Episode 134: Could This Unique Marketing Channel Help You Make a Killing in Wholesaling? Part 1

In the wholesaling world, you need to consistently find deals. Otherwise, your wholesaling business won’t get anywhere. If you are like most people, you’re probably already using diverse marketing channels—bandit signs, direct mails, door hangers, etc.

In today’s episode, Tom interviewed Jason Bible, a real estate behemoth who does almost 200 deals a year. What makes this episode a must-listen? Aside from all the real estate wisdom and insights he so willingly shared, Jason also talked about a unique marketing channel not many wholesalers are probably using—billboards.

And as always, have a pen and paper handy. Jason shared so many amazing real estate insights. No wonder he’s one of the biggest players in the real estate industry!

The Deal:

  • How he scored his first deal and how much marketing money he spent
  • The importance of making follow-ups
  • What he did after closing 7 deals in his first 6 months and making half a million
  • The ideal profit margin to go for
  • The importance of staying consistent
  • What makes billboards different from other marketing channels
  • How to figure out where the billboards should go

In part 2 of this episode, Jason got into the specifics of using billboards as a marketing channel. You can’t afford to miss this episode. It just might revolutionize how you run your wholesaling business!


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