Episode 208: How the TTP (Talk to People) Program is Helping a New Rhino Make a Killing in Wholesaling

Imagine working 40 to 50 hours plus each week, sacrificing family time, and getting paid $40, 000 annually for your efforts. Now, imagine making one phone call and getting paid a whopping $25, 000 for the service and value you provided. Too good to be true? Not when you’re a wholesaler!

Benjamin Blackburn’s story is a testament to how lucrative wholesaling truly is. After joining the TTP program just a mere 6 months ago, he’s already closing one deal after another. What’s even more amazing is in just a few short months, he has made more than what he earned annually working for corporate America!

If financial freedom and getting to spend more quality time with your loved ones is a top priority, Benjamin’s story is exactly what you need to hear. It just might be the nudge you need to take that leap of faith and make your dreams a reality!

The Deal:

  • During his lunch break, Benjamin called a prospect from the absentee owner high equity list. Owner was a tired landlord and was highly motivated.
  • While figuring out the ins and outs of the property and following the script, he also made sure he is building rapport and establishing a good relationship with the seller.
  • After all was said and done, he walked $25, 000 richer. All that from a single phone call!


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