Posted on: April 02, 2018

To say Brett Snodgrass has had an amazing 2017 is an understatement. For starters, he has done something truly phenomenal—he closed 354 deals in a year!

The awesome go-giver from Indiana has been involved in real estate for over a decade now. His love affair with real estate started way back in 2007. Prior to wholesaling, he was involved in house flipping.

However, after realizing he’s making a living but not really getting ahead, he decided to give wholesaling another go. And it has been one of the best decisions he has ever made. Now, he has an amazing team of 8 and has no plans of slowing down.

If you are looking to scaling your wholesaling business big time, this is one episode you shouldn’t miss. Brett talked about the unique strategy he uses to close numerous deals and shared plenty of gold nuggets. You’ll have plenty to take note of and implement!

Key Takeaways

  • While he uses multiple lead generation strategies (direct mails, Google AdWords, Facebook marketing, etc.), he credits half of the deals he has closed last year to one unique strategy—building a relationship with other wholesalers.
  • They partner with local REIA clubs, conduct meet-ups, and encourage others to leverage their experience and expertise.
  • Aside from sharing tips, wisdom, knowledge, and great content, they also work on helping others so they will also succeed in wholesaling. His example truly embodies the abundance mindset—there is no competition, only collaboration.

Brett’s story shows us that when you embrace and implement the right philosophies, you’ll surely get something extraordinary in terms of ROI. No wonder he’s one of the best in the business!


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Episode Transcription

Speaker 2: All right guys. I’ve got Brett Snodgrass here with me today from simple wholesaling. It is such an honor. I wanted to bring you this special guest. He is a friend of mine from a mastermind that we’re in called collective genius. I’ve heard his name around the industry since I got started. He is an absolute rock star with an awesome team, a Christian Guy, which is awesome. So it’s an honor to have him on the show and he has some numbers that are going to blow you away guys. I’m talking big, big massive numbers and he’s got a very unique strategy on how he finds his deals that he is going to share with us. I’m going to hold his feet to his fire and make him be an open book, although he already is an open book, so it’s not a big stretch there. He did, you guys ready for this, 354 deals last year, which is incredible. He’s up in Indiana and he’s going to tell us exactly how he did that. This is the no fluff, no BS zone. So, we’re going to get right to the meat and potatoes and figuring out how he did it, so that you can listen and implement and have the exact results, which would be perfect. Let’s get started. Brad, are you there?

Speaker 4: I am there. Tom, thanks for having me on the show man. Pleasure.

Speaker 2: Absolutely. It’s such an honor. I’ve heard about you from [inaudible] day one when I was cutting lawns and just getting started. I was like, who is this guy? So, that is awesome. It’s really good to have you on the show and looking forward to seeing you at the next CG event Are you going to be there in March in Tampa?

Speaker 4: I am not. I am just like you were and my wife is expecting April the fourth, so I’m going to have to miss this one because I might be in the delivering room, expecting our new daughter.

Speaker 2: That is awesome! I’m looking forward to congratulating you. God bless. That is a big blessing and yes guys, that’s true. I was actually out of the … I missed the last one because my wife Julie was expecting right at the exact same time with little Levi. Very exciting news, so let’s deep dive this. Before we get started and you share this awesome strategy that you’ve developed for doing just so many, like a blinding number of deals, which is incredible, tell us a little bit about yourself. Who are you? How did you get started? What are you doing up there in Indiana? What does that all look like?

