Bss Testimonials

  • David from Ohio

    The Results Speak for Themselves!

  • Scott from Michigan

    8 Deals In 4 Months

  • Tasha from Tennessee

    Fire Yourself And Become The True Leader Of Your Company

  • Brian from Michigan

    Step Up To Half A Mil ARV Homes

  • Nashid from New Jersey

    Invest Your Time To Actually Have The Hard Conversations

  • Omar from California

    Six Figures Already In ’22!

  • Christine from Kentucky

    77 Deals Over 3 Years

  • Alec from Florida

    The Best In The Industry A Text Message Away

  • Jesse from Texas

    2 Deals closed in 3 months!

  • Jake from Connecticut

    $90k in FOUR months!

  • Jacob from Michigan

    First deal closed in four months!

  • Nathan from Washington

    Nate pulled the trigger & made $36,000 in under 3 months

  • Jay from Texas

    The blueprint to getting your real estate business up and running!

  • Cody from New Mexico

    Followed the proven steps to get results fast!

  • Tim and Engracia from Texas

    Working together as a Husband & Wife Team!

  • John from Idaho

    $42,000 from first deal!

  • Matthew from California

    $60,000 from one call!

  • Tom from Utah

    Tom talks about his success with Wholesaling Inc

  • Daniel from Indiana

    Getting started with TTP gave Daniel the steps to get his business up and running!

  • Melquan from South Carolina

    Making it happen while still working 9 – 5!

  • Ken from New Hampshire

    Joining this course has been a game changer!

  • Doug from Texas

    21-years-old, building his Wholesaling business!

  • Rashod from Florida

    Rashod is getting closer to his goal of Financial Freedom!

  • Taylor from New York

    Support, guidance, energy, and motivation leads Taylor to success!

  • Fade from Maryland

    Staying consistent helped Fade hit his best month to date!

  • Daniel from Ohio

    Daniel closes his first deal by taking Imperfect Action!

  • Blair from Tennesse

    Massive, Imperfect Action, Every Day!

  • Carter from Arizona

    2 deals in 2 months!

  • Courtney from Maryland

    Follow, Copy & Paste!

  • John from Colorado

    Take your life and finances to the next level!

  • Natasha from Kentucky

    A new confidence in everyday life!

  • Taryk from Virginia

    Take that risk!

  • Michael from Texas

    Biggest month yet by TTP!!

  • Brandy from Florida

    Hit the ground running!

  • Blake from California

    Closed a deal in 45 days with Brents guidance

  • Elton from Louisiana

    Fastest speed to the deal!

  • Keith from California

    Copy, paste & implement!

  • Lenny from New Jersey

    Adding the TTP course to his business helped explode his revenue!

  • TJ from North Carolina

    On his way to building a successful biz!

  • Gabe & Jaimie from Kansas

    Joining TTP streamlined their business 100%!

  • Clay from Utah

    TTP has changed our life and business

  • Chris from Arizona

    Faithful, Available & Teachable!

  • Cameron from Florida

    Instruction, community, so much info to learn the business!

  • Daniel, Richard and Will from Texas

    From 1 deal a month to 5-10 CONSISTENTLY!

  • Corey from New Jersey

    First check for $13K! TTP!

  • Jasper from North Carolina

    2 deals closed from Talking To People for ONE month!

  • Davin

    Immediate results from Talking To People!

  • Eli from Georgia

    Eli has grown his business by Talking to People!

  • Bill from Oregon

    Biggest deal closed for $30k! TTP Baby!

  • Stephen from North Carolina

    4 months since joining TTP, GAME CHANGER!!

  • Cedric from Kansas

    TTP has helped Cedric find his freedom!

  • Adrian from Florida

    $10k from his first deal!

  • Michael from Texas

    TTP has helped Michael become consistent with his business.

  • Jessie from Rhode Island

    Implementing both WI & TTP took Jessie’s business from part time to full time.

  • Terone in California

    5 Closings in 60 days since adding TTP to their business.

  • Alfredo from Colorado

    $72k in only TWO months!!

  • Tag from Tennessee

    Tag has went from 60 leads per month to 600! TTP!!

  • David from Tennessee

    David has done 20 Deals in 5 months, averaging 15k per deal!

  • Josh from Maryland

    Josh’s leads have skyrocketed, closing 15 deals since adding in the TTP course!

  • Jason from Colorado

    Following Brent’s instruction has lead Jason straight to success!

  • Elizoebeth from Colorado

    Business has been BOOMING since joining the TTP Course!

  • Craig from Kentucky

    In only two months Craig has built his cold calling business!

  • Wayne from Florida

    Jumping into the TTP course has added value to Wayne’s business.

  • Cristina from California

    Joining the course has given Cristina the blueprint she needed to get consistent with her business.

  • Adonijah from New York

    Adding TTP is taking Adonijah’s business to the next level!

  • Abram from Louisiana

    Abram started Talking To People and closed his first deal for 32K in only 3 months!

  • Drew from Utah

    Drew has gained traction since adding the TTP course to his business!

  • Colin from Texas

    Colin went through the course with Brent’s guidance and closed his first deal for $25k!

  • Phillip from Texas

    In less then two months Phillip was cashing his first check for $35k just from Talking to People!

  • Kyle from California

    Kyle’s business went from averaging 20k a month to 100k a month! Simply from TTP!!!

  • Chris from Texas

    Getting started with the TTP Family has been a Game Changer for Chris’ business!

  • Giovanni from Texas

    Joining the Tribe helped Giovanni scale his business from 1 deal a month to 15 deals a month! BAM!!

  • Dan G. from Washington

    Dan has been using the TTP system as his number one source to get leads.

  • Benjamin B. from Texas

    Closing out the month at $48k and leaving his corporate job last week is just the beginning for Ben!

  • Brittany from Alabama

    Brittany joined the TTP course to help expand her business and grow her deal size, in only 1 month she has had some Major results!

  • Justin from Texas

    Eight deals in only 3 months averaging $14k per deal!

  • Sam from California

    Sam is on the phone everyday Talking To People, he closes his first deal only two months after following Brent’s instruction and taking Massive Action!

  • Stephanie from Arizona

    Stephanie has been getting Massive results!

  • Matt from Indiana

    Matt had TWO deals within two weeks of getting started with TTP, bringing in over 50k!!

  • Chris and Cyndi from Arizona

    Right out the gate Chris and Cyndi closed three deals

  • Brent from Colorado

    Brent’s business has grown using the TTP course, and he is excited to see what the future brings!

  • Dane from Utah

    Generated over $70,000 on ONE DEAL!

  • Solomon Oh

    Solomons Goal for 2018 is to Break $200k Barrier!

  • Jason

    Getting Deals at a Fraction of the Cost

  • Seth T

    Doing $80k in one month!