Posted on: September 27, 2018

One of the most amazing things about wholesaling is you have plenty of options available at your disposal when it comes to finding deals. Today’s phenomenal guest will share two mediums that has brought her the most money—search engine optimisation (SEO) and TTP (Talk to People).

Cristina Ortega is a remarkable rhino based in one of the biggest cities in the world, Los Angeles. While she only has minimal real estate experience before moving to Los Angeles, she’s been closing one lucrative deal after another, thanks to SEO and TTP.

If you’re looking for other awesome and powerful means to find rewarding wholesaling deals, this episode is for you!

Key Takeaways

  • How the Los Angeles market is different from the others
  • How she stumbled upon wholesaling
  • What the best list of all time is
  • Biggest wholesaling challenge she has faced
  • Sources of most of her deals
  • What search engine optimisation (SEO) is
  • What on-page SEO is
  • What she does to ensure her site stays on the first page of Google
  • Sample of a unique TTP (Talk to People) deal she did
  • What she did to find additional cash buyers
  • Sample of a deal she did through SEO
  • Books she recommends


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Episode Transcription

Brent Daniels: Welcome back to the Wholesaling Inc podcast. This is Brent Daniels, your host today, for an incredible interview that I have with a fantastic, fantastic professional wholesaler out of Los Angeles, California. But before I introduce her, I have a thought, a theme to this podcast. The theme is this “Belief is great. Belief is so great, but fact is better.” Okay? Believing the you can do something is so incredible. It’s so powerful. Being able to have that thought in your head, that believes that you can do something. And accomplish something is great. It is the first step, but you know what happens? You need to take action.
You absolutely have to take action every single day, because that’s the only way that you can turn that belief into facts. I am telling you, this is the fact. The more homeowners you speak to on a regular basis, the more homeowners you ask if they would consider an offer, the more homeowners you understand the condition of the property, their motivation to sell, their timeline to sell and the price they want for their house, the more successful you will be in this business. That is a fact. No doubt about it, no disputing it, but it takes action to get to that point. And speaking of taking action, I have a phenomenal, phenomenal, phenomenal guest here on the podcast. It is Cristina Ortega out of Los Angeles. Say hello.

Cristina Ortega: Hello everyone.

Brent Daniels: All right, Cristina. You are in what is considered to be a huge market, a very competitive market. Kind of tell me what’s going on in your market. Explain to everybody what big market, what that means compared to maybe some other people around the country.

Cristina Ortega: Yeah. For here in LA, definitely finding the deal, and I’m sure it is with a lot of other markets too, but if you have a deal finding a buyer, it is the easy part for wholesaling. As long as you have a good true deal, finding the buyer is the cake walk. Finding the buyer is the cake walk.

Brent Daniels: Yes. What about finding the sellers?

Cristina Ortega: I can do sellers. That’s the hard part. But yeah, we’ve, I’ve just been calling every day and that will get you them.

Brent Daniels: Let’s pull it back a little bit. Are you originally from LA? Have you lived there for a while? Do you have a bunch of family out there? Are you coming from a background of real estate? Who are you?

Cristina Ortega: Yeah. I’ve actually been in LA for three years, and that’s as long as I’ve been doing real estate. I’m actually originally from Phoenix where you are and was born and raised there, and moved here for what is now my fiance. That’s when I had actually discovered what wholesaling was. I didn’t even know that that was something that you could do while still living in Arizona, right as I was getting ready to move. When I was moving I was like, you know what, I had bought a starter home back when I lived in Arizona and my dad actually, it was a fixer upper and he actually helped me to do all the renovations, and I lived there for for about five years and was able to sell that right before I came here. I sold it for about twice what I bought it for. This was back when like everything went south in the 2008 time I bought it and then sold it years later. Yeah. That got me definitely excited about real estate and knew it was something that I wanted to do full time.

