WIP 1385: The Ultimate Showdown – Land Vs House in 2024 – Winner Revealed!

Spoiler alert: Investing in land beats houses in the real estate game every time, and here’s why…

While houses come with maintenance headaches and market fluctuations, land has the potential to skyrocket in value. This happens because it’s in a great location, can be developed, and there’s not much of it available.

Joe McCall is here to give you the rundown on why you should invest in land, along with some tips to improve your land business.

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Show notes:

  • (0:50) Beginning of today’s episode.
  • (3:34) Make MORE offers!
  • (6:27) Your speed to income in this business is directly correlated with the number of offers you make.
  • (10:50) The determining factor in why people fail or succeed in their real estate business.
  • (22:22) Why does land beat houses every time?
  • (32:46) How much marketing do you spend on land to get a deal?



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