Posted on: March 23, 2017

How to CRUSH it as a Part Time Wholesaler!

Would you like to earn an extra $120k in just two years?

You probably think you would need a full time job or at LEAST work an extra 20 or 30 hours per week to make that kind of money. What if you could make that kind of money in as little as 5 hours a week?

Meet Josh Nicodemus, a Rhino who started Wholesaling in December 2015 and since then has gone on to do 15 deals generating about $120,000!!

The BEST part is that he works his entire business…PART TIME!!

Learn how Josh started his Wholesaling journey, how to manage a business part time, the secret behind his success and why he thinks you should get a mentor right now! Keep a pen and paper handy for this one!

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Episode Transcription

Cody: Welcome to another podcast episode right here on Wholesaling Inc. This is Cody Hofhine and I’m excited to introduce to you one of my favorites out there, wholesaling. And this investor is just a rock star. He has such an awesome heart, helps people, such a charitable service minded individual, and because of that he finds a lot of success in wholesale and remember we always talk about wholesaling. This is the time where you serve people, help people and the by-product is is you can put a home under contract that will pay you. And so for new listeners out there, wholesaling. If you’re not familiar with wholesaling, wholesaling’s, simply just the art of finding deeply discounted properties and then turning them for a profit. And so we’ve got an investor today that’s going to rock your world. He’s an all star.

Cody: His name is Josh Nicodemus from Baltimore, Maryland. He’s been in the tribe. He’s been doing wholesaling just a little over a year. He started in December 2015 and since then he’s done 15 deals that has made him around $120,000 year to date. And then also here’s the best part about this, really unique about Josh, this guy does it very part time. When I say very part time, he has a successful construction company that is so full time that he does this on the side about five hours a week. That’s it. Five hours a week has helped him get 15 wholesale deals that has made him an additional $120,000 profit to him. So without further ado, let’s bring on Josh. And Josh, how the heck are you and help us understand a little bit more about you and fill in the gaps.

Josh: Oh, what’s up brother? I appreciate you having me on. I’m doing awesome. I appreciate it. Doing very well and very blessed.

Cody: Love it. Love it, love it. So help us understand what that looked like when you first got into the business. When you first learned about wholesaling, what did it look like?

Josh: Sure, sure. Absolutely. So I kind of found out about wholesaling by listening to your podcast. And so I decided to go out, I’m like, man, this is pretty cool. I’m going to go out and try this. And I did by myself with no mentor. Went out and put out a handful of bandit signs. And what happened was I started to get phone calls for theses signs and I had no idea what to say. People ask me how it works, what do you do? How do you buy these houses? And I just froze, I mean, I really had no idea what I was doing. So at that point I decided like, you know what, if this is real, if I’m going to do this and be successful, I need to hire a great mentor who’s going to teach me. I mean, I probably saved the years getting a mentor and probably thousands of dollars in direct mail and other marketing efforts that I would have wasted. Yeah. Tried by myself for a little while. It didn’t work out so hot.

Cody: So I chuckle on this side of the end. We talked a little bit about before this podcast, before it started. I’m chuckling because you’re telling my story, like literally to a T before I jumped in and got Tom as my mentor, as my coach. I literally tried right around a $1,000 worth of yellow letters and it worked. The phone was ringing. It was crazy. It was awesome, but it did not turn into any deals because there’s a lot more to just getting your phone to ring. And I realized that quickly and so I always looked at that like, okay, this is a great little learning experience, but let’s do this the right way. Let’s get a mentor. And so my man Josh, I’m telling you, you’re talking my language 100% to a to a T of what my story look like as well.

Josh: Sure, absolutely. I mean people ask me all the time what do you recommend if I’m getting started and obviously I mean it’s a no brainer, get a mentor if you’re trying to do it without one, it’s a joke. So that’d be my personal experience.

Cody: I love it. I love it. So let’s get to the meat and potatoes. Our listeners are always wanting to learn from the greats out there and I would consider you a very successful wholesaler, especially the fact that I think this is so interesting to me that you’re able to do this part time, like not even part time, like part, part, part, part time, like five hours a week. What does that look like? How are you able to shuffle a full time successful construction company and then find five hours during the week? What does that look like to be able to make ends meet and how to manage both these businesses?