Speaker 4: Yeah, definitely. Thanks Tom. I’ll just keep it short and sweet because I know you’d like to really dive in as a meat and potato as part of the show, but I’ve been doing wholesale and for about 10 years. I got started back in 2007, 2008 when the crash was happening and read some books. Rich Dad, Poor Dad. I see that you’re a big fan of Rich Dad, Poor Dad, meeting with Robert Kiyosaki for lunch. I heard one of these days.
Hopefully I’ll be able to do that one of these days. But I read that book, pretty much, you know, changed my life, and I really started digging in and trying to find deals. And at that time it was basically a bunch of REO properties, because the market was down, there was a lot of bank on properties in the market. So I developed a system and a strategy of putting in 200, 300, 400 offers through the MLS per month and we would get five accepted, 10 accepted.
So it wasn’t very strong numbers, but we made a lot of money through those deals. That was back in 2007, 2008, 2009 the market kind of changed. I decided I was going to flip houses. I saw HGTV and I said, you know what, this is when people make the big money. So I got a crew, I got the contractors and I was tearing out drywall and flooring and all that crapola, and three years later I said, you know what, this is just not for me. I was making a living, you know, but I was not getting ahead.
About three years ago I said, I’m going to go back into wholesaling real estate and I’m going to do it big, I’m going to do it right. That’s when I started scaling and we built the team here. We have a team of about eight people, and we’ve doubled our business every year in the past two years. So back in 2015 we did about 80 deals and then 2016 we did 160 and then last year we did the 354. We have been doubling every year, which has been pretty cool. That’s kind of where we are at today.

Speaker 2: That is amazing. I mean 354, you guys. That is way more than I do. That is an amazing number. I mean, that is just an astronomical number. I cannot even believe it. So I mean, I believe it, but it is just crazy. I do believe at 100% I mean it is really an incredible number. Let me ask you this before we deep dive how you did the 354 I heard you say something about making a lot of offers on MLS. This is something that I just recently heard about from someone else, also. Are you still finding deals by making mass offers on MLS, or have you guys completely shied away from that? What does that look like?

Speaker 4: Yeah, we have dabbled. It is a lot of work, a lot of effort back then I had an agent, she would write up all the offers, put them in, she would make all the commission and I realized, you know, I was paying her a lot of commission and then I said, what if I just got my license and I did the offers myself. That is what I did. So I have my broker’s license now and we have dabbled with the MLS. We have not put in any offers in the past, probably five or six months. Last year at 354 deals, you know, literally we probably did 20 maybe from the MLS, but it has been very slow and very competitive. And I feel like it is definitely not our best strategy and we are kind of just waiting for maybe the market to do something different and then we are going to get back to it again, but not right now. We feel like there are other strategies that we should put more of our time into right now that are moving the needle a lot more.

Speaker 2: Well, let’s get right into that then, because that is an astronomical number. And I know there are a lot of people who are just eagerly waiting for you to tell us this. So you have the floor. How the heck did you do 354 deals last year? What is the strategy that you use to accomplish that?

Speaker 4: Well, you know, I would probably do a lot of the same strategies a lot of other people do. We do direct mail here in Indianapolis, but we use multiple lead generation strategies. So direct mail is one lead generation strategy and that has been working out pretty well. But this has gotten a lot more competitive here at Indianapolis. We do a Google AdWords. So we do internet marketing, Google AdWords, we do that as a strategy. We bring in leads that way. We do Facebook marketing, so we are making up ads and we are targeting people in the areas that we want to buy houses in. So we have been doing a couple of deals a month through Facebook, but really the strategy that I will really dive into that really changed the game for us. And out of that 354 houses last year, half of them came from this one strategy.
So, so this really changed the game for us. So Indianapolis is a great market. You know, you have talked about your friends, Tom, they have been coming to Indianapolis, they have been buying cashflow properties and it’s hot and it’s awesome. And there are a lot of opportunities here. So there are a lot of wholesalers too. And people kept complaining, you know, there are so many wholesalers and indeed I do not know what to do. I cannot get a deal. And I just decided to, instead of going with the competition, I decided what can I do to really join these other wholesalers? How can I partner with them? How can they bring their deals to us before they bring them to other people? So I started, you know … I would get a lot of direct mail in my mailbox just like everybody else. So look at him and it always be a wholesaler.
So I got with my team and I said, I want you to call every one of these wholesalers, and I want you to build a relationship with them, and I want you to tell them we would love to partner with you or to buy your deal. And so that was one thing that we did. We also developed a local meetup here, and we invited all the wholesalers here and we partnered with our local REIA clubs. So we host a meetup here in Indianapolis, it’s in Fishers, Indiana. And we host it the fourth Wednesday of every month. We’ve been doing it for about a year. We get 60 or 70 people there every month that are interested in wholesaling. And we teach them the strategies that we’re actually doing.
People say, you are crazy, why would you teach your competition? But we also, we put it out there as, look, we are an end buyer. We would love to partner with you. If you are new and you want to walk with somebody who has already been down that road, who has already been down that path, we would love to walk you down the process. Just go out there, get some deals. We will help you analyze them, and I will partner with you on those or we will buy them from you. So that strategy with partnering with other wholesalers has absolutely changed the game for us. And that is how we have done half the deals last year.

