Posted on: November 29, 2018

In the wholesaling world, persistence can make a world of difference. This fact is something our determined guest today can totally attest to!

Adonijah De Lancy is an ingenious and determined wholesaler from Richmond, Virginia. After realising wholesaling is his ticket to the financial freedom he’s looking for, he decided to throw himself into the business without any reservations.

And the determination and will to succeed is quite evident in how he carries out his deals and makes things happen.

Case in point: when he was not able to get in touch with a good prospect on the phone, he didn’t hesitate to visit the property and leave a flier and his business card. As expected, his resourcefulness and drive was handsomely rewarded.

If you’re looking for an inspirational story that will encourage you to think outside of the box, don’t miss this episode!

The Deal:

  • Adonijah’s acquisitions manager came across a property situated in a “hot” neighbourhood while driving for dollars and sent the details to him.
  • While he was able to eventually secure the contact number, he was never able to get ahold of the homeowner.
  • Rather than waste time waiting for the homeowner to pick up, he exhibited ingenuity by visiting the property and leaving a flier and his business card.
  • A week later, he got a phone call from the homeowner, scheduled an appointment, and sorted the deal that same day!
  • After all was said and done, he walked away $25,000 richer. Truly a well-deserved reward for his resourcefulness and persistence!


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Episode Transcription

Brent Daniels: Welcome back to the Wholesaling Inc. Podcast. It is Brent Daniels and I’ve got a phenomenal interview with a phenomenal TTP student today. But before we get into that, we are now in the final quarter of 2018. This is the last 90 days in 2018. And every time I get to the the fourth quarter of every single year, I’m reminded of a coach that I had in real estate. Every fourth quarter she would make me write down a letter. It would talk about the past year. So it’s future pacing the next year. So it would literally be written like it was 2019 and it has everything that I accomplished that year already written out. It’s such a powerful, powerful, powerful little exercise to do because what it does is it sets your intentions already. It sets your mindset on the path that you want to go in the next 12 months.
I highly encourage everybody to just sit down, grab a piece of paper and just write, as of whatever date it is, whenever you’re listening to this, as of today, 2019, this is what I have accomplished in the last 12 months. Just watch what happens in the next 12 months because. I want you to read that every single day. Look at that. Have it somewhere where you can see it every single day because it’s going to help direct you and your intentions and the actions you take for the next 12 months. And also, I had a phenomenal call this morning with one of my TTP students, Darrell. He told me a great thing. He’s said “Brent, the only thing we need to have in this business is the courage to ask the question.” And I go, “What do you mean?” He goes, “We have to have the courage to ask the question, ‘Would you consider an offer on your property?'”
I thought that that was just so beautiful. Darrell Moore, thank you so much for giving me that little bit. You learn much from the students as much as they learn from me. But it’s just phenomenal. So with that, talking about somebody that asks the question on a regular basis from Richmond, Virginia, Adonijah De Lancey. There you are brother. How are you?

Adonijah D.: How are you doing Brent?

Brent Daniels: Good. I am doing awesome man. Let’s talk about the courage to pick up the phone. Let’s talk about the courage to get into the wholesaling business. Let’s talk about the courage that you’ve had to kind of redesign your life to this business. Give me your background. Tell everybody about you.

Adonijah D.: All right, so my name is Adonijah or Adonijah, as some would say. I’m originally from Brooklyn, New York. Growing up, my family was always around and everybody had that business mentality. Go to work, go to school and get a good job. The regular mentality that you’re supposed to have as they say in Rich Dad, Poor Dad.
When I got to college, I think I started off doing a computer information systems, like CIS. That’s what I was coming into, the technology side of things. And I said, man, this isn’t really for me. So I changed my major to entrepreneurial management and it just kind of went from there. My mindset was just like I don’t want to work anymore. I kind of want to run my own business.
One day, I was talking to my [inaudible 00:04:21] brother in my fraternity. He was talking to me last year, about seven or eight months ago, about wholesaling, somebody that he knew that was doing it. And I said I think I’m interested. And literally while we were talking, the whole time we’re on the phone, I’m already on Google research and wholesaling. What is it about? How do you make money? How do you do it? Is it real? Seeing all these testimonials, people saying, yeah, it’s real blah, blah, blah. I actually reached out to somebody who was a [tribe member 00:00:04:54] and she gave me some direction, what I should listen to, what works for her. She said she listened to a lot of Wholesaling Inc. the podcast. I went and I started listening to it and I just loved it. See I can make it work for myself and that’s how that went. And now I’m just trying to scale my business. I came across some good big ones and I’m just trying to scale it and make it consistent and eventually be on vacation and getting paid.

