch this. As we start peeling, we’re just introducing so you guys can get a feel for who Zach is, but we’re going to really, really, really deep dive, give some instruction and give you the resources you need to be wildly successful driving for dollars.
If you’ve been watching YouTube channel or if you’ve been listening to this podcast, you know how much I push for people to be proactive out in the communities drive for dollars. If your budget’s low, you don’t want to buy a bunch of lists, you want to get the best list, get the phone numbers for those and talk to people, pick up the phone and call them and ask them if they would consider an offer. It’s all over my YouTube channel. It’s all over the podcast. It is the fastest way to get a deal. I’m telling you, especially if you have a low budget, right? A low marketing budget. So I joined Wholesaling Inc because I wanted to be around people doing $1 million in this business and there was a ton of them through the program. So there was a community and that’s a huge part of it. So you joined and how did you get started? Did you start mailing? Did you start like how did it go?

Zack Boothe: Yeah, so I followed the program. I mean the cool thing about a program is it’s not just like education, right? Education is everywhere. You can listen to podcasts, you can get everything out there, it’s all free. But what’s not necessarily free is step by step by step instructions, right? And there’s a lot of coaching programs that they just sell you information in it and you’re like, okay, what do I do with it? Like what’s the next step? And so I got instruction and just a couple months after doing it, I had a $10,000 deal. It was amazing. They’re like, get your cash buyers do it like this, like this. And I had a super experienced investor. Now I’m doing way more than he has in our market. Right?
When he told me, you’ll never do a deal, or you’ll never sell this deal you have under contract, you’ll never sell that contract. And I had done what we were told to do in the coaching program with cash buyers and I had someone after I sent my email, immediately call me, don’t sell it to anybody, he was the only person that called. But because I had followed the instructions, dude, 10 grand just like that. It was amazing.

Brent Daniels: It changes everything.

Zack Boothe: It was like proof of concept. Like I can do this. It can be done.

Brent Daniels: This is why push this so hard, the driving for dollars, getting the first deal because once you get paid your first time, I don’t care if it’s $500, $1000, $50,000 on your first deal. Once you get money, income from wholesaling property, you go from believing you can do it to the fact that you can do it. Once that happens, your mind changes and you can just keep doing it over and over and over and expanding your mind to do bigger and bigger and bigger and better deals and better opportunities. And now you’re sourcing opportunities all the time. And now people are coming at you and saying, “Hey, I want to give you some money. Do you want to do some things? Do you want to invest in this? Do you want to flip? Do you want to build? Do you want to buy commercial properties?” It is the start. But you got to get that first deal out of your way. So let’s talk about driving for dollars. Let’s talk about you. How do you do $1 million in a year from driving for dollars?

Zack Boothe: Well, I was hungry, right? I had actually just before that I had burned my boats, right? I had went to my business partner, my window cleaning business partner, and I said, “I quit.” I said, it was actually all, my birthday was March 2nd I was burnt out. My shoulder has issues from all the windows, turnover with my employees, terrible experience. But I learned so much and I said, “I quit.” And so I got into Wholesaling Inc started doing a few deals. I was doing like one to two deals a month, but they started drying up because the list that I was pulling became more available.
The state actually posted them on a website and they’re like, all the flippers then started doing the same marketing I was doing. And I just really started struggling. So I didn’t have a job anymore. I had to make money. And so I was like, okay, what’s the hardest thing? What’s the most cheapest way to do marketing? Because I don’t have a lot of money either. Right? Because I’m trying to feed my family, two children and do this and so yeah. So I started driving around and man I was writing down addresses, looking them up on County. I mean obviously the process is much better than it was. But yeah, I just started doing it, got a couple of deals and then I progressed from there.

Brent Daniels: Just progressed from there. And that’s old school method. I remember going literally with a yellow pad. There’s a video of me on this YouTube channel that has me writing down the addresses and then going and doing the research on it. Now, we have the Deal Machine App. Right? Because the Deal Machine App, you can tie in unlimited people. You’re going to have a whole army of people on your Deal Machine App not stepping all over each other and not going into the same areas. Keeping everything organized for the maximum $200, it’s so crazy. Right? It’s so crazy. I mean, you could get five people or three people on it for $40 bucks with the TTP code or you’ve got-

Zack Boothe: For the pin code. More than anything, we want you to be successful.

Brent Daniels: Yeah, TTP code on there. Get the discounts for Deal Machine. Fantastic. It’s going to save. So they’ve watched us, we’re probably, I don’t know, eight or 10 minutes and let’s give them something actionable so they can start going out and getting deals. And then let’s talk about how you have really formatted the whole system you’re putting out at what, I mean this is going to be the premier driving for dollars program in the country.