Speaker 2: First of all, let me just say amazing, right? I want everyone to hear, because you know our listeners, you guys who are listening now, this is the seed of everything, right? It’s that abundance mindset. Being a Go-Giver, having a belief system that says there is no competition, there’s only collaboration. We only keep in this life what we give away. So you guys, Brett is like so spot on. Do you see how you do 354 deals? It’s amazing but you only get that collaborative effort, that 354 with that attitude where everyone else is hoarding their deals and just trying to hold as much as they can. He just kind of let go and had an abundance mindset and this is what happened. So I have like a hundred questions, because this is an amazing thing.
First of all, do you have any hesitation from the people who you’re teaching or what kind of relationship? Do you have a lot of people who you’re like, well, it works now, but then now everybody is a competitor and they don’t bring you the deals. Or do you just find that they continue to bring you deals or … ? What is a little bit more of, Number One, the relationship of how you set that up. Are you actually the buyer, a lender, or are you co wholesaling? What does that look like? Then, what is the logistics having the meetup group, and how do you guys run it? If somebody is hearing this right now and they’re in Dallas or Houston or St. Louis and they say, this is an awesome idea, I want to do it. What are kind of the fundamental pieces to make this thing work?

Speaker 4: Well, I think for us as far as the meetup goes, we contacted a couple of the local REIA groups and they help promote us, so we got some promoting locally. They already have a decent size group, and we have a good reputation here for wholesaling. We host, you know, the wholesale and groups. They help promote us, they bring us people. You know the logistics of it is we just went on and we host this. So if you go to you look up Simple Wholesaling Meetup, you can find us. Then we promote it on Facebook, we promote it in the local REIA clubs, like I said, and we start off with, you know, 20 people. Now we are up to 50 60 after a year. So it just kind of grows.
And if you give great content, people are going to keep coming. And I feel like that’s what we are really trying to do. We are always trying to, what can we come up with next? Like we are hosting one on this Wednesday and it is called the tools for the wholesalers tool belt. So we’re coming up and we are talking about here are the tools and resources that we use. Here is an app that we use. Here is this website that we use to find this list. Here is this other thing that we use. So we are talking about tools that they can use and their wholesaling strategy.

Speaker 2: Do you charge members to come to the event? Is there any kind of a fee for that or is it free? What does that look like?

Speaker 4: No, no. It’s absolutely free, and we are always giving me free content, and it actually costs us money. We actually provide food for everybody. It is a networking, it is entertainment and we get the people involved. We ask people that have … a lot of times, let’s say a brand new wholesaler just got a deal, we have them come up, we have them share where they get the deal, how much money do they make. It kind of gets people, you know, that momentum. Then somebody else in the crowd like … people look at me and they say, oh, you are doing 300 deals, I have not done one. But you bring somebody else, and they just did their first deal, now they’re like, he can do it, he’s not that much smarter than I am, I am going to do a deal. So we just tried to get more people involved each time, and it is absolutely free. So I would say on average it costs us 500 bucks per meetup, let’s just say $6,000 a year. I know, if we get one deal out of that in the entire year, it is most likely going to pay for itself. Right,

Speaker 2: Brett? I love it. It’s so refreshing to hear from a person who is really embracing all of the right philosophy and is getting such a tremendous ROI on that. I really think it’s incredible. It’s super impressive. That’s awesome.
If someone is sitting there right now, and they have been doing some deals, and they really want to go from 50 deals or a hundred deals a year and they want to double or triple that number. First thing to do is you attract all of the wholesalers, real estate investors. Now is this just wholesalers, or you also have your cash buyers there? Is this primarily wholesalers, or what is the makeup of the group? Can anybody attend?

