Posted on: October 25, 2018

Imagine working 40 to 50 hours plus each week, sacrificing family time, and getting paid $40, 000 annually for your efforts. Now, imagine making one phone call and getting paid a whopping $25, 000 for the service and value you provided. Too good to be true? Not when you’re a wholesaler!

Benjamin Blackburn’s story is a testament to how lucrative wholesaling truly is. After joining the TTP program just a mere 6 months ago, he’s already closing one deal after another. What’s even more amazing is in just a few short months, he has made more than what he earned annually working for corporate America!

If financial freedom and getting to spend more quality time with your loved ones is a top priority, Benjamin’s story is exactly what you need to hear. It just might be the nudge you need to take that leap of faith and make your dreams a reality!

The Deal:

  • During his lunch break, Benjamin called a prospect from the absentee owner high equity list. Owner was a tired landlord and was highly motivated.
  • While figuring out the ins and outs of the property and following the script, he also made sure he is building rapport and establishing a good relationship with the seller.
  • After all was said and done, he walked $25, 000 richer. All that from a single phone call!


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Episode Transcription

Brent Daniels: Woo wee! Welcome to the Wholesaling Inc. Podcast. My name is Brent Daniels and I will be your host on this incredible journey that we have today. This is both on the podcast and on video. This is the first time that I’ve done this and it is so exciting to share this with you, but I want to start out with a thought about belief. Okay, let’s think about what you believe in, because what you believe in is going to fuel the potential that you have. The potential you have is going to fuel the actions that you take and the actions you take are going to fuel the results that you get. So what does that mean? Well, that means that you have to have a level of certainty about this business, about the wholesaling business. You have to have just a bulletproof certainty that you can make a change, that you can take action, that you can be successful in this, that you can go out and talk to homeowners and understand their problems and solve their problems.
Right here behind me, if you’re watching this on video, is a little chart and it’s four boxes and it’s very, very simple. Okay? It talks about the potential that you have, leads to the actions that you take, leads to the results that you get, leads to the beliefs that you can do it again and again and it increases the beliefs that you have. Okay? And with that, I really want you to focus right now because sometimes you don’t have that certainty. Sometimes you’ve never done a deal. Sometimes you’ve done deals, but you don’t know if you’ll do more you’ve been at one place and you’re plateaued and you want to go to the next level. Well, the way to change that is you have to change the results in your head first. You have to visualize the outcomes. If you want to drive that Lamborghini or Ferrari, great.
If you want to pay off all your debts and live totally debt free, pay off your mortgage and your student loans and your cars and everything and have that true freedom of not being a servant to any debts. You can do that, but you have to do it in your head first. You have to be able to believe. You have to set that certainty. You have to see the results already and then that’ll increase your beliefs. You increase your beliefs, you increase your potential. You increase your potential, you increase the actions you take, and then it just goes to the results and then the results feed your beliefs and now you’re off and running and you are making this an absolute life changing business. Wholesaling is literally like a cash machine, but you’ve got to believe it in your head first. And I’m telling you, you can do it. I’ve got a perfect example sitting here on this podcast with me from Houston, Texas. Please welcome Benjamin Blackburn. Benjamin, talk to me. How are you?

Blackburn: I’m doing good. I’m doing good, Brent. First off, it’s an honor to be talking with you live. It still feels fake, but I really appreciate you having me, seriously.

Brent Daniels: The honor is all mine, man. You have been doing some incredible things. So tell me, let everybody know about you. So what is your background? Do you have a family that’s in real estate? Have you always been in real estate? Do you have a ton of experience with it? Tell me kind of who you are. That’s what people want to know.

Blackburn: My dad actually, he has a few rentals. He has three rentals and he’s just all about that passive income. So I guess that’s where it actually started. I don’t really have a huge real estate background at all. You know, I took the traditional route. I went to college, graduated and was thrown into a cubicle.

Brent Daniels: Sure

Blackburn: So I’ve been in corporate America for about eight years as of last Friday, which I’ll touch on in a few and really wholesaling related. I started wholesaling about three years ago. But to be honest with you, I wasn’t consistent at all. It was very sporadic and like the first two years or so, you know, mailings here, mailings there, a deal here, a deal there. And then about a year ago I met my partner Derrick Acuff and we’ve done a few deals since and six months ago that’s when I joined TTP and that’s when things just started exploding.