Zack Boothe: Yes, it will be.

Brent Daniels: I mean it’s exactly your blueprint. So we’ll talk about that, but let’s get some instruction on what can they do now? What can they do right now?

Zack Boothe: So if you’re just starting off, I mean, like I said in the beginning, I was writing down those addresses. Download the app, there’s a free trial. There’s also some other apps out there. I’ve talked to developers, I’ve used every single one of them extensively because I wanted to make sure that we’re using the best system possible, but also we’re promoting the best system. You know, some of these other apps, they actually don’t even work. They don’t even pull data for certain markets.
So definitely the Deal Machine’s the best app to go with, like I said, it’s 40 bucks a month if you’re just by yourself or just a couple of drivers. But the cool thing is we only have one full time driver to do $2 million in sales this year. Like you don’t need a giant teams. So don’t think that this is far out of your reach. That’s the cool thing. Like this is very simple. So download the app-

Brent Daniels: Say they’re doing it themselves.

Zack Boothe: Just themselves. Download that app and start driving pick areas. What you can do is you can go talk to some flickers in your area. Someone that’s wanting to do deals. You got to make sure that guy’s active, right? So when you bring him an opportunity, he’ll actually do something.

Brent Daniels: This isn’t a should do it, do it.

Zack Boothe: Yeah. Do it.

Brent Daniels: Just go talk to people that are active in the neighborhoods where you know properties are selling really, really, really fast. I like some advice to you is I like staying underneath the median price range so you can easily Google on Zillow and see what the average home sells for in your market. And I like staying under that. I like staying about 80% or lower than that for when it’s ARVs. The reason for that is that’s going to be your biggest pool of buyers. The smaller there is not… Now it gets a little bit tricky. If it’s super, super, super low, like you can buy a house for 10,000 or something, but if you’re between that, you know, 40,000 to about $200,000 range, that’s going to be a big pool of buyers. Obviously if you’re in California, New York, some areas in Miami, so some of these bigger markets, you got to up that. But I really think that going into the rougher neighborhoods, one, you’re going to get a lot more in the neighborhoods than just one bad house that you drive an hour for. Right? And two your buyer is bigger. Right?

Zack Boothe: For sure. The thing is too is one thing that I’ve learned with helping some of these students, right? My beta test team, I have it going around the country teaching this system now and I’ve learned that there are certain markets that you have neighborhoods that are so low end that your buyers don’t want to buy. But then you also have such high end neighborhoods that no one’s going to sell at a massive discount. There’s not really flip opportunities.
So go talk to a local flipper or go to a local REIA meeting, go talk to that person and say, “Where would you like me to go drive? I’m going to go find you deals. Where would you suggest I go?” And he’s going to send you to the best neighborhoods.

Brent Daniels: Download the app, talk to buyers. What’s next?

Zack Boothe: The next part of it is you got to send mail. Okay. Or you got a cold call. I mean.

Brent Daniels: Sure. Yeah. Yeah.

Zack Boothe: You got to get you out [crosstalk 00:13:44] to those people. Right? And so in my market, we’re doing about 70 to 80% of our deals from postcards. And then the rest are from cold calling. But it’s because our cold calling team is very small compared to this side.

Brent Daniels: Well, listen, if you could be successful sending out marketing, send out marketing. You know what I mean? But you have a budget to do it, you know what I mean? Like what does an average postcard costs 35-

Zack Boothe: 30 to 40 cents. Depending on the ads. [Crosstalk 00:14:08]-

Brent Daniels: Right? Okay. So let’s call it 35 cents and how many are you sending out typically a month?

Zack Boothe: Oh, a lot. So we paid 2000 so we’re doing what? 8,000 postcards a week from driving for dollars, so whatever the math is.

Brent Daniels: So you’re doing 32,000 postcards a month?

Zack Boothe: 32,000 is correct [crosstalk 00:14:27]-

Brent Daniels: Does that sound about right?

Zack Boothe: Yeah.

Brent Daniels: So that’s about 10 grand, right?

Zack Boothe: Yes.

Brent Daniels: 10 grand a month. Right? And he’s having massive success because he’s staying very, very, very niche to the properties that need some love. Now listen guys, it’s not all about the properties that are like burned down or leaning over or terrible. You open it up wider than that. Right? What do you look for? What do you teach your drivers to look for?