Speaker 4: Yeah, anybody can attend. But most, 90% is people interested in wholesaling, but there are also buyers there that come that they buy from us. They want to hear who we are, what we are all about. Yeah, but it’s 90% primarily wholesalers that come to these.

Speaker 2: Let me ask you the questions that people might be thinking. So first of all, what about the people who are saying, well yeah, but then if there is a wholesaler there and there is a cash buyer. Aren’t they just going to sell the deal directly? Do you say something in the group that says, listen, bring us your deals. I mean, if I am a wholesaler, I am there. How do I know to bring you a deal? Or is it just kind of because you are giving out the content, you naturally just become like the leader of the group and then you just bring you deals, or is there a format for them to do that, something online How does that work? If I’m a wholesaler, how am I encouraged, or know, to bring you guys the deal?

Speaker 4: I mean we always mention it and we do not want to like be that person up front, that we are always talking about us, and bring us deals all the time. We always have a section in the meetup at the end or in the middle that talks about, guys, we are an end buyer, we would love to partner with you. We are always talking about leveraging somebody else’s experience. That’s exactly what we do. If they are brand new, they can leverage our experience, they can leverage our confidence. We take them through the whole process. So yes, in the meetup, there is always a section that we talk about, we’re a buyer, we would love to partner with you on their deals.
We are always coming up with programs, you know, and we are trying to like come out with the format of this. Maybe it is called partner with a pro, you know like you might talk about Tom. We even talk about, there is something we are getting ready to come out with, it is called Dead Deal Profits. A lot of these other wholesalers, they will get leads and the leads will say, no, well you know, the money is right in the follow up, right? We are coming up with a program to say hey, all those dead leads, send them to us and we will give you 10% of the profit, 20%, whatever it looks like. And that is another way just to get free leads, you know, and the more leads you get. We have a team to kind of weed everything out and to go through the whole mess.

Speaker 2: For my analytical listeners, for the guys and girls who are out there saying, okay, I want specifics, I want to copy this exactly: what is the best day to have the meeting, what is the best time, how long does the meeting last? Do you guys typically have guest speakers, or is it just you guys and then people from the community? The person who is going to listen to this podcast and actually implement it in the next 30 days, what does that look like?

Speaker 4: I mean we have ours in the evening. Ours is the fourth Wednesday of the month. We have it in the evening and that ours is from six to eight. Typically, the first half an hour is about networking. Then, we do about an hour of a presentation of some sort. Typically, I will give the presentation or some of my team will give the presentation. I am not always up there in front. We will usually have a couple of new people stand up, introduce themselves or maybe, like I just said, have somebody come up that just did a deal? Talk about that deal. What money did it make, where did they find it? And especially, I bring up a lot of people that sold the deal to us.

Speaker 2: Awesome! Got it. Okay.

Speaker 4: Then they do that. As far as the best time, I don’t know, but that’s just typically what we do. The fourth Wednesday, we do in the evenings, and then we do at the end, half an hour. So the whole meeting is a couple of hours. You can give or take, an hour to two hours I’d say.

Speaker 2: And I know I’ve been to some REIA meetings, I just went to one in San Antonio, that was a while ago now, San Antonio. But I went to one with Victor Mawson. They, some of the REIA meetings that we go to, they have a lot of guest speakers. Do you guys do that or is it pretty much just like what you said, just your team?

Speaker 4: Yeah, I mean we bring in some people or like we had a panel of some new wholesalers that come to the meetups. We have one guy coming in and we’re giving him maybe a 15 to 20 minute section to talk about his app, and it’s called the Deal Machine, I believe, and it’s a brand new app. We have just started using it. Have you heard of that.

