WIP 1345: The Wealth Building System You Never Knew You Needed

Let’s discuss maximizing those returns and making every deal count with David Richter!

David Richter saw Profit First and thought, “Hey, let’s make real estate profits less bumpy.” With Profit First REI, you can decide what’s yours before diving into expenses. It’s like having a clear roadmap for spending and saving, all in your hands. And in today’s episode, he will share the ins and outs of this wealth-building system you never thought you needed.

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Show notes:

  • (1:16) Beginning of today’s episode
  • (6:29) Profit first leads you to better questions about your cash 
  • (11:11) Utilizing private lending 
  • (14:15) If you have reserves, you can grow your business
  • (16:42) The profit-first system 
  • (21:20) You need to find what you need for your business
  • (22:03) Setting up a bank account-like the envelope method!
  • (23:10) Sweep the money first into the profit accounts



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