WIP 1343: Unlocking the Mystery – The Secret Tactics Behind 4000 Successful Flips and Wholesale Deals

Brad Chandler crossed the bridge from faith to fact, discovering real estate opportunities. Since 2003, he has been building momentum. Fast forward to 2023, Brad has now completed about 4,000 real estate flips.

In addition to his achievements, he has embraced roles as a husband, father, and happiness coach. Brad now guides fellow entrepreneurs to live stress-free, feel worthy, and attain freedom. Explore his transformative real estate journey and more by clicking the play button!

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Show notes:

  • (1:16) Beginning of today’s episode
  • (8:44) Prospecting is good, but at some point, you need to open it up for marketing
  • (9:47) Using the DISC analysis to find the right people 
  • (13:25) When do you decide to flip, and when do you choose to go wholesale?
  • (17:41) What is childhood programming?
  • (27:30) How do you stay sharp as an entrepreneur and still have self-love? 



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