Brent Daniels: How the heck did you discover wholesaling? I talked to you and we talked to a lot of people that wholesale, we’re connected in a lot of different Facebook pages, and social media and everything and it seems like everybody’s talking about wholesale, but if you talk to the general public, nobody knows about it. How do you stumble across wholesaling?

Cristina Ortega: It was so funny too, because when I just started discovering that real estate was what I wanted to do, really the thing that most people think is being a realtor. I thought about that a little bit, and really that wasn’t for me. This isn’t what I wanted to be doing. It was so funny. It was one day that I was starting to look for jobs in preparation for moving to LA, and I was just feeling really defeated one day because I was applying for all these jobs that I was what I felt I was qualified for, but not even getting a call back. Really defeated one day, was like praying, just needed some sort of relief. Right after that, I picked up a book that somebody was explaining how to make money in real estate, and that’s when I discovered wholesaling. I’ve never experienced like an answer to prayer so quickly. I knew that that’s what I wanted to do.

Brent Daniels: I love it. So you pick up this book. How do you even take first steps after the… You’re moving to a new city. Not only are you moving to a new city, so one of the biggest cities in the world, right? You don’t know anything about valuing the comps. You don’t have any cash buyers, you don’t know which list to go after. How did you not get bogged down by that? How did you push through that and take the next steps to be able to successfully wholesale?

Cristina Ortega: Yeah. You know what? I searched, just started seeking out information. I signed up with one program initially that kind of ended up being a little bit of a bust for me, because it was a program that basically taught you how to do a wholesale in reverse, where you find buyers and then go after the sellers. Whereas in LA you don’t have that problem. If you have a true deal, then the buyers just come. All you need to do is post a few Craigslist ads and not… I don’t want to make it seem that simple, but it’s easier to find buyers if you do have a true deal. Yeah and I kind of like found my way through different kinds of clubs and and real estate stuff and just started, I actually first started with door knocking.

Brent Daniels: Yeah. Now did you go by yourself?

Cristina Ortega: No, I had a partner that I had met through another real estate club at the time, so I would attend and we could be door knocking every day. I’ve kind of navigated through… I feel like I’ve done pretty much every sort of facet, door knocking to mailers, to cold calling. Cold calling is my favorite.

Brent Daniels: Yes. Well we’ll get to that in a second, of course, because… You’re out there door knocking. Were you guys going to any doors, were you go into whole neighborhoods? Were you going to just doors that were bad? Did you go to lists of properties?

Cristina Ortega: I actually started with foreclosure, getting a list of foreclosures and then of course any from driving to house to house, any vacant looking or distressed-looking houses, we would hit up those as well, or find the owners to try and track them down. But it was… At that point I didn’t really have a set strategy. It was kind of finding any house.

Brent Daniels: You just try to talk to somebody.

Cristina Ortega: Yes. Trying to get in front of owners.

Brent Daniels: I feel you. Yeah, that’s exactly the way that I started. I started door knocking in an area here called Arcadia, and I’m sure you’re familiar with it. It’s older neighborhoods, but really nice popular area. And that’s how I found my first three deals was literally just going through the doors and getting people’s phone numbers and getting their information. Now we know that we can write down the addresses, and this is a tip for anybody starting out. This is so crazy that if you don’t do this, when you start out, go around the neighborhoods, get the addresses of the worst houses, get their phone numbers. You can get them at You can get the phone numbers for these homeowners. It’s as easy as putting together a listing, getting the numbers. And it’s so funny because Cristina, when people first start out, and they start doing this and they start getting successful, then they stopped doing it. I don’t understand why that is. It’s one of the best lists. It is the best list of all time, it’s just driving for dollars and getting those deals. I know that you still do it.

Cristina Ortega: Yeah.

Brent Daniels: Yeah.

Cristina Ortega: Hopefully there… It’s the list that nobody else can buy.

Brent Daniels: Right.

