Episode 150: The Marketing Method a Rockstar Rhino Used to Earn $20, 000 in Assignment Fee

Imagine this: you work full-time in the oil fields of Northern Alaska away from your loved ones, doing 12-hour shifts, missing holidays, and earning $40, 000 annually. Fast forward a year later and you’re already earning a little over $40, 000 in the first quarter of the year alone.

Too good to be true? Not in the wholesaling world! And the wholesaling journey of today’s guest is solid proof.

Cody Stone is an exceptional wholesaler from Boise, Idaho. The determined rhino first learned about wholesaling from listening to podcasts. While clueless where he fits in the wholesaling game at first, his business started to gain traction when he joined the tribe in January of 2017.

The Deal:

While there are several marketing strategies one can apply when it comes to wholesaling, Cody credits much of his success to one method–talking to people. If you are unsure if the proactive approach truly works, Cody’s story might just change your mind!

  • While driving for dollars, he discovered a rental property owned by out-of-state landlords situated in Southern Nevada. Property had tenants but was in a rough shape.
  • After talking to the owners and exchanging a few e-mails, he was able to get the property under contract for $210, 000.
  • Highest bidder offered $230, 000 for the property, earning him $20, 000 in assignment fee. That’s unbelievable ROI for something he didn’t spend a single marketing cent on!


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