Episode 189: How a Part-Time Rhino Closed a Lucrative 6-Figure Deal

If you’re a new listener to the podcast, it is likely that the amazing things you’ve heard about wholesaling has brought you here. In addition, it is also highly likely that you’re here to check for yourself if all of the amazing things you’ve heard about are true.

Fortunately for you, the phenomenal story of our guest today is the exact proof you need to turn you into a complete believer.

Ryan Johnson is a full-time music pastor from Dallas, Texas. The loving husband and doting father of 3 was into buying rental properties before deciding to do wholesaling on the side. The impressive numbers prove he did the right thing—3 deals in just 6 months and a staggering gross profit of $158, 000!

What’s even better though is there is a way for you to duplicate the success he is enjoying. Listen in as Ryan breaks down from start to finish how he pulled off a feat as epic. So many mind-blowing wisdom, insights, and gold nuggets in this episode, you better have a pen and paper handy!

The Deal:

  • Ryan found his prospect from the tax delinquent list he pulled straight from the county records.
  • He sent out direct mails and from there found a motivated seller who wants to get rid of his property so bad.
  • After building rapport, helping the seller with his concern, and sorting everything out, he was able to purchase the property for $100, 000.
  • He listed the property for $210, 000, got an offer of $230,000 and eventually walked away with a net profit that’s just a few dollars shy of $123, 000. Definitely a massive revenue for someone who’s not even doing wholesaling full-time!


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