Posted on: November 23, 2017

Matt is a very creative wholesaler from North Central Indiana who discovered a couple of VERY unique strategies that work extremely well in his market! Matt didn’t have a background in real estate but after just five months since joining the tribe, he’s already experiencing GREAT success as a wholesaler! 


The Deal:
Matt started wholesaling with just $1500 and spent it on bandit signs and a mailing list. He was able to do a couple of deals and learned quickly that the best education comes from getting out there and taking action. There is no better teacher than experience.

  • Matt started by posting hundreds of handwritten Bandit signs and took notes on vacant houses in the neighborhood. He then listed all the owner’s addresses and started mailing them until he got a call from a motivated seller
  • While talking to this particular property owner, Matt found out that
    a.) the house was already vacant for a couple of months
    b.) the previous renters had abandoned the place
    c.) the owners wanted between $55,000 and $60,000 of the house’s value
  • Matt scheduled an appointment and talked with the property owner for about 30 to 45 minutes.
  • He then made a quick offer of $30,000 and the property owner happily accepted it
  • Within 24 hours, Matt received four offers and made roughly $7500 on this deal!

Matt continues to use creative strategies for finding and closing deals. This includes Subject-tos, driving for dollars, online/PPC, and many more!


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Episode Transcription

Brent Daniels: Rhino nation. It is Brent Daniels again and I am, this is going to be just an incredible podcast. I think you’re going to get a lot of value, so right off the bat, make sure that you have something to write with and to write on or to take notes or whatever you do, but make sure that you are taking notes during this podcast because it is going to be just an absolute flame thrower of really, really, really great ideas. Something that you’ve never heard before. I guarantee it. So the first thing that I want to start off with just a little bit of what’s going on in my business, my market, something that we’ve been really, really focusing on is deliberate practice. Now, let me explain that. When I talk about deliberate practice, I am talking about what my acquisition managers are, are practicing the scripts that they’re practicing and also what my cold callers are practicing and using.
So the deliberate practice, what I mean by that is one of the things that we have found time in and time out is the absolute biggest deals. The MDs, the massive deals that we get every time is consistent with one thing. And that one thing is the owner is giving us the value first. Okay. This is so key. Listen to me the, when the owner gives you the value first, it makes the whole process so much easier and here’s the thing. Most times, oftentimes they don’t want to give you that value first, right? That they’re, they’re holding their cards close to their chest and they don’t want to give that up because they don’t want to miss out on more profit or more money for their property. So there’s a few things that I want you guys to write down and to consider a few value driving questions that we practice and practice and practice and practice.
Okay. The first one, if I could get you a cash offer for the home, buy it as is and pay all of the sales costs, what is your best price? Okay. That’s number one that you can also, we tweak it just a little bit to say, if I could get you an offer for your home completely as is in its current condition, what do you think it’s worth? Okay. That’s a couple of different ways to ask that question to see what their response is and just wait, just be quiet. Just listen to what their response is. The third way is write it down. Okay. Why don’t you just go ahead and ballpark it. I won’t hold you to it. Just, just give me a ballpark so that I know that I’m not wasting your time and you know, we’re on the same page.
Okay. So go ahead. That’s the ballpark at question for the value driving questions. The third one is, well, you know, just what’s your best guess, right? They ask you, well what do you think you’ll, you can give me for my house? You know, I, you know, I haven’t really looked at the numbers yet and I haven’t really, you know, taken a look at everything that’s going on in your neighborhood. But what, what’s your best guess on value? I mean, you’ve owned it for a while. What’s your best guess? Okay. And then another one is what are other sales and the neighborhood like? Okay. So you’re trying to find out, maybe not necessarily what they think their house is worth, but what, what are, what are the neighbors going for, you know, you’ve been, you know, looking around in the neighborhood. What are the other homes that are similar to your selling for?
Well, I don’t know. Well, okay. Do you have any idea? I mean, what’s your best guess? So you really want to try to ask this question as many times as possible. You want to ask it three, four, five times. You know, you don’t want to be like, it’s an interrogation, but you want it to be very conversational. And I’m telling you, you will pull value from these homeowners because if there is true motivation there, if their timeline is short and they need to sell it now, if they’re motivated to sell it because of some sort of distress and if the condition, the home is just really, really rough, then they will give you that fourth piece. You know, we talk about the four pillars of pre-qualifying these, the sellers that we’re speaking with. And of course it’s the condition of the house, the timeline to sell the property, their motivation, and then their price.
So write down those value driving questions and really, really have deliberate practice. You’re not going to be excellent with it right off the bat. Okay? So you need to be able to practice it. Don’t wait until you’re talking to or in front of a seller to practice those scripts. Practice those value driving questions, practice it, practice it, practice it. It’ll become second nature to you and you’ll be so good at getting the value out of the people. And one of the, one of the most important things about this is you’re going to know the people that never do business with you, right? You will know, you will find out very, very quickly that you’re not even close on price or terms or whatever.
So it’s really good to be able to disqualify a lot of the leads, especially if you’re picking up the phone and talking to people on a daily basis. You’re going to get so many leads that you have to filter out the ones that are the best. And that’ll do business with you. Okay, so that is my little spiel at the beginning of this podcast. Now let’s get into the really, really exciting interview with my friend Matt Vukovich out of Indiana, North central Indiana. Matt, say hi to everybody.

