Episode 21: PNP- The Secret to Supernatural Success in Wholesaling!

PNP- The Secret to Supernatural Success in Wholesaling!

Many people ask me how I became so successful in Wholesaling. It’s not every day that somebody gets into something they have NEVER tried before and experiences super natural success…and in a short amount of time.

Obviously, there are a lot of factors that have contributed to my success (mentorship being one of the biggest) but there is something even MORE powerful than mentorship alone, and I’m going to talk about it today.

If I had to identify one “key” to my success, it would probably be…P.N.P.

I’ve talked about P.N.P MANY times before. Unfortunately, based on a lot of the questions I’m asked by Wholesalers, it seems like I’m being asked the wrong questions. P.N.P is the answer to MOST of those questions!

In fact the moment I engaged P.N.P in my own business, MAJOR things started happening!! I didn’t have to look for “Big Mo” (momentum), she started chasing me down! Are you employing P.N.P in YOUR Wholesaling business? If you’re not…you should be.

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