WIP 908: Landing the Waco Whale – 3 Months, 7 Deals, $187k in Profits, And Another $100k in the Pipeline With Cody Winter

WI 908 | Wholetailing


We’re talking about big numbers today, folks! And by that, I mean $187,000 in profits and another $100,000 in the pipeline—how cool is that? Hear the story of this staggering “wholetailer” who has been in multiple stations and mastered the art of TV commercials and bring in a pile of fortune in just three months!

We will be deep-diving into the importance of patience and perseverance in closing top-notch deals and scaling up your wholesaling business. Listen as our savvy guest Cody Winter runs through his personal money-making experiences in today’s episode.

Landing The Waco Whale – 3 Months, 7 Deals, $187k In Profits, And Another $100k In The Pipeline With Cody Winter

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