Brent Daniels: I love it. So right now is it just you, are you a one-man show?

Adonijah D.: I actually have an Acquisitions Manager. He’s actually helped me find that last deal. He’s my Acquisitions Manager. Not too much on his plate right now, but I do have him making the calls for me along with myself. So we’ll scale up eventually, pretty soon. I’m just trying to learn things in order. It’s me and my wife, my wife as well. She’s part of my team too.

Brent Daniels: Nice. I love it. Family business. Good. That is smart. You’re a smart man.
So who does what? So you said that you guys both make calls. Who are you calling?

Adonijah D.: Just a breakdown on this right now I have him in charge of my high-equity, owner-occupied list. I try to refresh that every two weeks. We just started a campaign like a week and a half ago or so, and we’re just about finished with it. But that’s what he’s doing. He’s reaching out to those people and trying to get the motivation or just build rapport with some people and maybe we could follow up within the near future. As for myself, I’m kind of handling, the turd list as you’d like to say. Delinquents, probates, what else? Driving for dollars, one of my favorites. That’s kind of what I’m handling. Whenever I get a deal or whenever I get ahold of somebody and they have that motivation, I dish it over to him and I have him get everything ready for us to market it and send it out to some of our buyers. He’s also in charge of getting two buys a day.

Brent Daniels: Nice. How has he finding buyers in your marketplace? I think, on these podcasts we often talk a lot about finding the sellers and providing value and finding what their distress is and really pre-qualifying them and getting them figured out. But how are you building up your cash buyer database? Because that is what makes or breaks the biggest deals. Am I right?

Adonijah D.: Yeah, you’re absolutely right. You’re absolutely right because what works for this buyer might not work for the other one. And, vice versa. The way how we’ve been reaching out to a lot of our providers is I have him want to rotated schedule every day also in terms of my marketing. So he’s reaching out to the majority majority of we buy, sell trade things on the Facebook market. So he’s marketing to people that want to sell homes and he’s also marketing to people that want to buy homes. And then as for Craigslist, it’s literally the same exact thing. We send that out about three times a day and we’re bound to get like two or three emails a day of somebody that wants to be added to our buyer’s list. And then we go ahead and filter those out, I build a relationship, see how serious they are. Not every buyer is a buyer, but we go ahead and do that and somehow we get them in a nice list and they’re part of our list and talk to them.

Brent Daniels: Got it. So when they become part of your list, when you get a deal and you know they might be interested in, how do you reach out to them? What is your technique for making sure that they see your deal? I mean obviously people do email blasts. We all get those people do text blasts. We all get those. Are you calling him up specifically seeing if they want it and if you are, how do you make sure you don’t pigeonhole yourself into selling it to them if a couple other people want it, you know what I mean? To get the most out of every deal.

Adonijah D.: One thing I like to do is, aside from asking them, what kind of money they use to purchase some of these properties, because that to me that’s kind of big, depending on if they borrow money or whatever the case may be. I just want to know what type of buyer you are, what area you’re in, what type of work have you done so far. If you don’t mind, let’s look at some of your work. What type of work are you in to? Do like big projects, small projects, two bedrooms, three bedrooms? What is it that you like? And that’s kind of how I filter in cipher through who’s serious or not. A lot of buyers will give you some specific detail as to where they like to buy and what they like to buy.
Just based off of that, if they fit that criteria they’re very detailed and they’re like, I want this type of property here and I do go out and I find that, or where he finds it, just somebody brings it to me, send it to them. That’ll tell how serious they are. From there it’ll be like let’s close on this thing like next week or whatnot. That’s kind of how my system’s been going so far. I haven’t been doing a crazy, crazy amount of deals, which is why joined TTP just to get things and really start scaling my business up.
From the pace that we’re going right now, I think that’s kind of been working with how we build our relationships with our buyers. And when we find them something nice for them, we get it to them and we haven’t had a problem getting rid of it. I use MailChimp. That’s the app I’ve been. That’s the blast to them. If it’s somebody that’s part of our my VIP list, that’s what I’ll call them and say, hey look, I got this and this area and now I kind of shoot it out to them before anybody else.

