WIP 1441: The Secret to Making the Perfect Offer to Your Sellers

Tired of offer rejections? This episode’s your secret weapon!

Listen in as Todd Toback spills out real estate offers that WIN. Forget haggling – Todd shows you how to use questions to get what you want! 

Find out the seller’s ideal price (before you even make an offer!) and become a real estate detective, uncovering recent sales to get the upper hand. This episode will turn you into a negotiation ninja, ready to snag your dream deal.


Show notes:

  • (0:45) Beginning of today’s episode
  • (0:51) How to make sellers an offer
  • (1:22) Deals are closed by asking questions
  • (3:41) Ask five questions and try to get a number
  • (3:55) Use the range technique
  • (4:24) Don’t be scared of FRICTION
  • (5:27) Be confident but friendly and take it to close



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