Cristina Ortega: It’s just tailored for what’s in your neighborhood and you can find them. I tried to do… Even if I’m going to the grocery store, take a different route, go through a different neighborhood that you haven’t. It gets hard after a while within your area, but if I’m going on an appointment, I always try to get at least 30 different houses within that neighborhood that-

Brent Daniels: Love it.

Cristina Ortega: Yep.

Brent Daniels: Love it. So is it just you, is it just Cristina Ortega, LLC?

Cristina Ortega: Yep. Right now Mrs. Property Solutions is the name of my company.

Brent Daniels: I love it.

Cristina Ortega: Just me, and my fiance definitely wants to… He’s been… I’ve started to teach him and I’ve always talked with him about all the deals. The plan is for him to start working with me as well, but right now it is just me.

Brent Daniels: I love it. You get up and it’s just on you. Your accountability is to yourself. How do you not get the mentality or maybe you do, do you get that mentality that you’re on an island, that you’re by yourself, that you’re, have to like figure things out, and you’re alone. What… Tell me.

Cristina Ortega: It would be a lie to say it’s not a constant daily struggle. Especially coming from a completely W2 work environment where you just kind of show up and it’s not that easy, but your work is set out for you, and just from working with other people what it is you need to do. Whereas this, it’s motivating yourself every day, and also creating a strategy for yourself and sticking to it. That’s easy to do, especially if you don’t have a deal, it’s like “I got to find my next deal.” But when you’re in the midst of a few deals too, and keeping them on top with finding new leads at the same time, that what I’ve always, I’m finding to be the biggest challenge.

Brent Daniels: It’s tough. They talked about it in a lot of business books where they talk about structuring your business. They talk about the whirlwind. You get caught in the daily whirlwind of all of the things that are happening with the transaction, all the emotions of the seller, and all the emotions of the buyer, and all your emotions. And then will it get done, and will I make them about that I want to, and are they going to ask me to make less, and is the seller going to move out on time? All these things start coming, right? It starts coming around. You’re wearing all these different hats and you’re trying to keep everybody happy, and at the same time you’re trying to talk to new people so that your pipeline keeps going. That is the beginning. It’s a beautiful spot to be in. I remember being in it myself, it’s really frustrating, and scary, and exciting, and rewarding, but then you start putting in little systems in place to help you streamline everything, which, which is huge, you know?

Cristina Ortega: Yeah, that’s exactly it.

Brent Daniels: When you’re in that whirlwind, how do you focus on… Now, just so that everybody knows on the podcast, Cristina gets her deals from a couple of different sources, it’s not a few. She certainly does TTP. She’s been a student, she’s done phenomenal. She’s gotten some big deals from that. I think when you get a deal in LA it’s larger, typically, than in a lot of different areas around the country. But she also has some… She wanted to touch on an incredible deal. She’s going to mention it here and it’s just phenomenal. You guys are going to be blown away. But she got this from SEO which means search engine optimization. Why don’t you take it away and let us know what that is? Because I have no idea.

Cristina Ortega: Search engine optimization is basically following up the ranks. The other side to that would be paperclips. There’s two different… If somebody searched, “Sell my house fast,” the first thing that’s going to come up are paid ads, and that’s where people are paying for paperclips, paying for people to find their website. But then beneath that is going to be the organic search ranks, and there’s 10 per page. And through that, that’s what search engine optimization is basically the art or the science of moving up the ranks of Google and trying to get to that number one spot. I launched my website about a year ago, and have been slowly crawling up the ranks with that, and really started to see some great success from it. That’s been really exciting.

Brent Daniels: How do you climb up the ranks of Google?

Cristina Ortega: Yeah. There’s a lot of it that goes into it. There’s your on-page SEO, which basically means all of the content in your website, and all that needs to be structured in a way that basically Google likes. They want to see the search phrases that someone say, “Sell my house fast.” They want to see that within your website, but also within good content. Everything that’s actually on your website, and then a huge factor to this is also back links. That is basically other websites talking about your website. Lots of other content on the web pointing to your website, which basically gives it to you, so it’s going to help it crawl up the ranks.
There’s also things like citation. My list, my business listed on would be one citation. There’s thousands of other different search directories like Yelp that you can make sure that your website gets placed on. Then there’s also things like YouTube videos, blog contents, tons of stuff gets factored into it. But all of that like gives your website juice and allows it to start crawling up the ranks.

