WIP 1400: Joint Ventures – The Secret to Making Over $500 Per Hour as a Real Estate Investor

Explore the world of land real estate with Steve Mallory, who makes $500/hour through JV deals with other wholesalers. Discover how strategic collaboration unlocks synergies, navigating real estate complexities for mutual success. Apply Steve’s proven systems to elevate your own land deals today…Who knows, you might lock a $46,000 deal too!

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Show notes:

  • (1:05) Beginning of today’s episode
  • (6:06) Steve’s first land deal (sending blind offer letters and netting $7,000)
  • (12:30) What is a blind offer?
  • (18:30) How much time is spent per week on every deal?
  • (20:55) Where does Steve find these buyers?
  • (23:46) Another JV deal that netted a $46,000 profit



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