Brent Daniels: There is huge value knowing that they’re going to get the deal done. They’re going to close on it, it’s going to be … Sometimes, especially here in Phoenix, the buyers that we sell to buy sight unseen. They just go for it. They know what they’re up against. They know their budgets. They know how much they can handle and what they can make on it, and they can make a decision so quickly it’s incredible. But it takes time to establish those relationships and see who is really legitimate and who’s not and who’s wasting your time. I think for anybody out there, whenever you get a buyer on the hook or you have somebody that wants that assignment, you have to make sure they put their nonrefundable earnest money in ASAP because that’s going to tell you whether or not they’re going to move forward with it or if they’re just trying to sell your deal to somebody else. What you want to be listening for is, I am literally, this is from a cash buyer. I’m literally driving to the title company right now with the check. Send me the assignment, I’ll sign it on my phone, DocuSign. That’s what you want to hear from these guys. You know what I mean? Right.

Adonijah D.: You’re right. You’re right. You’re absolutely right. That’s actually is, is on the money right there for sure.

Brent Daniels: Anybody could say that they want the deal, but until they got skin in the game, until they show that they are legitimate and they know the process and they can go and, and respect your time and respect that you can sell this to somebody else and you want to build a little bit of tension there.You want to build a little bit that says, Hey man, if you want this property, you’ve got to pull the trigger now because I’ve got a couple of other people that I think would really be interested in it.

Adonijah D.: I completely agree because the person that puts that money down is the one that’s going to buy the house, period.

Brent Daniels: Do you sell the properties? Who’s in charge of disposition?

Adonijah D.: That’s still me right now. That’s still all me. I’m going to scale it up and get things going. I feel like your class is extremely informative. I was actually just looking at it maybe 10, 15 minutes before you called me. I was just trying to refresh my mind on some of the stuff that you spoke about in terms of scaling the business.That’s really what I’m trying to do in these months, especially for this fourth quarter. I always hear what you say in all of your podcasts. This is your favorite quarter. So I said I’m going to try to make it mind too. When everybody’s sleeping I’m going to be awake still trying to get those deals.
I’m in charge of my disposition right now. So normally once he gets things onto the lead sheet from Nicole, if it’s somebody that has that motivation and I listen to the call and I’m like, I’m ready to make an appointment with them. I’ll go ahead and I’ll set up the appointments and stuff. I just don’t want to put too much on his plate because he’s still working full time. The amount of things that he’s doing right now I think is literally perfect. And then I still have my wife too, so we’re kind of knocking some things out here at the house. I’m in charge of that everything else in terms of closing and stuff. But he’ll take on that role soon.

Brent Daniels: Something just as a thought, any of the big time fix-and-flippers or developers or anything, they are buying in the fourth quarter to set up their first quarter of 2019. They start buying it up. They start unloading all those. If you see in wholesaling in some markets, there’s a little bit of a slump there in going from the summertime and that’s because they’re getting ready to sell all of their stuff during the fall. And then after that they need to reload. And during the fall, that’s when they start picking things up. October, November, December, I’m telling you, it is huge. Do not take your foot off the gas pedal. I mean even push it down even more. I think you’re being really smart about that. That’s really, really great.
So give me your daily schedule. What does that look like?

Adonijah D.: My daily schedule is I wake up, put my prayers in. Normally I try to get some reading in for like an hour, at least an hour of reading. I like to go to the gym. I’ve skipped a few weeks, but I’m about to get back. It’s so easy to forget about the gym. Gym is in there too. A lot of times on my way home from the gym, I like to get some driving for dollars and get some addresses going. I get back home around 11:30, make some phone calls to the previous day. He makes phone calls in the afternoon. I try to get the morning time, so between 12 and like three ish, I like to bang out some phone calls, do my followups or whatnot. Then he comes on, he does his phone calls and I pretty much get my skip trace for the addresses that I just went driving for dollars for. And that’s kind of how my mine has been rolling so far. And if we have a meeting in between the week, we make sure we get that set up too. We do a lot of door-knocking too for the people that we can’t reach. That kind of all happens in that more towards six o’clock issue, when it’s just me. That’s kind of my system right now.

Brent Daniels: Proactive. All day.

Adonijah D.: Yeah, all day man. Sometimes my nights literally turn into mornings, like a lot. I’m up all night sometimes just thinking of things and just really trying to set things up for my family. This business, it’s [inaudible 00:15:25] business and your mind just starts racing and thinking of more creative ways to do things, to just make more.

Brent Daniels: It’s exciting. It is an exciting business and we make a ton doing it.
So break down a deal for us. Give us the real deal here. Give us a deal that you recently closed and kind of pull back everything and let us get really inside of it.