Matt Vukovich: Hey, what’s going on?

Brent Daniels: All right Matt. So let’s get into this. So tell me a little bit about your market and kind of your background, your experience.

Matt Vukovich: Okay. Yeah, so I’m here in North central Indiana, mostly Elkhart, St. Joseph counties up here been wholesaling for about five months now going on six. Been starting and TTP. I’ve been doing that about 45 days now. Originally I was doing a lot of mailing, bandit signs, things like that.

Brent Daniels: What’d you do before? Five months ago what were you doing six months ago? Year ago? What’s your background?

Matt Vukovich: Okay, well I started out in sales. I actually selling Cutco knives. So shout out to any Cutco people out there.

Brent Daniels: Love them. I love Cutco. Yeah.

Matt Vukovich: Cutco’s awesome. Also makes a great gift for people you buy from other people in the business. But I did that for two or three years and I also a big RV industry here. So actually when I started wholesaling at the time, I’ve been working in an RV factory for almost four years at that point.

Brent Daniels: Gotcha. So not, not a tremendous amount of experience in the real estate industry.

Matt Vukovich: No, no. I had no experience in real estate whatsoever.

Brent Daniels: So what made you get into real estate and wholesaling? You know, specifically? I mean, it’s kind of a niche market, right? I mean, how’d you even find out about it?

Matt Vukovich: Yeah, well it started out my uncle actually as a wholesaler out in Phoenix, he’d been doing it for probably about ten years. I was always kind of interested in it, but never really got too deep into it. So after talking to him and kind of getting some advice on where I wanted to go next in life, I thought I would give wholesaling a shot.

Brent Daniels: That’s great. So you started right out the bat. You just started mailing, is that right? I mean, were you getting good responses? I mean is the market, are you getting a good response rate in your market?

Matt Vukovich: My response rates on average between 1 to 2% so when I started out bandit signs, I didn’t have much of a budget at all. I probably had less than 1500 bucks when I started, so I took it and went on, bought several hundred bandit signs, I hand wrote on them all and spent about 10 hours putting them up all over, all over town. That was my first shot at it. And then…

Brent Daniels: Your sweat equity, right? I mean, Holy cow, that is a lot of work.

Matt Vukovich: It was rough. It was rough. And then I started sending out mail, went to the first list I started pulling was I would go to the courthouse and pull the foreclosures that had happened. So when I started in early June, I just pulled from the entire year all the foreclosures that had been filed. I also pulled all the evictions that had been filed. Then after about four or five trips to the tax assessor’s office, I finally got them to give me all the delinquent properties as well. So those were the first ones I focused on mailing.

Brent Daniels: Awesome. And did you get anything from it? Did you work with anybody? Did you get any properties under contract to kind of give us the results.

Matt Vukovich: Sure. My first month my got two properties under contract. One was actually from driving for dollars, driving around from appointments. It was a lead that came from a bandit sign. I drove around and found some vacant looking houses and typed up some letters and hand addressed them and sent them out. And then the other deal was from a foreclosure mailer.

Brent Daniels: Awesome. In your first month. That is absolutely incredible. I mean from literally not being in the industry at all to in 30 days having two deals in your pipeline that is just incredible. So did you continue to mail? Did you continue to put out bandit signs? Like, you know, once you get your first taste of those deals, once you get your first taste of success, you know, it kind of, you really start getting fired up. You really start taking action. I mean, what happened next?