Brent Daniels: Love it.

Cristina Ortega: Yeah, my number one are obviously my goal is to be number one on that for LA when anyone wants to sell their house. But for most of my search phrases, I’m somewhere within the middle to bottom of page one.

Brent Daniels: Wow. That’s still awesome.

Cristina Ortega: It is.

Brent Daniels: Do have somebody manage that for you or do you do that?

Cristina Ortega: For the first year I was doing it all myself. And the only thing if all of the content creation that goes into that isn’t what I like to be doing, I’d rather be talking to people.

Brent Daniels: Yeah.

Cristina Ortega: All of the time and energy that went into that was really draining for me, so I finally… Actually, this was my third month with them. I hired an SEO firm that’s doing the work for me. Yeah, that’s exciting.

Brent Daniels: Awesome. You got SEO. Let’s do this. Let’s break down two deals. Let me get, of course, because I’m Mr. TTP, let me get a TTP deal and let me get an SEO deal. Okay? Give me an example of you picking up the phone, making a cold call, making a connection with a homeowner, and getting paid. Break down a deal that you did through TTP.

Cristina Ortega: Okay. And I want to chose this one because it’s a little bit… It’s out of the box. And usually when I’m calling people and somebody says, “Oh, it’s listed. Call my agent.” I used to have a tendency to kind of back off from that. It’s like, “Well, it’s already listed. There’s the agent involved, this and that.” And this one, I called him and he told me it was listed. I told him, “Okay, well can I have your realtor’s number?” And he gave it to me, and I called her, and she never called me back, which I thought was kind of weird. And this house had been listed for, it was almost a year, that it had been listed before-

Brent Daniels: In LA?

Cristina Ortega: … yeah. In LA.

Brent Daniels: Oh my goodness.

Cristina Ortega: It was extremely overpriced. I called the realtor, she doesn’t call me back. I called back the seller and he also is predominantly speak Spanish. He wasn’t comfortable speaking English, so I press him too much with trying to talk to him, he kind of wanted to default back to the realtor. I called him again, though and said, “Hey, your realtor isn’t giving me a call. I’m super interested.” And he was like, “Okay, well I’ll have her call you. I’ll have her call you.” I call her even again, and I believe she texted me back and she said, “If you’re interested in making an offer, here’s my email. Send it to me. I never even spoke with her, so I’m like “Let me give her an offer.” And then sent an offer a few days later heard back… Oh, heard back from escrow, “Hey, we got your contract opened up.”

Brent Daniels: Yes! That’s the best, isn’t it?

Cristina Ortega: I’m like, “This is crazy.” Yeah, I had never had more than a five minute conversation with the seller, which is crazy, especially for TTP. Usually it’s followup, followup, followup. Anyways, they put it into escrow and then, started looking for… And this deal, actually it’s right outside of LA, it’s in a place called Bakersfield, and I didn’t have too many buyers in that area, so started looking for more buyers. I have a program for finding cash buyers now. Usually what I do when I have a deal and I’m not finding a buyer off my immediate list, then what I’ll do is who will list for cash buyers within that area within the past year, year and a half.

Brent Daniels: Like ListSource or something?

Cristina Ortega: Actually, I use, it’s called Real Estate Worldwide. It’s a program that I had bought in the past for finding cash buyers and finding motivated sellers, and I haven’t found too much use for it for finding motivated sellers, but it actually works great for cash buyers.

Brent Daniels: What is it called again?

Cristina Ortega: Real Estate Worldwide.

Brent Daniels: Real Estate Worldwide. Got it. Real Estate Worldwide.

Cristina Ortega: Yeah. I put it in for finding cash buyers and found someone that way.

