Posted on: April 29, 2019

Ever wondered if it would be a good idea to build a wholesaling business with a partner? In today’s episode, you’ll find out how a wholesaling partnership works so you can decide if it is right for you.

Terone Johnson and Omari Heflin are two focused and driven wholesalers from Indiana. While they each started out venturing in the real estate arena on their own, they eventually found out they are able to accomplish more working with each other.

In this episode, you’ll hear about their individual wholesaling journeys, their real estate hits and misses, how they ended up working together, and how they were able to close numerous deals in such a short amount of time, among many others.

Ever the go-givers, Terone and Omari also candidly shared some of the tricks, tips, and insights that has helped them achieve the success they are currently enjoying. So many gold nuggets in today’s episode, you owe it to yourself not to miss it!

Key Takeaways

  • Why TTP (Talking to People) is not limited to reaching out to sellers alone
  • How their first year as wholesalers went
  • Some of the big deals they did
  • One tactic they do to create a “feeding frenzy”
  • Why they price their properties low
  • What their business relationship is like and how they work as a team
  • How they found most of their deals
  • The list they are calling


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