Matt Vukovich: Well, I hired someone to put up bandit signs for me, so I hired him to hand write them and put up a hundred signs every weekend and then I upped the mailing. I was originally mailing just a couple of hundred a week. I upped it to a thousand a week at that point, pulled some more lists and also started kind of toying around with Facebook advertising as well.

Brent Daniels: Okay. Did you get anything from that

Matt Vukovich: So far I’ve got two houses under contract through doing the Facebook advertising.

Brent Daniels: Awesome. And then you came to me a few a no a month and a half ago interested in the TTP program. You joined, you started taking massive action. Talk to me about what was happening there when you picked up the phone and when you were talking to people. Tell me kind of what, what’s your experience been like so far?

Matt Vukovich: Sure. Yeah, it’s a, it’s a lot more immediate. So I like it because you can get straight to the homeowner right away. So I had pretty, pretty good success with that. Starting out, calling about 10 to 15 hours a week between appointments.

Brent Daniels: How did you stay disciplined to that? I mean the toughest part about picking up the phone and making calls is the consistency. Everybody, if you can do one thing when it’s, when it comes to making calls, it is being consistent and you were consistent and are consistent. How do you stay consistent? Do you time block. Do you just kind of fit it in around your schedule? Are you just that motivated to talk to new people every single day and build your pipeline? I mean kind of give people some hope and some advice on how to stay consistent.

Matt Vukovich: Sure. Well you have the time block it. So I tried doing it just when I would have time or fit it in here and there and it just would not work. So I just had to set up a time each day from 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM or 10:00 AM to noon where I would just be strictly making cold calls during that time.

Brent Daniels: Awesome, and who are you calling? What? What lists are you calling? What is, what is your, what have you found to be a really successful listicle?

Matt Vukovich: One of the deals from TTP actually came from that tax delinquent list, so I ended up putting that through to get skip traced. I also have had some success doing returned mail, so skip tracing all the return mail and driving for dollars lists and the tax delinquent ones are the lists I’m calling right now.

Brent Daniels: Incredible. Love it. Did you guys hear that? Driving for dollars list? I’m telling you if you go out or you have somebody out there that’ll go and get you addresses of properties that need some love and you get their phone number and you call these people and you leave messages and you talk to them, you will be successful. I am telling you it is so smoking hot, you have to do this, you have to go out. It does not take a huge budget to do this. It takes a very minimal budget, but you have to go out, you have to get those addresses, you’ve got to get the numbers and you have to talk to people in need to pick up the phone and actually call them. And it is, it is incredible what will happen in a short amount of time if you take massive action with that direction, with that path that I just laid out for you, that Matt just laid out for you.
Really, really incredible. So we’ve, we talked a little bit off air about a couple of different techniques that you wanted to bring up in this podcast and really bring value. The first is what a lot of people have blinders to what even I have blinders to. I’ve done a couple and it hasn’t been consistent, but I think it’s so powerful to, to talk about you are taking advantage of something called subject to. Can you kind of explain your process and what subject to is?

Matt Vukovich: Subject to is essentially buying the property subject to the existing mortgage that’s already in place. So what I’d found happening was a lot of these appointments that I was going out on the homeowners would owe on their mortgage, either around the same value or above what I could actually pay for it.

Brent Daniels: Sure.

Matt Vukovich: But they, for whatever reason, they were still extremely motivated. It was a vacant house or they just had to get out of town or they just couldn’t afford the mortgage. They had multiple ones, still had to get rid of it, but it wouldn’t make sense as a wholesale deal. So essentially what I do is just the same purchase agreement. I just have a extra paragraph in there about taking it subject to, and there’s also some other documents that I use that I’d be more than happy to give out to anybody who was interested in doing those as well.
But the title company will run title search and title insurance for everything subject to the existing mortgage. So you’re still getting a clean title, minus you know the mortgage that’s in place. And then these people are, they just want to get rid of it. So you give them, I’ve got them for as low as $1 just to have a, just to have a sale price. I give them a dollar and they sign over the title of the house to your name. And you essentially take over the house for anywhere from a couple hundred bucks up to maybe a thousand or 1500 in some cases.

Brent Daniels: So just to clarify this with everybody. So this is a home that already has an existing mortgage in place from the actual owner. The owner does not want this property more and does not want the responsibility of paying that debt anymore. So you come along Matt, and you say, Hey listen, I’ll be responsible for paying that debt. Here’s a dollar, here’s $200 let’s go to the title company, let’s put it into my company name, my name, whatever, however you take title and then, but it’s subject to that existing financing that financing is still on the property and you’re now responsible for making those payments. So how do you do that? I mean are you just cutting checks to the bank every month?

