Episode 112: Wholesaling Strategies You Probably Never Heard Of!

Matt is a very creative wholesaler from North Central Indiana who discovered a couple of VERY unique strategies that work extremely well in his market! Matt didn’t have a background in real estate but after just five months since joining the tribe, he’s already experiencing GREAT success as a wholesaler! 


The Deal:
Matt started wholesaling with just $1500 and spent it on bandit signs and a mailing list. He was able to do a couple of deals and learned quickly that the best education comes from getting out there and taking action. There is no better teacher than experience.

  • Matt started by posting hundreds of handwritten Bandit signs and took notes on vacant houses in the neighborhood. He then listed all the owner’s addresses and started mailing them until he got a call from a motivated seller
  • While talking to this particular property owner, Matt found out that
    a.) the house was already vacant for a couple of months
    b.) the previous renters had abandoned the place
    c.) the owners wanted between $55,000 and $60,000 of the house’s value
  • Matt scheduled an appointment and talked with the property owner for about 30 to 45 minutes.
  • He then made a quick offer of $30,000 and the property owner happily accepted it
  • Within 24 hours, Matt received four offers and made roughly $7500 on this deal!

Matt continues to use creative strategies for finding and closing deals. This includes Subject-tos, driving for dollars, online/PPC, and many more!


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