Episode 261: How a Determined TTP (Talk to People) Student Made $62,000 from 2 Cold Calls

If you are for working for corporate America, it is likely that you’re compensated well. But at what expense? For today’s guest, getting good pay also meant missing out on quality time with his family.

Jesse Andrews is a passionate and focused TTP student from Rhode Island. While he was not consistent with his wholesaling efforts when he first started, things took off dramatically when he joined the TTP program and dedicated his time to wholesaling full-time.

From once feeling like he’s not getting anywhere, Jesse now runs a thriving wholesaling business that’s generating huge amount of profits. In fact, he earned a staggering $62,000 from just 2 cold calls!

If you are considering leaving the corporate world and giving wholesaling a try, today’s episode would be perfect for you. You’ll not only learn powerful techniques and insights from Jesse, you’ll also be inspired by his success!

Key Takeaways

  • How he kept his mindset bulletproof when he was still starting out
  • What his current business structure looks like
  • The hierarchy of cold callers
  • Example of a lucrative TTP deal he did
  • List where he got his lead from
  • The 4 pillars of pre-qualifying
  • How he sends deals to his buyer’s list
  • Three ways to find deals
  • His advice to people who would like to try cold calling


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