Brent Daniels: Exploding. Okay. So what is or what was your full time profession?

Blackburn: I was in marketing, so basically I designed, this is crazy, I designed balloons and bandit signs for apartment complexes.

Brent Daniels: Yeah, sure. Okay, got it. And how long were you doing it?

Blackburn: I did that for about three years. And then prior to that I was actually in sales, so I was in online sales for a school, so that got me the experience of being on the phone and getting me comfortable, I guess, you know.

Brent Daniels: Sure, sure. It absolutely does. I mean, I know a lot of the students in the Wholesaling, Inc. And in the TTP program come from a background of sales. It makes us crazy people, right? It makes us just, you know, comfortable talking to people.

Blackburn: I guess so.

Brent Daniels: So it’s definitely a leg up, but I’m telling you, you certainly don’t need that background to be doing what we do. It’s just about the, you know, sharing the value and solving problems and going out and talking to new people every day. So, okay. So you’ve been doing this now. Are you still in this job?

Blackburn: No. Crazy thing is, I left this job on Friday of last week. Yeah. I had to take that leap of faith. I do have a wife and two kids and we always talked about me. I’m just taking it to a whole nother level. And you know, it’s always been the lack of time, you know, working 40 plus hours, 50 hours a week. I’ve never really had time to put my full energy into this, but now I do. And I mean the sky’s the limit.

Brent Daniels: I love it. So first of all, for getting out of your nine to five job, [ringing bell 00:06:24].

Blackburn: [Laughter 00:06:19] Thank you.

Brent Daniels: That’s the first bell of many people in this building. I’m telling you hate that bell, they’re all like, you know, engineers and everything. So it’s hilarious that they look at me like I have 15 eyes, but so you finally got out of the job. You’re doing this full time. So tell me how you’re going to create this business. How are you going to schedule your day? Walk me through how your day looks now.

Blackburn: Okay. So I’ve only been doing it for about, let me see here.

Brent Daniels: [inaudible 00:00:51] [Laughter 00:06:51]

Blackburn: as of right now, I begin the day. I wake up at seven o’clock, I go to the gym, I’m into the little fitness thing right now. So I’m trying to get healthy and live forever for my family. So I go to the gym, I come back home, usually get home around nine o’clock and that’s when I do my followup calls.

Brent Daniels: OK.

Blackburn: [inaudible 00:07:09] I get those emails. I immediately hit those people up. And then I literally start dialing for three to four hours a day nonstop on the triple dialer.

Brent Daniels: And this is just making cold calls to homeowners,

Blackburn: cold calls, straight up to homeowners that I’ve never spoken with before.

Brent Daniels: Got it. And how long have you been making calls? I know that you had joined my program about six months ago. So what is that? So February. So when did you actually start taking action and picking up the phone and getting on the dialer and how did you do that with a full time job?

Blackburn: That’s the crazy part. So I’ll be completely honest with you Brent. I joined the program and I really didn’t do much, which I really regret, for about a month or so. And then that’s when I got that kick, after listening to everybody and seeing all the success, but I was very limited. I was literally only able to dial one hour a day on my lunch break every day. So that was really tough. It was very tough because I would get home, you know, the two kids and my wife, she just got certified as a personal trainer. So I would get home and then she would leave. So it would be just me and the kids. It was very tough.
But three months into the program, that’s when I realized, Hey, I need to make more calls. So me and Derrick, we hired a VA from the Philippines, from Upwork and we paid her $7 an hour and she dialed three hours a day Monday through Friday. So 15 hours. And yeah, it’s a lot of work, you know, training her up to get her right. Cause I mean I feel like you don’t hire the perfect VA, you train the perfect VA to get you what you need. And yeah, that’s where we’re at now. She’s got us two deals and I’ve got us one deal from cold calling specifically.

