WIP 1334: #ThrowbackThursday – From Engineering to a $785k Assignment Fee and a $10 Million Dollar Rental Portfolio…IN 3 YEARS!

Ready to escape the grind of your demanding workload and dive into a full-time real estate career? Curious about the path to creating a $10 million rental portfolio within three years? Worry no more, because this episode is tailored just for you!

Join our host, Brent, alongside Chaitanya Phansalkar and Prakash Dumbre, former engineers turned successful real estate agents. Together, they’ll simplify the complexities of assignment fees, team building, and building efficient systems for the wholesaling process, enabling you to embark on your real estate journey with confidence. Grow with the tribe by joining the TTP training program today.


Show notes:

  • (1:10) Beginning of today’s episode
  • (5:17) Setting up systems, core values, and partnerships in real estate
  • (7:32) Advice on taking real estate deals off the table 
  • (10:50) You have to go out there and find those deals! 
  • (15:42) Perfect wholesaling blend: 50% referrals, 50% lead generation
  • (26:21) Acquisition is a very important part of wholesaling 
  • (32:48) Keep your personal expenses reasonable and build a portfolio to pay whatever lifestyle you want



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