Josh: Obviously a family time is extremely important for me. I have four little kids and beautiful wife at home. So you know I can’t be all night out and away from them. So I send my mail out, I send out my signs, all that’s automated now. When I used to do all that myself and by hand and all that, but now all that’s automated, you guys have taught me how to do that, so not a lot of time invested there. It’s just fielding a couple phone calls. You know when the mail hits or when the signs go out, I feel the handful of phone calls and I’ll set up appointments. You know, my average week might be like, okay, I’m going out on maybe two appointments on a weeknight after work or on a Saturday I might hit a couple appointments and it’s really no big deal. It’s, it’s pretty easy to manage relatively I would say.

Cody: Okay, so one thing Rhino Nation, if you’re listening, some gold nuggets were thrown out right there and I want to repeat some of those that are going to help you succeed. And why he’s able to do this is because wholesaling it’s a business that can be automated and where systems can be put into place. That’s exactly why I love wholesaling is because of this. So while he’s working, doing his construction, getting his crews out, doing their thing, bandit signs are being delivered without him having to deliver them. Now it didn’t start that way. He had all the hats on. He would go out at 3:00 AM in the morning, set out 50 signs and do that. But now to the point where a system is in place, he has people deliver that for him.

Cody: His mail is automated, it’s done through a system, it’s done through another company. And so why all these systems are in place? He’s able to take care of his full time job and then sift through a couple phone calls throughout the days and then set up appointments during the week and he sets him up for the evenings anyways to where he can do this and run both businesses very successfully. So that’s a key point to look at. The reason why he’s able to do this is because wholesaling is a business that can be automated and where systems can be put into place. And would you agree with that Josh?

Josh: Absolutely man, you hit the nail on the head. That’s exactly right.

Cody: Okay so let’s do this. Let’s break down a deal. So he started out before getting the mentor with bandit signs and you’re going to be pretty intrigued that he’s going to share a deal today using this same approach using a bandit sign. But walk us through like the meat and potatoes to get an understanding of how this deal looks. And ultimately, I also want them to understand who Josh is because I know who Josh is, but I want our listeners to realize what you also do over and above that a lot of investors miss out on and don’t do.

Josh: Yeah. This deal came from a bandit sign. I got the call and the little kind of nugget that I thought was interesting about this is that this seller didn’t leave a message on the recording. So when Tom and Cody teach you to return every phone call, whether or not they leave a message they mean it, return every call because that’s potentially a pretty big loss that I could have taken if I hadn’t simply just called this guy back.

Cody: No lead left behind. Right?

Josh: That’s exactly right, man. Yep. Rhino through it and make the call. This deal came up, the guy called me, he said, Hey man, I got this house. I’ve been living here forever. It’s in really bad shape and it just, you know, I got to get out of here. I need to get into an apartment. The house is in pretty rough shape and, and I can’t stay here anymore.

Josh: I think I went out and saw it that night or the next day, I think it was at night, went out there, man, the house was trashed. I mean just the worst home I’ve ever seen anybody live in. Everybody that saw it couldn’t believe the guy was living in there. He was living like a homeless man inside this shell. And the house the heating and air wasn’t working. So he was running a kerosene heater inside the house. The walls were black. The ceiling had fallen down. You could see right up into the attic. It was gross. It was a gross house and the guy clearly needed to get out of, it was not a healthy living situation. So we got talking and I said, okay man, well obviously the house is in rough shape, what do you want to do?

Josh: You know, what, what’s your goal? Well, he said, “Well, obviously I can’t stay here anymore and I got to get out. I need to get into an apartment, something that’s clean and healthy for me to live in. And my doctor says that I shouldn’t be living in these conditions.” And so we made an offer. I didn’t really know what I was looking at.

Josh: I pulled some quick comps and thought okay, well here’s what I can do. And I made the guy an offer a 35 grand, he kind of waffled back and forth. But he was like, well I really don’t have a choice. I got to get out and I don’t think anybody else is going to buy this place. It’s a dump. So he accepted the offer. What I did was I implemented Tom and Cody’s strategy about this bidding system. Setting up a showing, I got the information, the pictures together, and I sent it out to my buyers list and had a showing the next night at 6:00 I guess it was a hot deal. I don’t think I really realized it, but I had like over 20 people show up to that showing.

Cody: You have 20 people show up and at that point that’s probably when you realized, man, I might have something here.

