Episode 200: Two Powerful and Effective Methods a Phenomenal Rhino Uses to Find Deals

One of the most amazing things about wholesaling is you have plenty of options available at your disposal when it comes to finding deals. Today’s phenomenal guest will share two mediums that has brought her the most money—search engine optimisation (SEO) and TTP (Talk to People).

Cristina Ortega is a remarkable rhino based in one of the biggest cities in the world, Los Angeles. While she only has minimal real estate experience before moving to Los Angeles, she’s been closing one lucrative deal after another, thanks to SEO and TTP.

If you’re looking for other awesome and powerful means to find rewarding wholesaling deals, this episode is for you!

Key Takeaways

  • How the Los Angeles market is different from the others
  • How she stumbled upon wholesaling
  • What the best list of all time is
  • Biggest wholesaling challenge she has faced
  • Sources of most of her deals
  • What search engine optimisation (SEO) is
  • What on-page SEO is
  • What she does to ensure her site stays on the first page of Google
  • Sample of a unique TTP (Talk to People) deal she did
  • What she did to find additional cash buyers
  • Sample of a deal she did through SEO
  • Books she recommends


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