WIP 1365: From Homeless to 7-Figures – How Ray Built a Massively Successful Land Flipping Business in 3 Years

From homelessness to big-shot entrepreneur, Ray Zhang is the action master! In this episode, he shares details on pulling off numerous successful deals with virtual land flipping. Ray also covers deal-finding tips, market guidance, and offers advice on diversifying your  investment portfolio.

Listen all the way to the end to discover the “secret list” that Brent and Ray discuss throughout the episode.

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Show notes:

  • (1:03) Beginning of today’s episode
  • (7:31) Ray’s virtual land flipping business
  • (13:10) How do you determine if a piece of land is good?
  • (18:01) Ray’s thoughts on a potential crash
  • (19:33) Even if you love your niche too much, avoid investing your entire net worth in just one thing
  • (20:43) How to find land deals
  • (23:03) You can identify a market based on your budget when dealing with land



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