Brent Daniels: Beautiful. I love it. Well first of all, let’s hit on the fact you’re working full time. And then when you get a break from your full time grind on lunch, you then get on a dialer and you’d call up strangers. I’m telling you, most people are so afraid of picking up the phone and calling strangers and you’re doing it on your lunch break. Like it’s, you know, no big deal because you have that.
Like I talked about in the beginning, you had the results already in your head. You have the belief that if I can get in front, if I can have conversations with homeowners or property owners, whatever it is, I can make an impact. I can have them come into my world and I can go into theirs and I can understand what’s going on. And through the whole wholesaling process, I’m able to bring results to them and bring results to you and your family to the point now where you’re able to quit that full time job and now it’s going to go bananas. It’s going to go absolutely bananas because now you’ve got full time to go on it. So, and you just mentioned part of your day is three hours on the phone. So you have your VA calling and you’re calling?

Blackburn: Yes, yes, absolutely. I call in the mornings and she calls in the evening.

Brent Daniels: Oh this is going to be, I mean you’re just going to pour gasoline on this thing and it is just going to be absolutely phenomenal. So how do you set yourself up? I mean, you know, the hardest part I believe to getting on the phone is just starting. So what do you do to prepare yourself to get on and make those calls?

Blackburn: So right before I get on the dialer, I have a video saved on YouTube. This may sound kind of weird, but it’s called voice warmups. It’s really this guy and he does [inaudible] just weird stuff with his face, but it really loosens me up.

Brent Daniels: Sure.

Blackburn: And I also, this might be crazy as well. I have a mirror right here.

Brent Daniels: Beautiful.

Blackburn: I always, our motto when I was on the phone back in the day was smile and dial because the person on the other end can definitely feel your vibe. And they know if you’re smiling or if you’re just a robot going through the motions.

Brent Daniels: Sure.

Blackburn: So I always make sure I’m smiling, warm up my voice and get mojo going. [crosstalk 00:10:56]

Brent Daniels: That is huge. That is huge guys, that you, you have the mirror in front of you, you’re there, you make sure that you’re looking at yourself and you’re getting that enthusiasm, you’re smiling, you’re making sure that you can have a really great tone. We talk about the three core things that you need when you’re making calls. One the script two your tone and three, your pace or your tempo. And it’s so vital. And when you have that mirror in front of you, it like challenges you. If you look at yourself and you look all you know, sour and down and you know you’re rubbing stuff out of your eyes and you’re just sitting there and you’re kind of like, Oh man, it’s going to affect the way. So what you do effectively is you change your state. First of all, you warm up a little bit, just like exercising, right?
You warm up your body, you get it going, and then you really put in the work. But this is like you’re changing your state, you’re looking at yourself, you’re making sure that you’re staying accountable to making sure that these are the most quality conversations that you can have. That is excellent. Well, let’s break down a deal. Let’s break down whatever it is. Let’s say your last deal or do you have a specific deal? I want you to pull it all back and start from the beginning. So let’s start here. So how did you find this deal? First

Blackburn: I’m straight up cold calling while on my lunch break in a hotel. So that’s how I found it.

Brent Daniels: Okay. Okay. Number two, what lists were you calling?

Blackburn: This was a straight up absentee owner with high equity. When I say high equity, we do about 50% plus equity.

Brent Daniels: Okay. Where did you get that list.

Blackburn: List Source directly? You know, I feel like List Source is a very decent list, you know, very accurate compared to other sources.

Brent Daniels: And It helps that we get a huge discount being in the protocol.

Blackburn: `That’s amazing. I still can’t believe that discount. That’s huge.

Brent Daniels: Yes. Yeah, absolutely. Okay, so then you plug it in and you press go and this person answers what happens.

Blackburn: Yeah. This person answers and crazy thing is he was a cop and he was doing his daily rounds and I heard the microphone or I heard his dispatch, everything. And I asked him straight up, I was like, are you a police officer? He was like, yes sir, I am. Is there a problem? And I was like, no, not at all. Just, you know, build a rapport. And the fact that he was a cop riding around and still talking to me about his issues with his property was huge and it just validated his motivation. So right off the back I was just hitting them with a script of course, and just building rapport and found out he has a property that he’s been renting out to family for about a year now and they’ve kind of been tearing the place up and he’s basically just a tired landlord, you know, just wanted to get out the situation.
So I built more rapport. You know, figured out everything, all the ins and outs of the property. And I got off the phone with him and that’s where I called my partner Derrick. He’s literally like the boots on the ground while I was at work. So he got out there, built more rapport, you know, we have a great relationship with him to this day and he got it under contracts and the thing was the tenants, he wants to give the tenants of course, since it’s family, a month to get out. So we were stalled for about a month, which just gave us time, you know, to bring in a qualified buyers and get it sold. And that’s what we did. And I literally, we got our checks this Monday delivered and it’s, it’s crazy. It’s crazy. But that was our most recent deal and I, we made about $25,000 on that property.

