WIP 1394: #ThrowbackThursday – $44,000+ from One TTP Call!!

Lenny Poliziani, a determined rhino with a passion for real estate and entrepreneurship, started wholesaling on the side. Despite lacking a real estate background and facing uncertainties, he took ACTION, embracing challenges along the way. His boldness paid off in the end as he walked away $44,000+ richer from just one deal!

Come and discover the successful strategies, tactics, and mindset that enabled Lenny to secure a profitable wholesale deal. Explore how he transformed determination and resilience into a goldmine in this episode. Ignite your journey to financial freedom– the TTP Training Program is waiting for you!


Show notes:

  • (0:45) Beginning of today’s episode
  • (3:50) From no wholesaling background to a wholesaling superstar
  • (5:00) How Lenny managed real estate on the side
  • (7:39) Likeability and certainty is important in the business
  • (17:27) You need to have your “why” to stay motivated
  • (18:28) A $44,000 deal breakdown from a driving for dollars deal
  • (27:20) Talk to people as much as possible and keep pushing forward!



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