Zack Boothe: I love it. He’s guiding me through this because that’s exactly it. One of the biggest mistakes I made starting out is I only was pinning like the worst of the worst. But I have a list of criteria. Things like peeling paint, vehicle’s on the lawn, broken windows, any physical evidence of neglect because we’re trying to find someone that is emotionally detach from the property. And so if they’re emotionally detached, there’s going to be physical signs of it. So any of those things, we pin it. So some deals that are the super rundown houses, they’re the obvious ones. Right? Then every once in a while we’ll drive up and be like, man, this one’s not too bad. Right?

Brent Daniels: Yep. Yeah.

Zack Boothe: So.

Brent Daniels: And I love it. And you know what, it’s really interesting. People say to me, “Well, what’s the best list of buy? What’s the best list source of buy? For some reason they won’t give me the water turned off list in my market or they won’t give me the code violation list or they won’t. I live in a nondisclosure stellar, a non public information States.” I forget what it’s called. That’s not what it’s called, but you guys get it.I can’t get certain lists. Yes you can, yes you can. You’ve got an app, you’ve got a street. I don’t care if you’re riding a bike. I’m have a student in TTP got a $100,000 deal, 100,000, six figures, from skateboarding in Seattle and writing down putting a… He was skating for dollars. Really?

Zack Boothe: Skating for dollars.

Brent Daniels: Like skating, like really, for real, like there is no excuse not to go out there and get really great opportunities. The next thing is how are you going to have a quality conversation with that distressed property owner? Okay, how are you going to do it? You have three options. Either somebody refers them to you, you market to them, you pay for it, you get a good marketing budget going or you pick up the phone and be proactive and you talk to people.
Okay, so you are, you’re mailing to them and you’re calling them, you’re texting them.

Zack Boothe: Yes, we’re texting. We’re testing the texting right now. Yeah.

Brent Daniels: Okay. Excellent. You’re getting great results from all three.

Zack Boothe: Yes. All three are working.

Brent Daniels: So either way, get the app. The second thing was-

Zack Boothe: Talk to your cash buyers.

Brent Daniels: Talk to cash buyers and then you are going to-

Zack Boothe: Go drive and go and [crosstalk 00:17:06]-

Brent Daniels: Go drive. [crosstalk 00:17:08] then really you decide, what do I want to do? How do I want to approach this? Do I have a budget to approach this or do I not? If I don’t got to be proactive. So now you have a conversation with these people.

Zack Boothe: Yes. So if you don’t have a budget, right? I mean honestly the cheapest way to do this is you pin the properties. You skip trace, buy Deal Machine. You can buy the phone numbers there with Deal Machine. There’s other sources where you can actually export that list that you create.

Brent Daniels: Export it out, trust me, export it out.

Zack Boothe: Yeah, so, export it out. You know, they have great support staff there if you’re struggling to figure that out. I did myself, I’m not very techie at all, so you know, we learned to export it out, send it in and get phone numbers. How much is it for phone numbers? I don’t even know this [crosstalk 00:17:53].

Brent Daniels: 18 cents an address.

Zack Boothe: So 18 cents-

Brent Daniels: With back skip tracing with the TTP code, it’s 18 an address. It’s like a dollar on Deal Machine and they haven’t figured out their data. David, I love you, but your app is great. Your phone numbers not so great work on it.

Zack Boothe: We’ll be honest with you guys, right?

Brent Daniels: Yeah. Yeah, I mean honestly we export… I’m telling you just from us because you know I have a team of five people out there literally right now driving for dollars, putting it into the amp. That goes to Alejandra. She gets it and she exports it into Excel. We skip trace it. We’re calling, we’re texting, we’re getting after it.

Zack Boothe: Perfect. Yeah. And in our systems, we have one full time driver does 2000 pins a week. Like I said, you don’t need a huge team. And then it goes over to my systems guy, Cameron. I couldn’t live without that kid. And we skip trace, send a postcard, sending or calling. But then the next step for you guys, you take those phone numbers, and I would either, if you do not have any money at all, just start calling them, ask them if they want to sell their house. Right?

Brent Daniels: These guys know. These guys know.

Zack Boothe: Yeah.

Brent Daniels: Yeah. I mean that’s what we talk about on here.

Zack Boothe: Its the cheapest way to do it.