Speaker 2: David? Dan, right? Is that who?

Speaker 4: Yeah! So, they are from Indy.

Speaker 2: That is awesome. Okay.
Yeah, I just actually had them at the, our event in Orlando at the summit and they came in.
We were working with them to get the rhinos and the tribe a special deal because I think it’s an awesome map and go ahead if you want to tell people about it. I think it is a pretty cool app. I really happen to be a big fan of it.

Speaker 4: Yeah, and we have not dove into it very much, but they are coming in. It is called the Deal Machine. It is basically an app that if you are driving for dollars, which means you go around, you find dilapidated houses, you can take a picture of that house with your phone and then click a button and it is automatically going to mail that homeowner a postcard of the picture of their house. It saves you a lot of time instead of driving around, writing down the addresses going home, researching the name, the homeowner, it saves you so much time. Right? It is a great thing for my team because we can have a whole company use this app. I can have my acquisitions people, they are out looking at houses, they can have that app and they can see, the neighbors are dilapidated. They will go ahead and take 10 pictures of houses while they are looking at our houses.

Speaker 2: I love it. That is such a genius app. So, so let me ask you this, when you are finding deals this way, where you are essentially, I always like to use the term Jay Abrahaming it, where you are leveraging existing resources, which means that instead of just sending more mail or working harder, what you are doing is leveraging other people who are wanting to get into the business. By the way, I just had, I think it was either Joe McCall or Todd Kobeck just asked me this question. They said if you want to really grow a business quickly, stop asking how to make twice as much and ask how to make 10 times as much, because when you say twice as much, that really just means working harder, but when you say 10 times as much, it really means, I think this comes from Joe Polish, it just means that you are going to have to find other resources. So I think that this approach it really speaks to that, which I love. So, …

Speaker 4: and let me get back to that real quickly.

Speaker 2: Yeah, go ahead, absolutely.

Speaker 4: You asked about the guest speakers. We are bringing in, and this was one of the first times we brought in then to talk about and their app and or a guest speaker. We usually typically like to control the room because I feel like if I myself control the event or some of my team controls the event, they get to know us. They feel like they do know us. We are an expert, we are the advisors. So that gets them to bring us the deals more. I mean it is not all about that. I love teaching and I love doing that, but at the end of the day it does provide us with a platform to … it’s a win win. They, make money, they get started wholesaling and then we win as well. So …

Speaker 2: I love it. No doubt. That is phenomenal. So what about this, let’s talk about the drawbacks to the strategy. If someone is setting it up, what have you learned where you can say, don’t make this pitfall, avoid this pitfall, or this is some of the stuff that makes the strategy a little bit tougher or more difficult to scale or whatever it is? Is there anything, any drawbacks, any negatives, anything to watch out for if you set this channel up to do more deals?

Speaker 4: I mean probably the one drawback is, you are going to have people in the room that could take all of your strategies, and then they will go out and they will kill it, they will scale their own business and they will not be selling you deals anymore because they will build their own buyers list and they will do all that. This strategy is really great essentially to get people started. People that do not have a lot of money, people that do not have a lot of resources. And they can really leverage …

Speaker 2: Has that happened? Has that happened to you where people have said, you know, Hey, but now we’re on our own? Or not really?

Speaker 4: Like I said, Tom, I have the abundance mentality. So, I feel like even people that have done that, I still have a really great relationship with them, and maybe we are not doing as many deals now, but we are continuing, we are trying to figure it out and we will do something together in the future. No, it has not really happened. I am still just doing deals with people and maybe not as many deals as I was, but there is always a deal that comes across their plate that maybe they do not really know what to do with it. They do not have the resources to take it down. It is a little bit more expensive than they are used to, and then they will always bring it back to us because they have had a great experience with us, you know?

Speaker 2: Awesome. And you’re doing single family, residential, or duplexes, but you’re doing residential, not the commercial with this, right?

