WIP 1366: What to Do When Your Business Hits a Plateau

When you started your business, things just clicked—great ideas, a killer lead generation plan, all driven by pure passion. At first, you were achieving your goals, but lately, replicating that success seems hard.

Let’s shake things up! If you feel like your business has hit a plateau, no worries—Todd Toback’s got your back. Dive into his tips to smash through real estate plateaus and get ready for a major business boost! 


Show notes:

  • (1:00) Beginning of today’s episode
  • (2:42) Understanding that business plateaus are normal 
  • (3:14) Measuring your progress vs. your goal
  • (7:00) Progress starts small.
  • (8:53) Tasks might be eating you alive. 
  • (12:30) Sometimes people get sloppy with their lead follow-ups.
  • (16:01) Not listing your properties in the MLS
  • (16:20) Losing your passion
  • (18:33) You have to pay yourself every single month. 



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