Brent Daniels: 25,000 are you guys ready for this? Are you guys ready for big silver bell?. [bell ringing 00:14:28] 25,000 now let me ask you, how much were you making at your other job annually?

Blackburn: Oh, net’s probably about 40.

Brent Daniels: right.

Blackburn: 40 net the whole year.

Brent Daniels: Yeah. Yeah. So you made 25 on one phone call.

Blackburn: Crazy. Yeah. $25,000.

Brent Daniels: That’s what we say in this, right. You’re just one phone call away from changing your financial future, changing your life.

Blackburn: Absolutely.

Brent Daniels: I love it. I love it. And you did it on your lunch break. I mean, literally I can’t,

Blackburn: Its crazy. That’s so crazy.

Brent Daniels: I keep telling the, you know, with all the students and with everybody out there, if you imagine that I’m literally behind you every single day listening to what you’re saying, making sure you’re using the script, making sure that you are smiling and dialing with the tone and the pace. And on top of that, you imagine that I’m giving you a thousand an hour to make those calls. I mean, think about it. You just did that. You were perfect. You probably made more than a thousand dollars an hour when you were on the phone. This is bananas. The world’s wide open to you. It’s absolutely incredible. Do you feel that?

Blackburn: I do feel that. I see the potential and it’s, it’s crazy. You know, just talking to my wife, now that I don’t work anymore, she wants me to go full force with this and I do too.

Brent Daniels: I bet she does.

Blackburn: because I believe [inaudible 00:15:45] and what it can do for my family and I. So

Brent Daniels: Awesome. So what about your other deals? You said you did a couple more. So you said that your VA, which by the way you spent, you give her $7 an hour, has gotten you two deals.

Blackburn: Absolutely. Yeah. So these last two deals, the one that she got that got us $13,000 and then I have another one pending that’s supposed to close the beginning of next week. That’s going to be another, another $25,000

Brent Daniels: Gosh, you’re crushing it dude. I absolutely love it. So how much, just ballpark me here, how much have you actually spent on this person

Blackburn: So far? For about six months, I think. I think about $900 or close to a thousand.

Brent Daniels: So you’re turning $1,000 into, what’d you just say? What was the first one? 13

Blackburn: for her it was 13 and then the next one would be 25

Brent Daniels: So you turned $1,000 into $38,000 by just following the TTP method and just taking action and following up. But here’s the thing, here’s the important thing. You know it’s huge that you have her calling and doing it, but if it wasn’t for you following up, taking these people through the process, your personality, your skills, going out to the house, finding the four pillars, right? The four pillars, a pre qual, which is condition, motivation, timeline and price. I was going to ask you all these when you were describing that deal that you just closed, but you already went through them. You were telling us they were beating up the house, they had family living in there. There’s the motivation. We didn’t really get the price, but we know that you made $25,000 on it and their timeline was 30 days. You already have it inside you to get those pillars of pre-qualifying out there and you just go out there and you be yourself and you be genuine and you be a go getter and you win.

Blackburn: Absolutely. That’s what it’s all about.

Brent Daniels: That is so incredible. So you have a partner in this and you said that he is boots on the ground. What do you guys split responsibilities? How does that work?

Blackburn: So yeah, basically, I’m kind of like the back end, you know, I deal with the data, the training of the VA, making the calls and the initial contact with the homeowners. So once we get a hot lead, our VA immediately group chats us into our, WhatsApp and that’s when I call the homeowner back and just build bomb rapport to get them on our side. And that’s where I schedule the official appointment forward, Derrick Acuff to go out there and speak with them, take all the pictures and go from there.

Brent Daniels: Yeah, get them signed.

Blackburn: Absolutely.

Brent Daniels: Absolutely. Let me ask you this, let me ask you this. When you are, are there any big objections that you’re dealing with right now with the sellers? Are they telling you some things like, well I got to get other offers or you know, I’ve got to think about it. Or you know, there’s a ton of different objections. Those are the two most prevalent ones in our market. But what objections are you getting when you actually get the appointment, when Derrick’s out there?

