WIP 1474: King Closer Reveals – Essential Secrets for Closing Deals from Anywhere – Part 2

Get ready for part two of the deal closing masterclass with RJ Bates!

RJ reveals how to tackle rejection head-on, develop a strong ‘walk-away’ mentality, and harness the power of a positive mindset in sales. Plus, learn to value asking questions that truly resonate with your customers. Check this out – this episode is brimming with actionable insights to take your sales game to greater heights!

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Show notes:

  • (0:47) Beginning of today’s episode
  • (1:30) “Taking in consideration”
  • (4:44) Great sales people have to be comfortable with rejection 
  • (8:27) Talk to enough people so that you are comfortable enough to walk away 
  • (11:20) Why sales is on the disposition side
  • (17:07) How to get better in asking good questions
  • (19:42) Ask questions that matter for the seller



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