Adonijah D.: I’ll start literally from the beginning. My acquisitions manager went out driving for dollars one day. He came across a property in a neighborhood that’s really, really, really hot. It’s a good neighborhood. Not everybody’s going there, but if you get something there, you’ll get a good deal out of it. So he went driving for dollars, sent it to me, we skipped traced it. We’re looking for the number, looking for the number. We finally got the numbers, could never get ahold of them on the phone. I mean, like never. So one day I said, man, we might just have to go over to that house.
And that’s exactly what we did. The very next day, he went over to the house and knocked on the door. Just dropped off one of my business cards or a flyer that we have, just dropped it off. They weren’t really trying to have a conversation right then and they might’ve been busy. After that, I’d say it was like a week later. I think I was on my way home from picking up some food or something and I got a phone call. So I answered the phone and it’s like, “Hey, you know what’s, it’s such and such. Are you Adonijah?” I’m like, “Yeah, it’s me. How can I help you?” She’s like “We got a flyer about you being interested in our house, in that neighborhood. Are you still interested?” I’m like, “Yeah, how can I come see it?
I want to get inside.”She’s like, “Well, you know what? We’re free. Just come by whenever you’re ready.” I said, “Okay, I’ll be there in like an hour.” So I got dressed, went over there, we looked at the house, we talked. The whole time we’re talking I’m just looking at all the pictures she had and there, I mean, it’s a bunch of antiques. The house turns out to be, it was vacant. Their mom, she’s in a home or whatnot, so she can’t really function and take care of things herself. They ended up being the POA of the house, the daughter was the POA. That’s who I was talking to. We’re talking, we’re talking and then now it’s time to talk about to discuss the numbers and whatnot. And I’m just like, “How can we make this work?” I mean that conversation lasted for like 30 to 40 minutes. It was so real that I once left and I told my acquisitions manager, okay, boom, you know, this is how much you got it for, he sends back like the big eyes. He’s like “That’s what a motivated seller looks like.” I’m like, “Yeah man. When they want to get rid of the house, they just want to get rid of it.” You don’t waste any time. I asked her what number kind of would make her happy. I’m trying to get real, real, real, real low. 65 will make me happy, but I’d still be kind of good at 80 or whatever. And she was just like, “We wanted like 95 or something like that.” That’s what her husband said. He’s like, “We would love to get like 95.” This was like a couple of years ago, but we know things have changed now. And I’m just like, “I mean 95 just wouldn’t work for me. But give me a low number.” And she was like, “I wouldn’t want to go any lower than 75.” I think she said. That worked. I didn’t want to really argue with her. I just was like, “If that’ll make you happy, I can do it for you.” We did that. We got, we went on ahead and assigned it for $50K and made $25K.

Brent Daniels: Wait a second. The total sale was $125,000 and you got half of it? You got $25,000 on that deal right there, right?

Adonijah D.: The even cooler thing is that the-

Brent Daniels: Hold on. Ring that bell. There we go. I love it man.

Adonijah D.: Wanted to hear that. But the coolest thing about that is that the buyer says that he sells it at even higher than the ARB that we told him, we’re going to split that with us so we’ll win even more.

Brent Daniels: I love it man. That is a huge deal.

Adonijah D.: It was amazing man. God, you know he did that for me. I was able to help somebody and they were happy. They, they said, “This happened so fast.” And I was like, “I know this is how the business goes.” So hopefully come back to me soon. We’re looking at a house right in the neighborhood again, maybe it’ll tell them to sell it to us.

Brent Daniels: Love it. So after you get a big check like that, how do you stay consistent? How do you stay hungry? How do you stay focused on next and getting bigger and bigger and bigger and bigger. I know those big checks can sometimes like blow you back a little bit and all of a sudden you’re like, yeah I got this thing down, I’m going to chill for a second. But it doesn’t sound like that’s what you guys are doing. It sounds like you guys still staying hungry and going after it.

Adonijah D.: Got to. You always want to multiply. So whatever I did the first time that got it for me, I’m just going to do it again. But this time I can just invest a little more and get a lot more, reach out to a lot more people. So I’m definitely trying to multiply a lot of the expenses of going back into the business for sure. I don’t want to stop there. I want to have like five, six deals in escrow a week. That feeling, Not two, three, but I want to have that feeling. The only way to have that feeling is for me to be consistent and just try new things because not every day you come across $25K.

Brent Daniels: Right. And you’ve got to consistently be talking to new people. You’ve got to be consistently adding new people to your pipeline of lead followup because you got that deal and you closed it out, but how many leads do you have to replace that with? Maybe it’s 10, maybe it’s 20. It’s not one for one when it comes to your pipeline, because you don’t close everybody that’s in your pipeline. You’ve got to just keep refilling and refilling and refilling. That’s what makes it so exciting. That’s what makes us so bananas when we get one of these deals and we get paid a ton is okay, now we got to keep going. We got to start every day at absolute zero like we have no money, we have no leads, we have no opportunities. If we do that, if we start every day at zero, then we can start just building, building, building, building. Then yeah, of course he gets to the point where we’re doing three to five a week. You get up to like a month where you close 15, 20 deals. That’s life changing. I mean that’s life changing money.

