Bss Testimonials Virtual

  • Tara from California

    90 to 100K Within The First Year Part Time

  • Joe from Georgia

    Joe learns how to Wholesale step-by-step, from start to finish!

  • James from Colorado

    James Is Working From Home And Literally “Can’t Complain”

  • Alyssa from Arizona

    First Deal in Under 5 Months!

  • Cergio from CA

    Leading by Example!

  • Ryan from Oklahoma

    Beginners On The Fence Jumpstart Your Career Now

  • Hai from Illinois

    Wholesaling virtually from Illinois to Kentucky!

  • Jason from Florida

    First deal closed within four months!

  • Keenan from California

    Hand and hand with Lauren on the journey to success!

  • Matthew from California

    A Virtual Wholesaling Success! BAM!

  • Aaron from Ohio

    Aaron closes his first deal within a few months of joining!

  • Vincent from Spain

    Virtual Wholesaling 4,000 miles away!

  • Chelsea from California

    Starting a Virtual Business during distance learning

  • Maurice from Maryland

    Scaling his business since becoming a Rhino!

  • Bryan from Las Vegas

    Two deals closed and one in the pipeline! BAM!

  • Josh from India

    Josh learns to wholesale virtually from India!

  • Steve and Kaylem from Texas

    Successfully closed our first deal!

  • Riley from California

    Make the investment!

  • Nick from California

    A system that makes it simple.

  • Ray from Hawaii

    Lauren will hold your feet to the fire!