WIP 1335: Auction Secrets – How to Close Real Estate Deals from Your Bedroom Without Sacrificing Your 9-5

Picture this: You can tap into the potential of online auctions and become a pro at getting qualified through banks, all without giving up your regular job. Yes it is possible! And today…we will show you how.

Paul Lizell will reveal his innovative approach to purchasing homes right from the comfort of his bedroom. He employs cutting-edge methods such as online auctions to secure properties. He will also guide you on prequalifying through a bank, the required earnest money deposits, and an exceptional strategy involving property inspections to negotiate lower prices.

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Show notes:

  • (1:01) Beginning of today’s episode.
  • (2:50) How did Paul start in real estate investing?
  • (7:55) How to get started in real estate without immediately quitting your job.
  • (8:58) The beauty of direct mail.
  • (10:45) Getting started in online auctions.
  • (15:51) What’s next after winning the bids?
  • (18:51) Get prequalified first!
  • (20:37) “Let your part-time profits exceed your W2 job.”



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