Brent Daniels: Awesome. So you had a five minute conversation. He said, “Talk to my agent.” The agent texts you with the email, you sent an email with an offer, they accept it, put it in escrow, and how much did you make?

Cristina Ortega: $5000.

Brent Daniels: Woo hoo! From one phone call?

Cristina Ortega: From one phone call.

Brent Daniels: From one phone call.

Cristina Ortega: A five minute phone call.

Brent Daniels: Yeah. One five minute phone call.

Cristina Ortega: That particular deal I never… It was actually a multifamily, I believe it was a five unit, and there were tenants occupied. It was a little bit of a challenge to get my buyer in to actually see the property just because there was tenants in there, so I never even sent saw the property myself. I sent the buyer there, and yeah.

Brent Daniels: I love it. Okay. Tell me about a big juicy SEO deal.

Cristina Ortega: Big juicy SEO deal. Okay, so my most recent one was, I was actually called by a lady named Susan, and Susan said it was her ex’s sister’s property.

Brent Daniels: Got it.

Cristina Ortega: Kind of a chain of people there, and that’s her, the lady, we’ll call her Ramona. Ramona who owns the property, this was her property, and her and her mother were living in it, and she had been taking care of her mother who had dementia for the last like 15 or so years, and it just happened that now she had dementia. For them we’re going to be needing to move into an assisted living facility. It was also going to be within LA, so Susan, who I initially spoke with, got me in touch with her daughter, who was the one who had the power of attorney and was going to be able to actually sell the house.
She put me in touch with her and all of the family is in Washington at this point. They had a family member who was in town, they’re from Wales, he lived in Wales, but since the family was now needing to be relocated, he came into town to try to help with all of that. He was the one who actually showed me the property. I went and took a look at the property and I knew that they were… When I initially spoke with her, she said that she knew they owed about 200 on it, if they could make 250 then that was kind of the number they were shooting for, and already that was probably at 50%.

Brent Daniels: Yeah.

Cristina Ortega: Went, saw the property, and I really surprised because the property was actually in great shape, especially… This property is actually in Compton, and the property was in great shape and 250 was even lower than 66%, so I want “Great. Let me just give you what you want. I’ll give you 250,” and gave them an offer for that. After I had given them an offer, they didn’t get back to me right away. I called him again and wanted to see if there was anything else that, do they have any questions about anything? And she found out that it was the husband of one of these people were looking into getting a second opinion and they got a second offer for 320. Yeah.

Brent Daniels: Yeah. Oh boy. Yep.

Cristina Ortega: Yeah. I told them, “Okay, well 320 would probably…” I gave them an offer. I told them I can give you 325, but I’m going to need somebody else to close on this deal for me, and made them very well aware that, “Hey, I have somebody else who’s going to be funding it. You’ll still be working with me. But…”

Brent Daniels: Good.

Cristina Ortega: Yeah. That was the easiest part of it because since they were going to be relocating to an assisted living facility, they needed help with moving. I first helped them move, to get the two ladies into the assisted living facility. But then after that there was, they had tons of stuff in the house that they needed help moving, so I helped her move everything. I had a buyer lined up for it the whole time. That wasn’t a problem. But-

Brent Daniels: Ready to go?

Cristina Ortega: Yeah.

Brent Daniels: They Googled, “Sell my house fast,” or “Sell blah, blah, blah, blah.” Right? I mean not blah, blah blah. But obviously something about selling their house for cash or something.

Cristina Ortega: Yeah.

Brent Daniels: “Selling your house fast Los Angeles?”

Cristina Ortega: Yeah.

Brent Daniels: Got it. And you popped up somewhere in the first page. They clicked on it, and then they called you off of the website?

Cristina Ortega: Right.

Brent Daniels: And then from that, you were able to negotiate. Originally they wanted 250 or around that, and it got bid up because at 250 it would have been bananas because what did you end up… So you got it under contract for 325. What’d you end up selling it for?