Josh: Absolutely. Absolutely. You know this is kind of early on and I think I just didn’t really know what I was sitting on. You know I thought like, oh man, this house is so bad. I don’t even know if an investor is going to want this. But little did I know. I mean I did like a half hour or one hour show and all night my phone exploded. I just said I’m going to stop accepting offers at 9:00 and we got the house for 35 and the highest offer came in around 9:00 at 75 and that was it, man. That was it.

Cody: Holy smokes, holy smokes. Hold on. You know the familiar tone that you’re going to hear right now, right?

Josh: Oh yeah.

Cody: Get ready, my man. Holy smokes. So here we are putting a home under contract $35,000 you really don’t know what you have. You do know that you have a home that’s in very, very bad, bad condition, unsafe to live in something that stinks, something that’s messed up, something that’s just doesn’t look right. You don’t even know if an investor’s going to want it because it’s such in poor condition, but you send it out, get the inspection out there to have your buyers come look at it, see if it’s something they’re interested in and you get an offer in the same day by nine o’clock 75,000 for a total of if my math is correct, $40,000 profit on that one deal.

Josh: You got a brother. That’s exactly it.

Cody: Holy smokes.

Josh: Yep.

Cody: Holy smokes, holy smokes. Now Josh, I know Josh like I know Josh, what else did you do for this individual that made him want to do business with you? Because I know that side of you and I want our listeners to understand just how important it is, what you do.

Josh: Yeah, yeah, absolutely. No, I appreciate that and, and you know what you said in the beginning of the show, I think it’s super important. I don’t want to skip over it. Is that this is a service business, right? I mean, of course we want to make money, but we are here to serve these sellers. These are people that, this guy was in a rough situation. He was in a house that was unhealthy to live in. He would never would’ve been able to sell this thing any other way. Right? There’s no realtor who’s going to list this house. It was gross.

Cody: There’s no conventional loans that could probably even lend on it for that matter.

Josh: No, no way, no way. Absolutely not. Yeah, I haven’t figured, you know, this guy really needs help and I wasn’t sure how it was all going to work out, but it was the little things that I was able to do for this guy.

Josh: He didn’t have a vehicle or driver’s license, so I was able to drive him around and get some of the supplies he needed. I bought him a boxes pack because he said, look man, I’m going to pack up but I don’t have any boxes. So I said, “Hey man, no problem we’ll take care of it.” We got him some boxes to pack with. I drove him around, dropped him off to the grocery store, he had to get minutes on his pay as you go cell phone. So I took him there. Kind of going with a heart of service and being willing to help somebody out. It goes a long way. It goes a long way for these people. And in fact he had a representative, maybe a social worker or something that was kind of helping him with his affairs.

Josh: She called me, she said, “Hey, he told me that you bought him packing supplies and boxes and stuff.” And I thought, now I’m thinking she’s going to yell at me or something. She kind of had this weird tone, but I said, “Yeah is that okay?” And she said, “Yeah, I just,” She said, “I just didn’t realize there were people like you out there. I just didn’t realize there are people that are willing to help people like this.” Some people think when you tell them about wholesaling, if they’re not familiar, they’ll say, “Oh it sounds like you’re kind of taking advantage of people.” And it’s totally the opposite. It’s a service industry where we’re really helping people who don’t have another choice.

Cody: Man Josh, I absolutely love it because it is, I think it’s repetitious that we always try to make this point, but that’s why I love when investors like yourself get on this podcast because it just resonates yet another story of people serving and remember as people’s problems come up, you can be a solution to help them out of these situations. And so as you put on that service hat and that help hat, that’s the by-product is you walk away with a home under contract that can pay you money. But he went the extra mile. He took him in his own truck. He would take him down to the grocery store, he’d take him down to get boxes. He supplied him with boxes, bought him boxes, helped him move boxes. He went the extra mile where a lot of investors miss that point. They just think about the deal, deal, deal, deal, deal.

Cody: But because this individual felt Josh’s true heart behind this and helping him, that’s why he goes with an individual like Josh because people do business with people they trust and that care about them. And Josh showed that trust and Josh showed that sincere care for this individual and he chose to do business with Josh. So that is kudos to you, my man, and I’m telling you that’s how business continues and will continue to roll for you as you continue to be that individual that you did on this job. That’s exactly what it will be for you time and time again. People will love to do business with Josh and I’ve testified to that. My man, I love it. Absolutely love it.

