WIP 1336: The Most Underrated Marketing Channel to Get Smoking Hot Leads

Discover the untapped potential of the most underrated marketing channel that promises to generate smoking hot leads. This secret weapon, often overlooked by wholesalers, holds the key to unlocking a goldmine of high-quality prospects who are ready to engage with you!

Listen to Todd Toback as he explains this unique approach and teaches you how to revolutionize your lead generation strategy, taking your business to new heights.


Show notes:

  • (1:10) Beginning of today’s episode
  • (1:15) One of the most underrated marketing channels
  • (2:36) Direct mail and sending postcards to your lead
  • (3:20) How to get twelve leads a week
  • (5:01) The people to whom you sent the postcards may not be that motivated.
  • (6:17) Sending out these postcards or direct mail creates rhythm, consistency, and momentum.
  • (6:56) Todd’s favorite thing to mail 
  • (7:47) Inherited properties 
  • (8:13) Why direct mail works 



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