Blackburn: Honestly it’s the other wholesalers that they’re dealing with because our market is super saturated. There’s a kajillion investors and wholesalers out here, so we’re just making sure that we’re staying genuine and transparent with these homeowners and letting them know, if you want to take a for sure route out and get out of your situation that if you go through us we’ll definitely offer that for you offer of that [inaudible 00:19:09] , that convenience and transparency throughout the entire transaction. So we just built…There is great…He’s a perfect people person and I’m perfect over the phone so we kind of mesh perfectly.

Brent Daniels: Beautiful. I love it. Yeah, and it’s so huge. I think, you know, getting out to the homeowner, I think it’s very important in this market, if you’re not doing it virtually, that you get out face-to-face, belly-to-belly, knee-to-knee with the homeowners because I think that’s going to set you apart. It’s going to help you build a stronger rapport, stronger relationship with these homeowners. And I think that what really sets people apart in this market is to ask the right questions, ask the right questions, understand what they want, understand how you can solve it. They want to trade speed and convenience for price. Okay, so we get that. Great. So that’s a qualified lead. But then why did they choose you? Why did they choose your company? The reason they do it is because of the relationship you build because they trust you because they trust you to get the deal done the way that you said it’ll be done. And that is just so key right now in this market. Don’t you agree?

Blackburn: I couldn’t agree with you more. 100% that’s what it’s all about. That relationships, you know, and building that rapport straight up.

Brent Daniels: So where do you go from, I mean, are you just wholesaling, are you wholesaling and flipping? Are you thinking about doing some other things? What’s your focus?

Blackburn: Right now we’re just wholesaling. We’re just trying to put a hundred percent effort into wholesaling. Both of our end goals Derrick and I is, of course, financial freedom of course and passive income. So eventually we do want to start creatively acquiring these properties and cherry picking them. Like how [inaudible 00:20:52] talks about cherry picking from the pipeline and acquiring them for ourselves. So until then just full on pedal to the metal wholesaling,

Brent Daniels: It’s the best. Here’s the deal, when you source the deals, you get to choose the exit strategy. It is beautiful, especially when you build up a big healthy bank account, it gives you so many other options. You get to let all those dollars go to work for you. Like an employee that never takes time off is never hungry, is never, you know what I mean? They, they’re just always working for you. It’s incredible. And that’s what this business does. It really leads to financial freedom.
If you are buying assets that are going to increase in value, give you passive cashflow, you could get depreciation of your taxes. I mean, there’s just so much advantages to this. It’s just incredible. It really, really is. So let’s talk about…why did you believe that you could do this? What did you think about? What was going through your head? Put people that are listening and watching to this in your head, because you had a job, you were doing your job, you know you’re making money, you’re paying your bills, you’re doing your thing. Like what did you see in your mind that gave you the results in your head that gave you the belief that you could do this?

Blackburn: Honestly, basically my motivation and my why was my family and just providing financial freedom for them. I’ve been wanting to provide that for them for a long time. I just could never find the avenues to do that accordingly and appropriately. But I mean, once I tapped into this, this cold calling, at first I didn’t even believe it. I was like, what? Calling people directly and being on the offense and playing the hoping game, which is basically sending mail, hoping they check their mail, hoping they decide to grab my postcard and hoping that they even call me. So that route versus being on the offense and calling them directly, it’s a no brainer, than to call them directly. But yeah, my family was my main motivation that got me mentally prepared to do this. And every day when I’m dialing, if I don’t feel like dialing, I just think about them and basically that just pushes me to keep on going.

Brent Daniels: What do you see? What do you see? Is it more time with them? Is it more opportunities? Is it more things? I mean, because I get it. It’s your family. You love them. I get it. But it’s deeper than that. What do you see in your head? What is the vision that’s going on? What are the results that you see?

Blackburn: So it is time. I’m a family man and I just want to spend as much time with my two little girls and my wife. So I see trips, you know, I see time where I don’t have to call into a boss to let them know anything, you know? I just see the flexibility and the freedom. That’s the main thing I’m fighting for is that freedom to be able to do whatever my family and I want to do. So that’s my vision and that’s what I see every day. That’s what I dream about and I’m slowly making it a reality right now and it’s amazing. Goosebumps.