Josh: I appreciate that brother. Yeah, I sure hope so. And it’s proven to be a blessing in my life so far and it’s awesome. And, yeah, I mean, and the other thing about this too this guy, we ran into some problems on the title end. My title agent called and said, she was like, I don’t know man. I don’t know if it’s going to close. He’s got all kinds of liens and stuff, repossessed vehicles and all this stuff. It’s just something that we had to kind of rhino through and then work out. And at the end, like I said, it was 40,000 bucks, but at the end this guy was hardly getting anything after all the liens were paid.

Josh: So I ended up cutting him a check for like an extra eight grand after everything was done and just said to you, “Hey man, you know, I feel like you should walk away with more than this.” And even though it was stuff that he had, I guess brought upon himself. There was some like a hit and run. There were some other things that happened, mistakes in his past life. But just trying to help somebody out. It can go a long way and it paid off. And…

Cody: Josh, you’re the man. You are the man. I love that. That’s what I wanted Rhino Nation, our listeners, to listen to today is who this individual is and why it is you’re successful and it’s because of that charitable heart you have. So my man, thank you for doing that. Now if you could think back, look back a year ago and if you were at that beginning stages and you could now… Here you have this knowledge, this power right now that you have going on. If you went back a year ago, we have a lot of new listeners out there like man, is wholesaling for me? Is this it? Is this good? Is this bad? What would be your best advice for them? If you could say, Hey, here’s one gold nugget I would throw out to make sure you do if you get into wholesaling, what would that be?

Josh: Well, I think we sort of already covered. The biggest one for me without a doubt, is to get a mentor. And guys, just to be honest and upfront with you. When I got a mentor, I didn’t even have the money for it. I put it on a credit card, which I, I don’t even like having credit cards, but I got a credit card and I put it on there in faith knowing that, okay, this is going to pay off like it’s going to work. I’m going to make it work. And we did. And immediately, I mean within the first month we had paid off the mentoring costs. It’s such a no brainer. Get a mentor who knows what they’re doing and you’ll save so much time and headache. The support of being in the tribe is just, I think it’s priceless. I think it’s absolutely priceless. So that would be my biggest thing.

Cody: Awesome. Awesome. Awesome. Josh. I love it. I agree with you 100% that is the way to do it. That’s the way I did it. And some people come upon deals and that’s awesome. But then there’s a lot of people that they’ll go through that rollercoaster and then they’ll find a mentor that works for them and take that rollercoaster out of it. So either way, mentors are good, the greatest people in the world, the greatest sports professionals, the greatest athletes, you name it, all have mentors and it’s just wise sound wisdom. So I love it. So with that, what about any, let’s say books, what would be a number one book if you could say, Hey, I know I’ve got 10 books that I like, but if you could give out one book that you say, this is the book, this has helped you with mindset, whatever it may be, what’s a good book to help people understand of how Josh became Josh?

Speaker 1: It’s a very simple and very silly book to be frank, but it’s done a lot for me and I listened to it on audio on a weekly or every other week basis. And that’s Rhinoceros Success. That’s kind of like one of the required reading in the tribe. And it just a great book for motivation for me. It helps me to realize that even if you’re going through something difficult, just push through it and have grit man have grit and it’s been key for me and I listened to that on a regular basis just because it helps me be in the right frame of mind.

Cody: Perfect. Well Josh, thank you so much for being on the show today. I know you’re a busy man. You’ve got a successful construction company going and then a little part time wholesaling gig going on that does well for you. With that being said, thank you so much for joining us and taking time to do this. I appreciate that.

Speaker 1: You got to brother it’s my pleasure.

Cody: Okay, so Rhino Nation, you’ve heard yet another episode here on Wholesaling Inc of Josh Nicodemus who is just an absolute rock star and hopefully you’ve seen some gold nuggets and some good takeaways that you can start putting into practice today in your wholesaling business so that you can be successful as well. With that being said, we have a new website up and running. We’ve mentioned this on an earlier podcast and I’m going to mention it again, if you haven’t been there, get there today.

Cody: Wholesaling Inc. It’s Wholesaling and if you’re not on our email list, now would be the time to do so. We always give our listeners gold nuggets all of the time, so get on our email list and then you can also meet Josh right there as he is on our testimonial page. You’ll be able to see a little bit more about Josh and his testimonial there so you can click on the testimonial tab and listen to that and it will inspire you and motivate you and then you’ll just realize just how good of a guy this Josh Nicodemus is. Other than that, guys, you take care and we will catch you on the next episode. See ya.

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