Episode 275: How a Brilliant Husband and Wife Team Earned Over $90,000 from Just One Deal

WI 275 | Husband And Wife Team


Are you a husband and wife team looking to make a killing in wholesaling and real estate investing? Today’s special guests will show you how it’s done!


Dedric and Krystal Polite are brilliant real estate investors and serial entrepreneurs. They are also the brains behind Be Polite Properties, a company that focuses on selling residential properties in North and South Carolina, Boston, and other markets nationwide. Active in the real estate industry for over a decade now, they have also been buying and selling hundreds of properties each year.


Luckily, aside from sharing the wholesaling techniques that have worked for them (and the very technique that has helped them generate $90,000 in profit!), they also generously dished out creative and effective methods that have helped them make a killing in the competitive but very lucrative world of wholesaling and real estate.


If you and your partner can’t wait to take your wholesaling and real estate business to the next level, this is one episode you just can’t miss!



How A Brilliant Husband And Wife Team Earned Over $90,000 From Just One Deal With Dedric And Krystal Polite

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