Brent Daniels: Yeah, well you already have those results in your head. You already have those. Those are feeding your beliefs, those beliefs that you’re feeding your potential. You have that amazing potential. When you feel that amazing potential, you take massive action, which what does it do? It just comes back to creative, massive results and then it just keeps feeding and feeding and feeding and that’s how you win. That’s how you win in this. It’s absolutely incredible. It’s just, you’re already seeing those results in your head and I think it’s just so powerful and I love that people get to spend this time in this podcast, in this video so that they can understand that you were the guy that was doing the nine to five. You were the guy that was like, how do I make changes in my life? But then you did it.
You put it in your head, you had the beliefs, and you just, you had the certainty that you could do it and look, you’re doing it. You’re doing it. You’re picking up the phone, you’re doing it. You’re making $25,000 on a lunch break from one phone call. I mean, that’s it. I mean, it is all about…The thing that really helps with this is it’s all about modeling people that are doing things that you want, right? It’s all about being around people doing a lot more than you. It’s all about finding the right mentors and the right plan to be able to put into place and to just do it. Right.

Blackburn: Yeah. I couldn’t agree with that anymore. The Facebook group that we have with TTP, I’ve learned so much from that group and I catch myself just scrolling through, you know, and getting unanswered questions answered. So definitely reaching out and mimicking other people’s tactics and what they’re doing, it really helps out. [inaudible]

Brent Daniels: Well that private page is bananas. I mean it is like, it is filled with people that are absolute proactive, crazy people that are just out there doing amazing things. So it’s wonderful. I’m ready. You posted your checks on there and it fired everybody up. That’s what it’s about. It’s about that cheerleader mentality. It’s about that support. Right?

Blackburn: Absolutely.

Brent Daniels: You know, I mean, it’s just absolutely incredible. Well, let me ask you this. I ask this on all of my podcasts. What do you think is your superpower?

Blackburn: Oh geez. My superpower. Honestly, I feel like I’m able to connect with the homeowner. I feel like I’m pretty decent on the phone, but I feel like I’m able to portray a certain amount of trust over the phone and get the homeowner to really trust me and believe in me and believe in my ability to get them out of their sticky situations. So yeah, I feel like that’s, that’s my power. I have phone powers, I guess.

Brent Daniels: Yeah, absolutely. I love that. It’s a, it’s a very amazing power to have for sure. What book have you read that you think everybody should read?

Blackburn: Okay, I’m going to have to go with Uncle G, 10X, Grant Cardone. I’m sure you know about him. He’s definitely a high energy individual and just five minutes of listening to him on audio book which is reading, I mean that man gets you pumped for a whole week and off of five minutes. So 10 X. So it’s all about massive action. And I know y’all preach about massive imperfect action as well. Massive imperfect action definitely gets you to the next level. You know, things don’t have to be perfect. Take a step, do it and learn the next step as you go. Simple as that. That’s the best education right there.

Brent Daniels: Love it, couldn’t have said it better and everybody out there, if you’re that person that has those results in their head and they’re building the beliefs that they can succeed in this business or they already are succeeding, and they want to take it to the next level, you need to go to and have a conversation about the TTP program. It will absolutely change your life. It is proactive, it is exciting. It is just explosive. You get to keep more of your money. You get to find the biggest and best deals you get to hit the ground running right now, so do not hesitate. Go there. Set up a call. It’ll be the best 20 minutes of your year, so go to Just like my man here. Went there, got signed up and now he’s rocking and rolling.

Blackburn: Absolutely trying to make it happen.

Brent Daniels: Well with that I want to say thank you guys for listening and watching. We really appreciate it. Benjamin, thank you so much for sharing here. You’ve made a huge impact, especially on the people that are in that daily grind, in that cubicle, having those thoughts, listening to this podcast while they’re sitting there typing things or putting together reports or plans or whatever and getting paid a salary, hourly. You know, you are the example of what happens when you break free of that and you take massive action. So thank you so much.

Blackburn: Absolutely. Absolutely. Anytime.

Brent Daniels: Right? All right guys, until next time I encourage you to talk to people. Love you. See ya.

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