Cristina Ortega: 365

Brent Daniels: 365! You made $40,000 on somebody calling you from your SEO? You ready for a real good bell ring here? I love it. I love it. Love it. Congratulations. That is huge. How does it feel?

Cristina Ortega: Great! Ready to find the next one.

Brent Daniels: I bet. Absolutely. In my experience with some of the other students, or people that I mastermind with around the country, SEO is one of those things. It takes a long time to build up. You’ve got to really do the right things. You’ve got to be consistent with it. You’ve got to really… In the times that you’re waiting for these leads to pop up, like somebody that finds you and calls you and you make $40,000, you got to be proactive in the meantime. Right? Because if you’re just sitting there waiting for SEO leads all day long, one, it’s going to take some time to ramp up.

Cristina Ortega: Yeah. If you’re sitting there waiting for leads, you’ll be waiting.

Brent Daniels: Yeah.

Cristina Ortega: They always come when you least expect it, when you’re in the middle of something, and those are great leads because most of those people are already ready and they want to act quickly, which was great. But they’re also the ones that if you don’t answer your phone right when they’re calling, they’re going to the next person. It is nice to have the balance of… With TTP, you get to, you say, “Hey, I have three hours every day that I know I’m going to go out and proactively looking for them.” Finding leads that way, and then also having the sporadic ones that you have to act very quickly.

Brent Daniels: I almost feel like the more in action I am, the more of a magnet I am for these deals to come into my life. You know what I mean?

Cristina Ortega: Totally. And it’s so funny that I got a string of four SEO deals right at the same time, and all of them happened to when my calling was up. And it was weird because at that specific time I felt like I wasn’t getting as many TTP deals as I should for how much of this calling, but they were coming in some other ways. So

Brent Daniels: I’m telling you. You open it up, you’re being proactive, you’re getting out there, your mindset’s always ready to find that deal. Your antenna’s up. It literally is up. It’s like when you start car shopping, and you’re like, “Oh, I want a red Camry.” And then all of a sudden you see red Camrys everywhere. Well, it’s the same thing with TTP with deals. When you’re constantly looking for deals, all of a sudden, they just start landing in your lap and you start getting them from all over the place. Maybe they would have came anyway, but you were so in tuned with those coming your way because you’re in action every single day that boom, the magic happens and now you’re just consistently doing the deals. It’s awesome.

Cristina Ortega: Yeah,

Brent Daniels: It’s awesome. I love it. What do you think is your… I like asking this question, and everybody’s kind of gets uncomfortable when I ask this, but what do you think is your super power?

Cristina Ortega: My super power?

Brent Daniels: That is the common response?

Cristina Ortega: You know what? What’s made the biggest difference for me every day is journaling. Journaling in the morning where I have all my goals, where I’m writing about my goals and writing, how I’m going to get to them, or how I’m going to accomplish them. I basically talk to myself about how I’m going to do that day. What kind of person, how I’m going to show up. I feel like that’s the biggest difference for me, especially doing it as close to waking up in the morning as you can, just to get a mindset. Because I really don’t have any super powers.

Brent Daniels: That’s awesome. That is it in itself. I mean that is huge. I’ve got mine right here, right? The little freedom journal here. It’s just phenomenal. You get something, and you jot it down, and you keep it in the forefront of your mind, just like we were talking about. That’s huge. I love that.

Cristina Ortega: Yeah, totally. And especially the bigger goals that all of us have. Every day it’s like, “How can I get a tiny bit closer to that? What’s even something I can research to know better to how I can accomplish that?” Even if it doesn’t get accomplished in that day, but how can I get even just a little bit closer?

Brent Daniels: I love it. That’s the whole… There’s a book called The Slight Edge and he talks about getting 1% better every day. Just 1% better. If you can do that, that means you’re double yourself in a hundred days, that means you go three times that in a year. That’s amazing. Just a little bit. You don’t have to take huge jumps. It’s just those slight differences every day of taking action, being open to opportunities, being there to really grab them when they, when they pop into your lap, and it’s just phenomenal. I love it. What’s next for you? What do you use it? How do you use it? What’s the next evolution of your business, of what’s going on in your market, your business?