Matt Vukovich: Right. No. Good question. And something else that’s really important I’ve found, it may be kind of hypothetical, but what I do is I put all the properties that I buy on subject to into a trust that’s named the same thing as the property. So if I’m buying a house on one, two, three, four street, I buy that house in the name of one, two, three, four street trust. So…

Brent Daniels: Who sets up your trusts?

Matt Vukovich: I actually had an attorney draw up trusts, I think it was like 500 bucks. And after that, now I can just copy it. Just adjust the address on everyone.

Brent Daniels: So a trust is different than an LLC? Correct?

Matt Vukovich: Right. So the LLC is still a member or a holding of the trust. The trust is what shows up on the paperwork. You just want to make sure when you’re doing these that you’re extremely open and honest with the people you’re taking over the mortgage from. I have a do on sale clause paperwork that I explained to them. This never happens. It’s not going to happen, but just so you know, there may be a do on sale clause in your mortgage that when title is transferred they could call the note and so I have them sign acknowledging that, you know, I’ve told them about this, they are understanding of it and then you have them sign a seller authorization form. It’s really simple, just authorization to release the loan information, their social, they sign giving you permission. I always just use my personal name, give you permission to access it and then you just fax that over to whoever holds the mortgage. They put it on the account and then you just call in and give them your bank information and now the mortgage just pulls out of your bank every month.

Brent Daniels: Wonderful. Wonderful. And would you suggest to everybody out there that should get a local real estate attorney to help them out with this to at least help them set up the paperwork so that they’re doing everything correct?

Matt Vukovich: Yeah, absolutely. You could find somebody for under 1000 bucks that can walk you through everything. I researched a lot of the documents that I needed online and just got everything together and then brought it to him ahead of time to save me some money to say, hey, is this appropriate for you know, what I’m trying to do or do I need to adjust this or that? I found this a lot cheaper than saying, hey, draft up the documents yourself.

Brent Daniels: That’s incredible. And Matt here, here’s the, here’s the question that I have and here’s, here’s something that I even struggle with here in my market is what’s that conversation like? How does it, how does it go from, well, I buy properties with cash to, you know what, I can’t buy this property cash, but what I can do is I can probably buy the property subject to how does, how do you have that conversation? What does this conversation like mean? Kind of walk us through a little bit. Like if we, if we find somebody that the property, I assume that these properties have to be in kind of rental condition, is that right? They can’t be totally destroyed, right?

Matt Vukovich: Yeah. I mean it kind of depends because the, the end result of what I do with these is I sell them on land contracts or lease options. So I essentially, right after I transferred into my name, I generally don’t fix up anything, maybe a little bit here and there. And then you sell them on land contract to somebody for 5, 10, I’ve got up to $20,000 down payment and you finance it at a 10% interest at a higher amount for a longer time than what the mortgages that you’re paying on. And that’s the end result of where you go with it. I know I kind of went sidetrack there for second.

Brent Daniels: We are getting deep into it. I love it. What is a land contract? I don’t even know what that is.

Matt Vukovich: Sure. So it’s basically just a contract for deed. So you’re just, it’s just another document that you can find online and then again just have the attorney look over and make sure it’s appropriate for your stay. But just a contract that says basically like a, like a private mortgage. They’re agreeing to pay you, whatever the purchase price is financed out over however many years at what percent interest and at the end of that time period, then they take over the deed to the property. But the great part is they’re responsible for all the repairs and upkeep of the property.

Brent Daniels: Yeah. It’s essentially their property.

Matt Vukovich: Right. Only thing to be careful of is the Dodd-Frank will say, have only three land contracts per year unless you’re selling them to investors. There’s little ways around it. But what I like to do is do after the three do lease options or rent to owns. Just kind of changing up the paperwork a little bit.

