WIP 1399: #ThrowbackThursday – From Sleeping on a Couch to 1,400 Deals

Discover Justin Colby’s incredible journey from rock bottom to real estate success! As the president of Phoenix Wealth Builders and founder of “The Science of Flipping,” he shares invaluable insights in this episode. 

Justin generously reveals the wisdom and principles that guided his journey from financial struggles, as he describes himself – “broke, busted, and disgusted” – to becoming one of today’s most accomplished real estate investors.

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Show notes:

  • (1:03) Beginning of today’s episode
  •  (3:33) Why the science of flipping?
  • (8:28) From sleeping to his buddy’s coach to becoming a real estate superstar
  • (10:45) The power of cold calling
  • (13:38) Justin’s advice for people who wants to start investing and be proactive
  • (20:03) Getting into 1,400 deals



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