WIP 1424: #ThrowbackThursday – The Exact Action Steps You Need to Take to Land a $50k Deal

Struggling with analysis paralysis in wholesaling? John Greer just CRUSHED his first deal, scoring a jaw-dropping $50k!

This wholesaling warrior didn’t let initial setbacks stop him. His relentless grind paid off BIG TIME!

Ready to unlock your own wholesaling success? John shares his winning formula in this episode, revealing the EXACT steps he took. John’s inspiring story and actionable tips will equip you to dominate the wholesaling game.

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Show notes:

  • (0:54) Beginning of today’s episode
  • (6:04) Real estate is about the structure and the system. 
  • (6:19) How does John balance his current business along with his wholesaling business?
  • (12:35) Timing is IMPORTANT
  • (14:19) Breaking down a text blasting deal
  • (25:27) Surpassing the three D’s (doubt, disappointment, and distraction.)



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