Brent Daniels: Sure. And everybody talk to your attorney, okay. Talk to your attorney, see how it works, you know, see, get it so that you are absolutely 100% in the right place with all of your paperwork. So talk to your attorney. I mean, Matt’s throwing just some bombs today on some really, really great opportunities. I mean, I’m even writing down notes here myself, Matt, because we, I mean we talked to thousands of homeowners every week, right? We talked to them, thousands of homeowners every single month. And we just don’t, you know, we’re, we’re, we’re solely focused on the, you know, purchasing with cash or wholesaling and this is just incredible. I mean, I’m going to implement this this week. Absolutely.
And I think everybody else should, you know, this should put a splinter into your brain that, that gives you some really great ideas when you’re coming across homeowners that don’t necessarily have enough equity to make it a wholesale transaction or a fix and flip or you’re buying for your portfolio. So a really, really excellent. Now another thing that I want to touch on, so we talked about the subject to absolutely incredible. What we’ll do at the end of this guys is we will give you, maybe Matt, we can give them your email and they can e-mail you.

Matt Vukovich: Yeah, that’s fine. And also a real quick to jump back to the original question about how to start that conversation. [crosstalk 00:21:55] But in general, they probably already kind of have an idea that they owe more than the house is worth and not everyone is going to be open to doing it. So I don’t go out there like, Hey, I’m going to buy your house cash, but really I can’t and I already know that ahead of time and then I’m going to throw this on you. So if it’s somebody who say for easy numbers, their houses worth a hundred grand and they, they owe 75 or 80 and there’s no way it’s going to work, I just throw it out there on the, on the phone already that you know, based on the numbers, you know, this wouldn’t work for me as far as buying cash as an investment property.
But something I do with other homeowners that works really well is subject to. So essentially what happens, just give them a basic rundown of how it works. I’m going to take over your mortgage, I’ll make all your payments, I’ll give you a little bit of money for doing it. And then within three to five years I can refinance the house and put the mortgage in my name. But I just make sure I’m very clear with them. You know, the mortgage does stay in your name until I either refinance or until the mortgage is completely paid off. So just be open and honest with them about what’s going on. The majority of people aren’t going to be interested in that and that’s fine, but you’ll get one out of 10 people one out of 15 in that situation where now you can make a deal out of something that wasn’t.

Brent Daniels: Awesome. Love it. Love it. Well, this is the Wholesaling Inc. podcast, so let’s get into an actual wholesale deal. Let’s break down an actual wholesale deal because you have some really, really incredible knowledge to draw upon everybody listening about how to find cash buyers to purchase the properties. So let’s break down, let’s, let’s get a deal. Do you have a specific deal in mind? We can break down.

Matt Vukovich: Yeah, I mean we can, we can talk about the first, the first ever deal.

Brent Daniels: Yes, let’s go. Tell me about it.

Matt Vukovich: Okay. Like I was saying when I first started, I didn’t have a whole lot of money. So the majority of it I spent on bandit signs. So I ended up, had a call, came in off a bandit sign, very motivated seller, ended up going out to the house and I had been listening to some podcasts beforehand and they say go out 10 or 15 minutes early to every appointment and drive the neighborhood before you go to your appointment looking for vacant houses, writing down addresses.

Brent Daniels: Yep.

Matt Vukovich: So this initial appointment ended up not being a deal, but in the process I had taken down some vacant houses in the neighborhood and I had a letter typed up on my computer, printed it off, added in her name and address, sent off some mailers, ended up getting a call from an older lady who had a house in the neighborhood that she wanted to sell.
It had been a rental property, had been vacant for couple months. Previous renters had really trashed the place completely and she wanted, I’m trying to remember exactly what she wanted. She wanted like 55 or $60,000 and the house was worth after repair, maybe 80 so it was a, I was kind of thinking no deal at first, but there was just a ton of motivation. She was older, she had to get rid of these rentals. The house was trashed. I’d already seen it so I could just tell her some motivation. So I figured I’m going to go out, see what happens. So went out on the appointment, ended up meeting her, talk to her for about 30 45 minutes about just life, what was going on, kids, things like that. Walked through the house, made her an offer. She ended up calling me back a couple of days later and accepted the offer.

Brent Daniels: How much was the offer?

Matt Vukovich: I offered her 30,000.

Brent Daniels: Ooh, okay.

Matt Vukovich: Yeah.

Brent Daniels: Okay.

Matt Vukovich: And in hindsight, I probably offered her a little bit more than I should have, but it was one of the very first offers I made. So I had already built up some what of a buyers list calling off Craig’s list at that point for buyers. So I didn’t have a ton of buyers, but I felt like I had a pretty solid group. What I do is send out, I’m sure what most people do, send out a mail blast with property and information and also a text blast. So I use, I know there’s a ton of places you can use, but send out a text message to everybody as well and got zero responses. So that was a, that was great.

