WIP 1339: #ThrowbackThursday – How a Former Acquisitions Manager Hustled to Close 80 Deals in Less Than 3 Years

In this episode, Brent Daniels chats with Christine Palm, who has been an entrepreneur since the age of 7. She shares the motivation she had to begin her entrepreneurial journey at such a young age and how these early experiences shaped her into the savvy businesswoman she is today.

Fast forward to the present, and Christine has become a thriving real estate wholesaler, successfully closing 80 deals in just 3 years. Tune in to learn more about Christine!And don’t forget to add the TTP training program to your toolbox.


Show notes:

  • (1:05) Beginning of today’s episode 
  • (4:37) Why did Christine choose to become a real estate entrepreneur?
  • (9:50) If you’re making the conversations yourself, you’re going to be five times better at it than hiring somebody. 
  • (11:47) One thing that is important in wholesaling is the follow-up. 
  • (15:00) Breaking down a $50,000 deal 
  • (23:25) The more people you talk to, the more confident you’re going to get.



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