WIP 1347: Tapping Into Your True Potential – What You Need to Win in 2023

Learn the ropes of spotting promising leads, sealing the deal with motivated property owners, and navigating the tricky terrain when a cash offer isn’t the go-to. Brent breaks down the difference between being a deal finder and a deal creator, emphasizing the importance of lead qualification based on condition, timeline, motivation, and price. Find out why a lead is the real deal when it comes with a timeline. Plus, discover the game-changing impact of having a mentor by your side. Add Brent’s tips on your toolbelt, and you’re ready to win this 2023!

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Show notes:

  • (0:56) Beginning of today’s episode
  • (2:45) Understanding the potential of your leads
  • (4:05) There has to be an owner who is ready to sign a purchase agreement
  • (5:47) How do you make money when they don’t want a cash as-is discounted offer?
  • (6:42) We’re deal finders, not deal creators
  • (9:54) Always qualify based on the four pillars: condition, timeline, motivation, and price
  • (13:47) A lead is a lead when they have a timeline
  • (14:33) Leveraging the experience of a mentor or a coach



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