Brent Daniels: Yeah, I bet. I bet. I bet that anxiety started creeping up on you, right? [crosstalk 00:26:26] So you’ve got this great property or you’ve got it, you’ve got what you believe is a deal for somebody out there and you’re, you’re doing everything out there. Being proactive, reaching out to your cash buyer list. Now, I mean about how big of a cash buyer list was that at that time?

Matt Vukovich: At that time it was probably, I don’t know, maybe a hundred people.

Brent Daniels: Okay, so you’ve got a hundred people, you’re texting them, you’re calling them, you’re calling on Craig’s list, you’re doing everything you can to find somebody that this property would be perfect for. And no response. So what, what did you do next?

Matt Vukovich: Right. So yeah, no response. I had, there was another wholesaler in the area who I was kind of asking for advice and things and he, I asked him for feedback on the property and he said, you know, if this, if you offered this to me for 25,000, you know, I’d buy it all day. And I kind of just heard the same thing from some other buyers I reached out to. It was just, they were interested in the property, just not at the price I was willing to sell it for. So that couple of days of that, I began to question everything in life. So…

Brent Daniels: Yeah, yeah absolutely.

Matt Vukovich: So I was pretty depressed, went over to my family lives in the same town. So I went over to my brother’s house and I was talking to him about it and he, he runs an eBay business and also does a lot of online marketing and things like that.
And he said, well, you know, why don’t you try and put it on Facebook? He said, well, you know, I don’t, I don’t have any money, I can’t afford for Facebook marketing. And he said, well, there’s a thing called Facebook online garage sales. It’s actually free and there’s 20,000 plus people in each of these groups. So what I did was searched all the cities in my market. I say all the cities, there’s two of them, but cities, counties, just general area for online garage sales and joined about 20 or 30 groups, kind of trying to focus on the ones with the most people in them. Took, took the pictures of the house and the price and ended up putting it on to the Facebook garage sale group, posted in and about 20 groups in 24 hours I had four offers on the house.

Brent Daniels: Wait a second. So let’s, let’s never, ever, ever, ever heard about this. Okay. So I’m sure that this is new information for a lot of people out there. So you go onto Facebook and what do you do? You go to like search and you type in garage sales. I mean, what, what do you, how do you search for garage sales in your area?

Matt Vukovich: Yeah, yeah, just the search bar at the top search, whatever your city is. And then online garage sale or garage sale. And you can try doing it with different cities nearby. Also counties or areas like we have, I’m up in Northern Indiana, not far from Michigan, so Michiana but when you search for just one of like one of the garage sales, it’ll in the results search results, it’ll also be like 20 or 30 similar to this. So then you can just scroll through those and join more and then like pick another one out of there and search that one and scroll through those results. And you want to join the ones with the most people and um…

Brent Daniels: Incredible. So you, you put it on the Facebook garage sales and you got four offers? Four?

Matt Vukovich: Yes.

Brent Daniels: And what and you obviously took one of them.

Matt Vukovich: I did, yeah. So they were all, and all four offers were above what I was asking. And there were actually two that came in at asking price. And one of the guy, other guy was also willing to pay the closing costs on top of it and close within 48 hours. So it was a…

Brent Daniels: Were they investors, were they, did they want to live there? Like who is on these, these garages? Facebook garage sales. I mean what was the, what was their, their exit strategy on this property?

Matt Vukovich: Yeah, this guy was actually a local flipper. So you’ll get a mixed bunch of people, you know, you’ll get, you got to make sure you put a cash sale only no land contracts. You’ll still get people who comment asking you for land contracts and, and things like that. But he was a, he was a local flipper and there’s a lot of people who subscribe to these sites who are either buying houses or looking for houses. There’s even like homes for sale groups, homes for rent group, things like that that are even specific to it. But not even that. It’s Facebook. So everybody knows somebody who buys houses at this point in time. So what they’ll do is somebody in the garage sale will tag like one of their friends in the post who may not be in the group, but they may say, oh hey John, check this out. And John’s a flipper or a house buyer or someone that they know.

Brent Daniels: Incredible. So you bought it for how much and sold it for how much?

Matt Vukovich: Bought it for 30,000 and sold it for 37,500.

Brent Daniels: So you made 7,500 on your first deal from a Facebook garage sale, is that right?

Matt Vukovich: That’s right. Yeah.