Brent Daniels: Yeah, it is. You know, it’s amazing that people are taking action and actually doing it. I had people join the program on a daily basis because they watched something or they listen to podcast, they took action and now they’re ready to take it to the next level. So let’s talk about taking it to the next level because there’s a lot of things… Yeah, I can drive, I can do this, I can get some deals going. But there’s a big difference between doing a deal and doing $1 million worth of deals, right? There is a specific blueprint for this. There’s a specific blueprint for finding people, for driving for you, for organizing your data, for making sure that your marketing is done correctly and consistently, for being able to do these deals and build a business that’s super proactive. But also, I mean really lean. I mean you keep the costs really low when it comes to your business. So talk about your program. What is it? When’s it coming out? How do people find out about it? That type of thing.

Zack Boothe: Got you. So kind of a rundown of my systems. So a lot of my systems and how I’ve come up with them has been because I decided to start coaching and helping other people. So my goal is this year 2019 was to make $1 million profit. Huge goal. You know, only being in this industry at the time, less than two years. It was huge, right? I was a window cleaner. That was a change in my life. And to get there, I was reading or doing a journal called Living Your Best Year Ever, and it talks about, you know, three big goals. One of my big goals was that financial goal and to receive something, I had to give it. So I was like, well, how do I give away $1 million when I don’t have it?
So I brought on some students and started helping them implement this marketing system. And so I had learned a lot because I had made a lot of mistakes, but these wonderful Guinea pigs of mine helped me learn and help me make even more mistakes. So I was able to get those hard questions for my students and things that I hadn’t thought of. And as a group, I really appreciate those original students because man, we’ve got a system that we’re doing deals. We’re doing deals all across the country with this.

Brent Daniels: With your students?

Zack Boothe: With, yeah, the students are doing deals. I’m doing deals. I’m doing way more sales than I was [crosstalk 00:21:20]-

Brent Daniels: This has been very quiet, and you haven’t even opened this up. This has been like one Facebook post, right?

Zack Boothe: Yeah. Like one, two Facebook posts and I’ve taken on a couple of Facebook groups. So I’m super excited to let you guys know. Like it wasn’t even a plan to really release this, but man, I can’t keep this to myself. Sure. So I went to my coach, my mentor, a man I really respect. Two men, I really respect Cody Hofhine and Tom Krol. So the owners of Wholesaling Inc that kind of got me into this business, I’m partnering with them. We’re going to be taking this live as soon as possible. I’m just really trying to reorganize the coaching modules and just taken out all of that fluff garbage and just giving you actionable steps.
Plus we’re trying to figure out how to keep it where our price points as low as possible because I know so many people that are out there wanting to hustle and just make something happen, they don’t have a lot of money to get into it and I want to help people, like I want to get it out there as much as possible. So, that’s what we’re working on. So hopefully within a month. So hopefully by the end of June.

Brent Daniels: Yeah. So if you’re listening to this months from now, a year from now, it’ll be out. Okay. It’ll be out. You’ll find it. It’ll be on Wholesaling Inc.Com for sure. And, there’ll be more posts and more podcasts about it.

Zack Boothe: Yeah. We haven’t gotten to where it’ll be and how to sign up yet. I mean that’s something we’re working on.

Brent Daniels: I love it.

Zack Boothe: Yeah.

Brent Daniels: I love it man. I’m excited for you. I’m excited for it to be out. I’m excited for there to be an actual exact system from going from doing your first deal, to like really building up your business around this thing. Because I mean, your lifestyle, we’re going to talk about two more things in this video, and in this podcast. One, is your lifestyle because he just showed me an Excel file, and he hunts half the year. He’s literally on a mountain hunting half the year. Right?

Zack Boothe: Yeah.

Brent Daniels: So you couldn’t do that if you didn’t have the freedom of your schedule, right?

Zack Boothe: Or the finances.

Brent Daniels: Right.

Zack Boothe: Yeah, no, it’s been incredible because it’s allowed me to have so much more time and energy for myself and I absolutely love it. Right? And so just for the sheer fact that I’m happy, I just have so much more energy, I feel like I’m a better husband. I feel like I’m a better father to my two children that I love the death. But yeah, I get to play, I know that not in into hunting, but I love the meat. I love the protein. I love the adventure. But yeah, I mean, I’m going and hunting in Hawaii. I’m hunting in Alaska. I’m hunting in Idaho, Nevada. I’m actually going to fly back down and hunt Arizona this year. So I mean, yeah, I had to create a Google sheet with all my hunts and when they were and yeah.

Brent Daniels: Crazy.

Zack Boothe: Yeah.

