WIP 1404: #ThrowbackThursday – How an Introverted 27 Year Old Does Real Estate Deals PART TIME!

Think real estate is only for outgoing types? Think again!

Meet Cristian Samayoa, a part-time wholesaler from Germantown, Maryland, proving that introverts can thrive too.

He’s raking in up to $15,000 per deal without being the life of the party. Tune in to hear his inspiring journey and learn how he’s making it happen! Seize the opportunity to unlock a world of possibilities with the TTP Training Program


Show notes:

  • (1:10) Beginning of today’s episode
  • (3:06) A full-time electrician, part-time wholesaler’s daily life
  • (8:12) How does Christian manage his busy schedule?
  • (14:37) How long is a typical calling session for Christian?
  • (18:00) A probate deal that netted around $15,000
  • (22:25) Always give facts and figures to your sellers



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