Adonijah D.: I can only imagine. But I’ll say, just picking up that phone and actually making a phone call to make an effort to get a hold of those people, that alone was life changing. We speak to tons of people every day and I just feel like that’s the easiest way to market and really get ahold of some of these people that might want to sell their house. Me personally, I haven’t really done big doing the mail. I just feel like that’s a lot, a lot, a lot of followup and maybe it works for some people, but for me, I like to talk to people, face-to-face conversations. That’s all we need. So once I saw this program, I said it’s a no-brainer. I got to give it a try.

Brent Daniels: Love it. Love it. So now I’m going to put you on the spot here because this is the hot seat podcast. Let’s talk about you putting together, you’re looking back, you’re writing your letter for the next 12 months in 2019 what does it say on there that you accomplished in the next 12 months? What does it say on there that just gets you fired up? How many deals, how much income? What does your business look like? What does your life look like? Give it to us here on the podcast, putting you on the hot seat.

Adonijah D.: For one, it’s saying my business is making $100,000 a month. That’s number one. Number two, my family is completely well taken care of. We were probably in Thailand looking at wired funds from a deal that just closed. We’re doing about six to seven deals weekly. We have over 3,000 buyers in the market. We’re now touching markets in interstates. We’re selling houses to Brent in Phoenix.

Brent Daniels: That’s right. Yeah!

Adonijah D.: We’re definitely locking up some rental properties for sure. I want at least 10 rental properties just to get that, that mailbox money really fluent. And I still kind of want to do a couple flips too. Hoping that within that 12 months and then I can get my hands on one or two flips within the year. But wholesaling is going to be at an all time high for our company. That’s kind of the vision that I have, $100K a month.

Brent Daniels: Love it. And you’ll get there. I’m telling you, you will get there. Absolutely. So how do people get ahold of you if they want to reach out? Do you have an Instagram? Do you have a Facebook or an email? How do people get ahold of you?

Adonijah D.: I’m definitely on Facebook. It’s a, it’s, it’s my name, Adonijah de Lancie. Just look me up. A-D-A-O-N-I-J-A-H De Lancy. I only know one other Adonijah and he went to high school with me.
As for Instagram, it’s my business name, ForRealDealsLLC4. Just check me out. I have a YouTube channel as well that I’m starting to get some more video content on there. That’s some good ways to reach me.

Brent Daniels: How did they find your YouTube?

Adonijah D.: It’s the same as my Instagram. For Real Deals LLC. I have some videos up there. Literally I have videos from you from seven months ago when I was first started in this business. I look back at that sometimes and I’m just like, just to give people information while you’re actually going through it and not getting any deals. I think that’s the most helpful thing because there’s always somebody out there that can relate and that’s kind of why I created that YouTube page in the first place. So I got some more videos coming about my success. I don’t have much of it, but definitely the struggle is on this and just go check it out and learn some stuff from there. And that’s a good way to find me right there.

Brent Daniels: And to the lady or gentleman or whoever, anybody trying to break into this business, they haven’t done any deals like you mentioned ,the struggle on it. What advice would you give them to keep moving forward?

Adonijah D.: That’s it. Keep moving forward. Don’t stop. Don’t stop. Seriously. As hard as it may seem or as, as dim as that tunnel may look, there’s always a light at the end of the tunnel, I promise. I’m not like not making this up. This business is 150,000,000% real people are really changing lives and becoming successful just from doing this. It doesn’t really have to be just holes in the house. Maybe you wholesale house and then use that money to invest in something that you really, really, really want it to do. But don’t quit. Definitely keep the faith on changing mindset and fail forward.

Brent Daniels: Adonijah, thank you so much for being on here. Everybody else out there, remember write your 12 month plan. Write it today, do it today. Take action and remember, have courage to ask the question. That’s all it comes down to. Have the courage to ask the question, would you consider an offer on your property? The more you ask that question to distressed homeowners, the more you win. It’s a simple formula. That is what we got to focus on with this podcast. I mean just phenomenal, phenomenal insight here. If you are looking to join the proactive real estate group in the business, go to Set up a call with my team. It will be the best call you have had all year. You can catch me on my YouTube page as well, Brent Daniels Real Estate Coach. Util next time, I encourage you to talk to people. Love you. See ya.

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