Brent Daniels: Crazy. I mean, freedom of schedule. And that’s what comes with building an actual business as opposed to being a highly paid professional. Right? So highly paid professional. You are the business, you’re running it all yourself. You’ve not hired it out. You have not created a system. You have not created a path for your business and your highly paid professional. And that’s fine. A ton of people are, and a ton of people are absolutely happy to do it. But if you’re looking to have that freedom of schedule, you have to build a system, you have to follow a plan, and you have to build that plan and have the right people on that. Now let’s talk. Let’s get people excited as we end this. Let’s talk, what is the biggest driving for dollars deal that you’ve ever done?

Zack Boothe: My largest deal. I actually, you’ll probably, if you jump on my coaching program, you’ll see it in my modules behind me. I had a big check made because it was a big deal. I think it was like around, I can’t remember the exact number. He got me on the spot. It’s around $85,000 but I am proud to tell you even better than that, one of my original 13 students, he just did a deal for over $100,000 this guy.

Brent Daniels: So tell us about the $85,000 deal.

Zack Boothe: So, that deal was an interesting one. It came through, through driving for dollars and it wasn’t even a someone that, like you said, as you start doing deals, people hear about you. So I was looking for drivers and I was telling people, I was looking for flips and someone saw those posts that I’m looking for drivers and he said, “Hey, I know some rundown properties,” and I said, “Well tag them and let me know about.” Right? And so it was just a couple of properties from one driver and it was a rundown house, had a hole in the roof.

Brent Daniels: Love it.

Zack Boothe: Had foundation issues.

Brent Daniels: Love it.

Zack Boothe: And because of some other education I had done, I realized I could demo the garage to do a lot line adjustment and then it turned into a duplex lot and a duplex and made me a lot of money.

Brent Daniels: Made you how much?

Zack Boothe: $85,000.

Brent Daniels: Hold on a second. You know, this is the [crosstalk 00:26:12] you want to ring it?

Zack Boothe: I do want to ring this. Oh, come on. We need to Tom Krol in here to ring that thing.

Brent Daniels: He’s got this mounted on the wall like a crazy person. Anyway, well maybe this is crazier. Anyway, 85,000 your students done over 100,000. Guys, this is real life. It really is. This is all about quality conversations with distress property owners and you can literally find distress by looking at a property. A physical condition is a indication of distress, so go out there, be proactive, drive around, find opportunities for yourself.
It doesn’t have to be of thousands and thousands of thousands, but I would suggest is just start with getting 100, get 100 phone numbers. It costs you $18 right? But call them yourself. Pick up the phone, call them yourself. Download the script or email me for the script at Brent@WholesalingInc.Com, we’ll send it to you. Okay? And then use the script. Call them, see if they’ll consider an offer. Get that property under contract, match it up with a cash buyer boom. Or take it down yourself, or own it in your rental portfolio, or flip it. Whatever you want to do. It doesn’t matter. Wholesaling is only about sourcing opportunities. That’s all wholesaling is. And we highly encourage you to be proactive. Go out into the community and do it. I bring this up so much. I really do because it’s literally how I started this whole thing.
It’s literally what I’m continuing to do in my business now. And the technology is 1000 times better, and it’s just-

Zack Boothe: Game changer.

Brent Daniels: Nobody wants to do it.

Zack Boothe: Good.

Brent Daniels: Yeah, [crosstalk 00:27:50] I mean, nobody else is out there. Everybody wants to buy the list or get the easy list, go out, drive for dollars, get it. Nobody else has that list.

Zack Boothe: Yeah, it’s amazing.

Brent Daniels: How do people get ahold of you? Well, let’s do this because we don’t have a website out with a link or whatever to the actual program. Just how can people email you about the program? [crosstalk 00:28:14] Or reach out.

Zack Boothe: I’m pretty active on Facebook. So, add me as a friend.

Brent Daniels: Okay.

Zack Boothe: So Zack Boothe.

Brent Daniels: Spell it.

Zack Boothe: So Z-A-C-K. okay. And then my last name is Boothe, B-O-O-T-H-E. So I’m in Utah. You can look me up on Facebook. So yeah.

Brent Daniels: Okay.

Zack Boothe: Just do it that way. You can private message me if you have questions. You know, I just want to help so.

Brent Daniels: Yep. Okay, awesome. Thank you. Thank you for being on the podcast. Guys, if you are looking to join the most proactive group in real estate investing, it is the TTP program. You can check us out. Check out all the testimonials, check out the whole breakdown of the program at WholesalingInc.Com/TTP, WholesalingInc.Com/TTP. If it feels good in your gut, sign up for a call. It’ll be the best call of your year. I look forward to working with you personally. Until next time, guys, I love you. See ya.

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