Speaker 4: Yeah, we do pretty much all single family here in Indianapolis, and residential duplexes, triplexes stuff.

Speaker 2: Sure. Okay. All right, terrific. Well, I mean that sounds like a really phenomenal strategy. So guys, hopefully you took notes, but I know a lot of people are going to be wanting to learn more about what you are doing and who you are and what you guys do.
By the way, I have seen some of your stuff online, and it is really impressive. I mean it is really some amazing stuff. I saw the prayer closet that you guys had in the office, which I thought was just absolutely incredible. Really pretty mind blowing stuff. That is really, I congratulate you on that because that is the most important stuff. I know we kind of have like a hidden agenda in the company to do that with students. The more people we can do that with it is better. So we do not put it out there too much. You guys do a great job on that.
First of all, before I let you go, two things. I want to know. Anybody who starting off, they are just kind of getting started into real estate investing or wholesaling specifically. Any resources, books, recommendations on when they are first getting started? Anything worthwhile checking out?

Speaker 4: Like I said, you know, we’re definitely checking out this, this Deal Machine app that I think could be a great resource. As far as books, if you’re looking to scale your business, and I really run a business, this is a transactional business that I do, and the book that I read a couple of years ago was a book called Scaling Up. My business coach, I hired a business coach, he gave me this book, and I went through it, and it really changed the whole dynamic of how I was supposed to run a business. That is how I was able to hire the right people, put the right people in the right seats and train them to do the right things.
And that is the only reason why we’re able to do 300 plus deals, because I have the right people, I have them in the right seats, and they are hungry and they are doing the right thing. So Scaling Up is a great book. It is probably not a book, maybe if you are only just getting started. It is a great book that if you are doing a couple of deals a month and you want to do five or you want to do 10, it is a great book for that. That is one great book that I have learned.

Speaker 2: Yeah, I totally agree that Scaling Up Verne Harnish, huge fan. I totally agree. I have gone through it myself. It is a game changer. I could not agree more. Right people in the right seats. I think the biggest takeaway from that book and from genomic traction was, you know, you can have one person in multiple seats but you cannot have multiple people in one seat. And that for me was like, Oh now I understand why I am having so many hiccups. This is a no brainer. But I did not understand. Very, very cool. And what about you guys? If we want to find out more about wholesaling and, I know you guys have an awesome podcast, where can people go to find out more to learn more, to hear more about the details? You guys, Brett is another like huge, huge Go-Giver and tons of free, mind blowing, awesome content that is worth checking out, no doubt about it. Where can people go to find out more?

Speaker 4: Yeah, definitely. If you are a wholesaler and you are interested in learning more about wholesaling, you can go to, our website is we got some great educational resources on there. Everything is free. We do not sell anything. We just give away our free knowledge and our wisdom on that. And if you are also interested in Indianapolis, if you are a cash buyer or you are interested in just Indianapolis in general, we would love to talk with you, meet with you, and you can come to our meetup like I said, and you can find all that information on our website at

Speaker 2:, and you guys, I will absolutely not only vouch for Brett but also for Indianapolis. Julia and I are blessed to have some rental properties, and I will tell you that absolutely hands down, no questions asked, Indianapolis is our highest ROI. That place is absolutely … the ROI on rental properties is through the roof. So if you’re interested in that, checkout get ahold of Brett. He is one of the best in the business, and that would be a good idea. Thank you for hanging out with us today, man. I know you are always running around and we appreciate your time. Thanks for spending time today to go over all this awesome liquid gold information.

Speaker 4: No, no problem. Thank you so much Tom. It is always an honor. Always love meeting you at the masterminds, listening to your podcast and everything that you have going on. Congratulations on the new addition to your family, and I appreciate it so much.

Speaker 2: Thank you, brother. Hey, good luck with everything with your wife. That is awesome. I will be sending a little baby rhino soon for the baby. That is awesome, man. God bless. Enjoy the day and we will talk to you soon.

Speaker 4: All right, sounds good. Awesome.

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