Brent Daniels: You know what time it is? It’s time for the… victory bell baby. Yes. I love it. Congratulations. That is huge. I think you just opened up a lot of people’s eye or a lot of people’s ears and minds and just to the thought of being able to leverage Facebook in that way. That is absolutely incredible.

Matt Vukovich: Yeah. One. One thing I have learned since using it that I’ve switched up a little bit is I had two deals where I put them on Facebook and one was actually the biggest deal I’ve closed and I almost lost it because the, the homeowner called me and said, oh hey, I see saw my house on Facebook. My neighbor told me about it. So I ended up switching how I do it now, just when I do originally get the house under contract, I let people know that sometimes I preview the homes before I sell them using social media and different sites like that. And now when I post in the garage sale sites, I just say like new house coming soon or open for preview or you know, along those lines. So it’s not like house for sale must sell now, you know what I mean? Or something like that.

Brent Daniels: Sure. Well you know what we do, I mean it’s literally laid out in our contracts. You know, you have the right to market the property before the closing and we’ve never had issues with it. So, you know, definitely when you’re putting a property out there and talk to any, go back to your real estate attorney, make sure you’re doing it right and you certainly don’t want to get into hot water with, with one the homeowner and two with any kind of a agency that would have a problem with it. So Matt, just absolutely just flame thrower of ideas today with the subject to and with leveraging Facebook garage sales guys, listen up. What an unbelievable way to not only just sell the properties, but how about building your cash buyer base? I mean, how else would you find these people? Maybe you’d stumble across them in some other marketing or some other fashion or some other proactive activity.
But you know, these could be, these could be people that want to buy it, to live there. They’re just cash buyers, you know, you never know. So I mean, really, really open up, open up the flood gates when it comes to building up your cash buyer database and your exposure to people that are looking to purchase properties with cash. So really, really incredible. So Matt, as we start wrapping this thing up, brother, there’s two questions that people really like answered. One is, you know, starting over again, what would you do different and two suggest any kind of reading as we’re expanding our knowledge, as we’re expanding our financial IQs and our emotional IQs. What book would you suggest? Let’s start with the first question. So starting over again, what advice would you give somebody that’s just starting?

Matt Vukovich: Okay, well you got to do it. So the first, I remember when I first got started, I think the first thing I ever did was put out 10 bandit signs. So I thought that was a, I thought I was doing something, I was really going to make a difference there. So you just got to go all out and commit to the process. I think the, my favorite quote from you guys, progress, not perfection. So just getting out there and doing something and I still make tons of mistakes all the time, but just going out there and doing it.

Brent Daniels: Awesome. Awesome. And then any suggested reading that you would give?

Matt Vukovich: Yeah. One, one book I really like, it’s called The Way of the Seal by Mark Divine. It’s an awesome book for mind setting, meditation, visualization, setting goals. It’s how I devise my morning routine, which is about two hours every morning. Just strict visualization, prayer, meditation, reading. I just have everything all planned out to start my day.

Brent Daniels: Awesome. Love it. So The Way of the Seal, is that like Navy seals?

Matt Vukovich: Yeah, he, he was a former, he was a seal and now he, I don’t know what else he does. He’s got a bunch of training programs, like CrossFit type deals. I heard about, I heard him on another podcast when I was first getting started about like finding your why and you know, get in, why are you getting up, why are you doing what you do? And I just thought he had some awesome stuff to say. So I went out and bought that book.

Brent Daniels: Awesome. And then what is a way that somebody can reach out to you? Do you prefer them just to ping you on Facebook or do you want them to email you? What, what would be the most appropriate?

Matt Vukovich: I mean, Facebook would probably be the easiest.

Brent Daniels: Okay, so Vokovich is a V. O. K. O. V. I. C. H. everybody. There you go.

Matt Vukovich: It’s V. U. K. O. V. I. C. H.

Brent Daniels: Yes, that’s it. Yeah.

Matt Vukovich: Yeah. An email is fine too. Either or.

Brent Daniels: Excellent. Well that is it for us today guys. Here’s the deal. If you guys, if you are interested in joining the world famous rhino tribe, the absolute best wholesaling mentorship program in the world, go to You can certainly request a call with me and if you are interested in really, really exploding your business by making calls and talking to people on a daily basis and you want the path to be able to do that consistently and effectively as soon as possible, make sure that you reach out to me personally at would love to talk to you. Matt, thank you so much for all of the knowledge you dropped on us today and we really, really appreciate it. Thank you.

Matt Vukovich: Awesome. Yeah, no problem.

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