WIP 1419: #ThrowbackThursday – No Excuses! How a Young 21 Year Old Just Did 4 Deals in His First 4 Months of Wholesaling

Feeling stuck? Need a spark of inspiration?

This episode features a young go-getter who closed 4 deals in just 4 months!

Meet Gabe, a 21-year-old who proves that even with no prior experience, proactive action and a desire to help others can lead to incredible results. Tune in to hear his story and discover how dedication and service can be the key to unlocking your own success.

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Show notes:

  • (1:05) Beginning of today’s episode
  • (6:00) From construction to real estate
  • (8:45) Why did he move from the Dominican Republic to the US?
  • (11:32) The three parts of your wholesaling business
  • (16:28) Breaking down a HUGE deal
  • (20:08) The freedom of information ad



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