Posted on: June 01, 2021
WI 700 | Flagged As Spam


For a cold calling wholesaler, one goal must always be kept in mind: avoiding getting flagged as spam. There’s nothing more annoying than to be stopped on your tracks just because of being labeled as spam, so you must act upon it before it’s too late. Otherwise, your marketing dollars are as good as dead, putting your wholesaling business at risk. Brent Daniels shares the secrets to getting through to motivated sellers without getting your calls marked as spam.

Wholesaling Quicktip – How To NOT Get Flagged As Spam When Cold Calling Motivated Sellers

What is your greatest fear as a cold-calling wholesaler? Getting flagged as spam! Because if you do, your marketing dollars are as good as dead, putting your wholesaling business at risk. How do you avoid this from happening?

Episode Transcription

Stuff that I’ve been saying for four years. Use three lines. Make sure you’re scrubbing the DNC. We’ll talk about this. Make sure you’re scrubbing the litigator list because people are professional litigators. They wait for you to call and then track you down and try to send you a letter to try to get into some lawsuit. We’ll get into that. The other thing I thought was interesting that you and I spoke about is the carriers. If they see a number that keeps getting hung up on or not answered, they’re going to assume that the volume of calls on that number and the shortness of the conversations is spam. They’re going to start blocking or putting spam likely on those numbers. Is that right?

Yeah, the way I look at it is there’s a spam-like and there’s like, “This is spam.” The spam-like is most likely somebody I don’t know. A lot of these carriers, you have to think about them as a black box. They don’t want you to know what’s inside the box. What happens in that black box if there’s an input and there’s output is up to the carrier. It’s their proprietary algorithms and metrics and what they determine is spam and what goes through and what doesn’t. There’s no right or wrong answer. Honestly, not that I can share. There are certain things that make sense to be able to implement. If you were dialing and dialing people, the phone number’s going to be directed as spam. There’s potentially an abandoned threshold. Some in the industry don’t want you to go over 10%. Anything over 10% is considered spam.

What’s abandoned? What does that mean?

Abandoned is a dial on three lines. All three of you, let’s say, answer the phone call. I can only talk to a single individual. Two of the lines hang up, I talk to the other person.

The more lines you have, the more you’re going to get multiple people on the phone. Your abandonment rate is going to go up. That phone number is now going to get thrashed.

Mike, going back to your example of the actual ringless voicemails. From a carrier perspective, what they consider spammy is if you have anything over 10% to 15%. If you have 15%, if you go to all these websites and search for it, you will find that if you go over 15% of short-term duration calls, which short-term is considered anything less than fifteen seconds. If it goes above 15% of that, you’re getting put on some list potentially.

The more caller IDs you’re dialing from, the less each one will be getting spammed.

How long have I said that the first five seconds in your script get you the next 30 seconds? I have said that forever. What people want to do is they want to tweak the script and make it easier and do something that’s a little bit more digestible. The other thing that people do and this is going to be highly impacted, read up. If you’re hiring 10, 20, 50 foreign callers that have an accent and are very recognizable or they’re so far away that their connection rate doesn’t pick up and there’s a stall because their voiceover IP is stalling out and people are like, “What is going on?” people hang up. People are hanging up. That’s why I use American callers. That’s why I make sure that we use the script and we’re opening it up so that you can get those contact rates up and have a conversation with a very highly targeted list.

To clarify, what I took from that is abandon rate. We want to be using 3 lines not 10.

At most, yeah.

That’s a good best practice. You triple line, max. You want to be keeping people on the phone for over fifteen seconds, which is where that could impact ringless voicemail. What about switching up your numbers? What’s the best practice for how often you should be doing that?

Switching the phone numbers goes back into how many people you are dialing and how quickly you’re dialing them. In theory, if you’re doing a single-line dialer, you can utilize a single caller ID. You want to get through to people quicker, that’s where you have double or triple line dialers. Long story short, the more caller IDs you’re dialing from, the less each caller ID is going to get spammed because the fewer phone calls they’re going to get originated from a single caller ID. Those are some of the things the actual user can control.

In the batch dialer, you provide the numbers. How do we know that those numbers are not already recycled spam numbers? Can we Google them? Is there a filter that you put it through? What does that look like?

WI 700 | Flagged As Spam

Flagged As Spam: If you are simply dialing and dialing people, your phone numbers will most likely be considered spam.


We run it through spam verification every single night in every number that we have on our platform. In the morning before we start dialing, check your numbers. We just implemented a feature where you have to check a box and it will automatically pause the phone number if it gets picked up that morning or that night as spam. It will just pause it for you.

Does it give you a different number then?

You can get a different number.

Do you have to do that manually? Does it automatically do it?

I’d have to check. We just implemented it. There’s a button. You can click a button and replace the phone number with the same area code. As far as the automation, I think Aaron probably would know better.

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