Episode 217: How a Driven Rhino Closed a Deal Just 3 Months After Joining the Tribe

Just like most people, today’s guest had no prior wholesaling experience when he first joined the tribe. However, his drive helped him close a deal just 3 months in. And what’s even more amazing is he’s only wholesaling part-time!

Brian Hemmerle is a determined wholesaler from Louisville, Kentucky. After discovering wholesaling by chance, he decided to give it a try. And with the way things are going, it’s safe to assume it’s one of the best decisions he has ever made.

If you’ve always wanted to give wholesaling a go, it’s reassuring to know you can start doing it part-time just like Brian. Once you experience the exceptional benefits it offers, you just might decide to do it full-time!

The Deal:

  • Brian got a call from a tired landlord who would like to sell his property.
  • Resolute and focused, he was able to close the deal in less than 10 days, even while still working full-time.
  • After all was said and done, he walked away $5, 500 richer for the value and service he provided.


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