Cristina Ortega: I feel like this… In my years before I’ve really struggled with consistency with actually getting a game plan and sticking to it. I have finally started to become a lot more consistent with making deals, but what I need to really start focusing on now is not just getting deals but actually building the business. I have started working on finding somebody to call for me to make calls. That way I can just concentrate on making the deals happen. There’s that. But also just… You know what? To be perfectly honest, I’m not very good at tracking everything, so I do need to get better at tracking everything, and that way… You can’t grow if you don’t know where you’ve been and where you’re supposed to be going. I do need to get better about that. Do you have a good recommendation for that?

Brent Daniels: Yes. Hold on.

Cristina Ortega: That would be great.

Brent Daniels: Scaling Up. This is the book right here.

Cristina Ortega: Great. Cool.

Brent Daniels: You will love it. You’ll absolutely love it. Everybody reading it, once he gets to that point. Verne Harnish. Awesome book. What’s a book you would recommend to everybody listening?

Cristina Ortega: Yeah. You know what? I love all of the books that everybody tends to recommend a lot on this, like the Rhinoceros Success, The Go-Giver, The Loss of Prosperity. All of those are great. I was trying to think of what I could show you that I haven’t heard too much. It’s a short little story, and I love The Go-Giver. I know that’s one of your favorites.

Brent Daniels: Yeah.

Cristina Ortega: It’s a story called Go for No.

Brent Daniels: Yeah.

Cristina Ortega: So you’ve read that one too? I love that one. It’s little and simple and it just gets me going.

Brent Daniels: Yep. Oh, it’s phenomenal. It is a great, great, great perspective. I love it. Yeah.

Cristina Ortega: Yeah. It makes it easier, especially when… I like to joke around that what I do for a living, I hear “No,” all day.

Brent Daniels: Oh yeah, that’s it. Yeah. I mean rejection’s no big deal, right? Yeah.

Cristina Ortega: Yeah. No, it doesn’t phase me anymore. That’s a cool… Especially for anyone actually getting started and might start to feel defeated by how much we hear “No.” That’s good to have.

Brent Daniels: Awesome. Well, thank you so much for joining me on this podcast. I think that you’ve really reached a lot of people that one, are doing this completely by themselves, and two, are those badass female entrepreneurs out there that are making the choice to not do a W-2 job, to go out on their own and seriously make an impact in their community. I think that that’s absolutely huge. And I want to thank you for giving people inspiration by spending some time with us here on the podcast. That’s really, really cool.

Cristina Ortega: Yeah, that’s one of my goals for the year, so thank you.

Brent Daniels: Yeah. Awesome. Guys, everybody, remember. We are getting together in October, October 15-17, Asheville, North Carolina. It is the absolute best event, There is less than a quarter of the seats left and we’re just over 30 days out. Get in there, register for it today. You’re going to meet everybody. It’s going to be incredible. If you’d like to see some more of me, check out my YouTube page and subscribe to that. That’s just Brent Daniels Real Estate Coach. Thank you always, always, always for listening to this podcast. We get texts and private messages all day, every day of people just listening to this podcast, getting their first couple of deals and then exploding their business once they join the Wholesaling Inc or my favorite, the TTP Program. If you are interested, we’re going to go all the way back to where we started about being and making this a fact, making this a fact that you can be successful in this business by taking action. Take action today. Go to Sign up for a call, and hopefully I will be talking to you later. Say goodbye to everybody, Cristina.

Cristina Ortega: Bye. Thank you.

Brent Daniels: Bye.

Cristina Ortega: Thank you so much, Brent.

Brent Daniels: You got it. My pleasure. Thank you. And everybody, I encourage you today to talk to people. See you next time. Love you.

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